AMD R9-290X Crossfired – 4K Resolution @ 60FPS

Another set of benchmark tests have popped up showing the R9 290X performance when Crossfired. He was lucky to get his hands on not one but two R9 290X’s hooked up in crossfire and tested them out on the 4K GPU killing resolution boasting 60fps+.

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Locknuts1760d ago

Nice! Finally some competition from AMD so my Nvidia cards can go down in price!

SniperControl1760d ago

Hopefully Nvid will drop the price of the GTX780, i would really like to go for the 290x(possibly a 290x Crossfire in the future) but my mobo is SLI and not Crossfire compatible.

Volkama1760d ago

Might be worth researching crossfire with these cards a little as it's new tech. There is no crossfire bridge cable, it runs over PCI-E.

It may still need crossfire-compatible motherboard, I honestly don't know.