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Multiplayer Battle Online Arena's have been popular within the PC market since the inception of Dota. A majority of PC gamers either hate the genre, due to the community and its overall competitive edge, or they are extremely fond of the gameplay elements, having to work with teammates. Strategically "ganking" an opponent an opponent is not only amazing, but exciting. In this generation of gaming, we gamers are presented with several choices of MOBA's, ranging from LOL, to DOTA, even Smite, each one brings something extraordinarily different to the table, from the cast of heroes that have great personalities, to the skill shots that are shown within Smite. Prime World, being one of the newer MOBA's truly demonstrates that MOBA's can be friendly to all users, especially the ones who find Dota, along with LOL's community to be a tad bit harsh. In general, Prime World brings something entirely new, which are the RPG elements, such as farming and grinding for better abilities.

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