Use custom images as Crew Emblems in Grand Theft Auto Online

When you're rolling with a crew in GTA: Online you'll want to let everyone know who you're representing, whether it's your group of friends or our very own OXM Crew. But when it comes to making an emblem, you needed to make do with Rockstar's very capable - but not perfect - Emblem Editor.

However, it transpires that since the release of Grand Theft Auto V some very clever people have worked out how to use custom images from your computer as emblems in the game. All you need is some text editing software, a browser that lets you edit HTML and an image editing program that can create SVG files.

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Septic1704d ago

Omg yes! It took my ages to recreate the Heisenberg face on the custom editor...

Feel free to laugh at my efforts:


Time to make one that would to justice to the legend that is Walter White.

Heisenburger1704d ago


Why the hell would I laugh?

That Heisenberg you did is awesome, yo.

Seriously, I'm jealous that I didn't think of it first.

That is very well done mate

Septic1704d ago

Awww shucks thanks man. You're too kind *blush* Nice username, yo!

Audiggity1704d ago

Yeah man, that looks good!

Considering that you did it entirely in the native editor itself (which I've used) - that is impressive work.

Septic1704d ago

Ah thanks man. My mates ripped into me for it lol. They haven't tried using the editor though!