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Narrative Design in Video Games

Gamnesia: "Killing Ganon. Saving Princess Peach. De-throning a king. Farming. You all know these things well if you play video games. They are part of a story. They are the things you do because of how the narrative has driven you through the game. Do you recognize good narrative design? Maybe, but maybe not. One thing I do know, though, is that you can definitely recognize pitiful narrative design.

"Narrative Design" is a term that is actually quite new within the gaming industry. As a student studying game design with focus on narrative design, I wanted to bring a new perspective of what narrative design is with this article. Within, I will cover the facts of narrative design, the signs of well-done narrative design, and share some of my favorite narrative-driven games." (Industry)

ifritAlkhemyst  +   718d ago
Hmm, fairly interesting read even if not too informative. I've been interested in this aspect of game design for some time myself but never put much effort into exploring it. Lately, with my growing hatred of chemistry and lab work, I've considered writing a few of my own quests and taking things from there.
PoSTedUP  +   718d ago
it was good. it basically conveyed to me that the narrative designer is almost the complete boss of the game.

everyone has their own tastes in a games naritive design. if it were up to me i would think of stuff like the last of us crossed with socom (dayZ) but more survival driven and open to give the player more to do and use his imagination (emergent narrative).

its litterally limitless... *goes and plays vitura tennis4* hehe.
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