Battlefield 4 all Ranks revealed, 100 rank in total

Battlefield 4' s ranks has been revealed in a new image posted on Reddit

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qzp1492d ago

sick of ranking unlocking bs in games

Spinal1492d ago

You prefer everything is open to you in the beginning so you get bored of the game in a week?

I just enjoy the game unlock the weapons I want an their attachments an when I decide to move onto somethin else I do. I loved BF3 an I think my rank on there is like 25 Maxed out my assault class an cause I don't play any other class I leave it at that. Now onto BF4 the beta was real fun.

MidnytRain1491d ago

True, though, I think it's interesting/funny that devs intentionally withhold content so we DON'T get bored.

urwifeminder1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

Yeah me too reward the players who play most have a weekend relaxing game and you go into battles against a nuclear warhead with some wet celery and a carton of custard only at rank 38 in bf3 lol.

sigfredod1491d ago

luck for you in Killzone SF all the weapons are availabe for all classes day 1, then just by skill you can unlock the attachments

3-4-51491d ago

Learn something please QZP:

* Unlocking lets you use each gun longer, and get better accustomed to using it.

If everything was unlocked right away, most would just use the best gun and ignore the other 90% that is actually probably better.

It's self control for people who don't have any self control or awareness.

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1492d ago
Detoxx1492d ago

Rank 100.. Here we come!

MajorGecko1492d ago

they should add in prestige mode so people can find more reasons to whine at level 100's

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