Killzone: Shadow Fall Multiplayer Hands-On Preview - Fast-Tracking to the Big Guns [Dealspwn]

Dealspwn writes: Killzone: Shadow Fall is making a strong case for your attention on release. While we would have liked to get our hands on the campaign (easily the strongest aspect of the series in my opinion), it’s good to see the multiplayer taking strides to improve.

Unlocking all the weapons and abilities from the start removes that barrier of having to grind to get the gear players want to avoid getting their ass handed to them by the rest of the community when they first join up. When a game is vying for attention in the most competitive genre in gaming, this sort of open accessibility and the promise of free DLC maps are fantastic incentives that could well pay off for Sony’s flagship launch title.

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GarrusVakarian1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

"The XP system has been overhauled to reward skill rather than time committed to the game. This involves ticking off a series of over 1500 challenges like using specific weapons for kill milestones, headshot goals and so on."

This, i like. Instead of 14 year old boasting that they are 15th prestige because they play the game all night and day, you actually have to be GOOD at the game to get XP. Good system.

Last_Boss1799d ago

Like what Metal Gear Online was?!!

TheOneEyedHound1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

MGO system took major skill, and once they introduce GPA forget about it, the noobs were easily spotted. A player with a 0.90KDR could of been in the top 20 players in the game. I don't know why you guys disagree, Mgo had the best ranking/Skill system I've ever seen.

Edit:My Gaming Shopping this Year

Nov 15: Killzone:Shadow Fall Ps4 Bundle
Feb: Infamous:SS CE
March-April: Destiny
July-october: The Order 1886 and MGS5
Plus all those free games I'll be getting from Ps+
This list could change if anything new is announce :).

ILive1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Don't forget the witcher 3--- probably my anticipated game next year. It is followed by Destiny, infamous ss, and the order. Metal gear solid 5 and ffxv as well if they do release next year.

Last_Boss1799d ago


I played a lot of MGO, and remember early on, if you died a lot while having a high rank they demoted you. I quit playing because of the excessive cheating in damn near every lobby.

UltimateMaster1799d ago

Makes me think of Starhawk where to had to do certain things in game to unlock certain skills.

monkeyDzoro1799d ago

Ok... I don't really get what you mean there BUT no matter how you would try to spin it, THIS is a good system GG is implementing here.
It may have been done in a way MGO, but it doesnt wipe off the credit GG deserves to introduce it in their game, given that almost all games today adopt an XP style progression.
So, don't make it personal but your comment doesnt fit here.

Last_Boss1799d ago


Have you even played MGO? If you had, you'd of figured out that rank was initially rewarded for kills, but taken away from you if you died often.

Killzone Shadow Fall, looks absolutely incredible on all fronts. Nowhere in my. post did, or would I ever discredit Guerrila Games. I know exactly what I typed. I responded, asking if it had a similar skill up set close to MGO.

A spin can kiss my ass, btw, cut that crap out in my camp!

badz1491798d ago

Easily my most anticipated PS4 game at launch. Followed closely by Knack. This looks gorgeous!

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ILive1799d ago

I personally think this games better than crysis 3 on PC. We all know that game looks amazing. I just hope the story is worth the time this go round.

b163o11799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

You either like to story by now or your not. Me I personally love the story, I feel as if it's has its own following and I'm apart of it

HeavenlySnipes1799d ago

In terms of graphics I don't think so from what we've seen thus far. Crysis 3 on PC (I was playing at medium) is easily the best looking game I've ever seen

I don't doubt Killzone SF will be a better game though. I've always like the KZ multiplayer and the story this time around seems very interesting.

Studio-YaMi1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Crysis 3 on ultra maxed settings looks better from a technical advantage(not gonna kid myself here,if you gamed on a good PC then you'll know what I mean) ..

BUT,Killzone:Shadow Fall looks just as amazing & I prefer the gameplay & art direction of the Killzone franchise much more than the Crysis series tbh.

Killzone:Shadow Fall is gonna be my first PS4 game purchase & the first game that I will put into my PS4 before any other game.

Mister-fantastic1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Killzone sf is true NEXT GEN and the best graphical of this generation launch PS4 or xbone. Killzone sf is not afraid to show real game play not 5 second of game play and all cut scene like ryse . 1080p 60fsp this is the only must have game of this generation launch PS4 or xbone. The Division, the wicher 3, cyberpunk 2077 and DEEP DOWN. PS4 FTW

Mad Aizen1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

"The State of Play: Killzone: Shadow Fall is making a strong case for your attention on release. While we would have liked to get our hands on the campaign (easily the strongest aspect of the series in my opinion), it’s good to see the multiplayer taking strides to improve."

Stellar SP, Stellar MP + Free DLC and ALL unlocks Day 1 = AAA FPS Launch title.

Seems that Sony have hit this one out of the park, now just give it to us already.

GarrusVakarian1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

I think this may be the only launch game i will buy, i think it will more than tide me over until the second wave of games hit in 2014.

Stealth disagree bombers, take cover!

fpshooter21799d ago

Thats exactly what I was thinking. Im sure I'll be spending a lot of time with the multiplayer. Infamous SS will be a day one for me.

scott1821799d ago

Agreed, it looks really fun. It will be good for me for a while.

duff9161799d ago

Free DLC? I thought there was a $20 season pass. Am I wrong?

GarrusVakarian1799d ago

There's both if i'm not mistaken.

Destrania1799d ago

The season pass has something to do with a co-op mode from what I understand.

Sevir1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

All Multiplayer centric Map packs are free to keep the multiplayer community together.

The paid DLC will be for Co-Op/Weapon expansion.

There is a Season passes which will bring 4 player co-op mode and 6 co-op map packs...

As far as multiplayer goes, the game ships with 10 multiplayer maps and will get an additional 6-8 maps free.

DialgaMarine1799d ago

All the maps will be free. The $20 season pass is essentially for expansions like modes, weapons, co-op maps, and other gear.

ssj271799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

First 6 or 8 maps, I'm not sure, are free!
There is a season pack that cost $20 and that includes 8 4 player coop horde mode maps plus 6 or 8 more multiplayers maps that will come after the coop maps. A great value indeed and not a rip off like cod or bf $50 season packs are a joke.

Killzone is the fps to play!
Start with 10 maps you get many more maps for free later abd a great season pack value!

Custom match game modes, you can play non respawn or unlimited life game mode, sniper or hand guns only, no bots or abilities modes (meaning just you and a gun) you can play you and 12 friends one side vs 12 ai bots in the other side ( a unique experience almost like coop)

No aim aim! Yes!!!

All in beautiful 1080p 60fps no lag! Dedicated server's solid controls animatiosn visuals sound balanced mp team based and not killb based! !!

And a great campaign! That fallows a 1000s year time line of realistic epic conflicts. With very smart AI that will keep the gameplay fun!

monkeyDzoro1799d ago

Competitive multiplayer maps are ALL free in order not to create a cleavage between players : player w/ and players w/o DLC maps.
But for people who would like a coop mode, there is a $20 season pass for the maps and additionnal features I've forgotten.
Free DLC maps for competitive MP is great though.

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Lboogieskells1799d ago

The pre-orders are a testament to the mentioned homerun.

LoneWolf0191799d ago

Sony may have hit it out of the park, but sadly this will be underlooked just because of 2 overrated games in cod and bf

Majin-vegeta1799d ago

Good let COD and BF attract all the useless casuals.Less of them I have to worry about not playing KZ.

isa_scout1799d ago

While I completely agree that Killzone Shadowfall is going to be absolutely incredible you do know that all of the Unlocks are not available straight away right? All of the guns are accessible, but you'll have to complete challenges to unlock different types of ammo,scopes,skills, and weapon modifications.
Not being a turd, just didn't want you to be disappointed come the 15th....Personally, I don't care what the hell is locked or unlocked I just want it already. Nov. 15th seems further off than ever before...CANT WAIT!!!

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Majin-vegeta1799d ago

I hope people supprt GG the fact that they are giving us free DLC.could start a trend.

Am_Ryder1799d ago

"While we would have liked to get our hands on the campaign (easily the strongest aspect of the series in my opinion), it’s good to see the multiplayer taking strides to improve."

Nah man, Killzone 1 and 2 had great singleplayer, but 2's multiplayer was excellent, and Killzone 3? Absolutely f**king s**t Singleplayer, Multiplayer was the only thing worth buying it for.

KZ3's multiplayer was as good as BF3's imho. If I wanted realism, I played BF3, if I wanted sci-fi immersion, I played KZ3. Incredibly multiplayer mode in that game. The only multiplayer title I'm looking forward to next-gen.

Funantic11799d ago

A lot of people quit trying on COD after getting master prestige and all or most unlocks. It gives you a reason to try harder and put in hours to earn that next perk, gun, or gold and diamond skins. It also gives you bragging rights. This might not be the best idea.

GarrusVakarian1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Actually i think the article hit the nail on the head by saying that other games just require time to rank up not necessarily skill. I think you would have bigger bragging rights from completing challenges rather just playing the game and ranking up by just getting kills, which we all know isn't hard on CoD.

TKCMuzzer1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Your wrong, I have little interest in diamond skins and all I think is 'bloody hell, they play this game a lot'. I've seen average players with diamond skins who bring nothing to the team.
Play COD long enough and you will easily unlock a lot of stuff, mostly without knowing it.

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