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Pachter believes Ubisoft delayed Watch Dogs due to crowded holiday schedule

Michael Pachter is a figure who’s usually at odds with those who love Nintendo, since he typically has terrible predictions for the company. It’s his job to weigh in on the video game industry for investors, so while he may often be wrong, sometimes the things he says make a lot of sense. In a note released yesterday after Ubisoft announced delays to Watch Dogs and poor sales for new titles, Pachter says he believes the delay was caused by strong holiday competition. (PC, PS3, PS4, Watch Dogs, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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CocoWolfie  +   586d ago
I believe it was a high selling point for a lot of poeple moving to next gen.. but yeah november is a huge month, when it finally releases (hopefully these months fly) the consoles will be even bigger and the game its self will presumably be even better <3
Dwalls1171  +   586d ago
I do not aggree... watch dogs was the most anticipated next gen title...doesn't matter how crowded
cyguration  +   585d ago
Doesn't matter... people have limited funds and can't buy everything.

Usually people will buy a next-gen console and a game or two. That means they'll have to decide between Watch Dogs, NFS, Assassin's Creed, Call of Duty, Battlefield 4 and maybe a first party exclusive.

While YOU may think that Watch Dogs is more anticipated than those aforementioned games, the reality is that people will have to put off buying one or more games during November, which will substantially hurt the eight-week sales period investors look at for titles... especially new IP.
BigShotSmoov007  +   585d ago
Completely agree with cyguration. You figure most people will have money for 2 or 3 games the most after they spend either $400 or $500 on the next consoles. If you can the playstaion your going to get Killzone definitely and if you get the XBO your going to figure either getting Ryse or DR3. That leaves 2 games and you know COD, Assassins Creed and Battlefield is on everyones wish list. That pretty much puts Watch Dogs on the back burner until maybe early next year so thats a lose this holiday for Watch Dogs. So it's best to delay it and let Assassins Creed compete with the other two games and have Watch Dogs have a release date and time frame all to itself.
Soldierone  +   585d ago

And Watch Dogs wasn't the title people were pushing off. Of all the next gen titles, people wanted Watch Dogs, so it was taking one of the two spots. It was even bundled with consoles and was ranked higher than all the other bundles, I think it was a good 10 or 20 spots above BF4/PS4 bundle at one point.

And above all else, November happens EVERY year, and yet publishers still slap a November release date on their new ip's and delay them come September/October. Its getting rather old by now. If you don't want to take the heat, don't attempt to do it to begin with.
gaffyh  +   585d ago
It's because the realised that with GTAV just releasing, most people wouldn't want to play 2 open world games in November, and knew that Ass Creed, or Watch Dogs would suffer, so they delayed Watch Dogs. I don't know what this means for their partnership with Sony for bundles, but Sony must have had some sort of contract where it stated a penalty for delaying the game. I'm guessing they were debating whether or not it was worth paying the penalty and delaying, or launching both games in November.
Lboogieskells  +   585d ago
A new IP vs a seasoned veteran IP AC Black Flag: bad situation

Not to mention the titles that have been released and the ones that will during the holidays. I think Ubisoft made a wise decision. It's simple math really, if the demand is spread across a array or wide selection of games. The available funds will spread thin. Ubisoft will release Watchdogs after the supply of new games are low and the demand for new games are high.
guitarded77  +   585d ago
Ubisoft had the most to lose with both Assassin's Creed IV and Watch Dogs coming out at the same time. They both appeal to the same gamer, and AC is expected every Oct-Nov, so they couldn't push it back. I said this before Pachter's dumb ass.

It's just too much money to rick on Ubi's end, to be competing with themselves.
Murad  +   585d ago
I hate to say it, WD is the last game on my list of 100 games that I need pick up for the PC.
nukeitall  +   585d ago
That is not true, as mentioned several times consumers has limited time and money. So it will be one or the other for many people.

Also, Ubisoft will do what is best for itself, and pushing next generation console sale isn't their direct agenda. Waiting means larger user base as well, without killing the new ip and launch system anticipation.

It is a sound move for Ubisoft!
ZHZ90  +   585d ago
I believe it is because WD will compete ACIV:BF, and both are from Ubisoft. And Ubisoft wouldn' want their own titles compete each other.
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Rainstorm81  +   585d ago
Delaying this game 6 months also may have pushed it into another crowded time..but this time more next gen games will give it competition.... like Infamous:SS, The Witcher 3 and TitanFall

One of the advantages of releasing at the launch of a new generation is people are looking for new fresh ips.....Gamers are nostalgic and remember console launches, Watch Dogs could've been that new game everyone was talking about but now I fear it could end up like Alan Wake...a good game overshadowed

Also the longer it takes to launch the more Next gen only games will start to release

On a side note, isn't this the same thing Pachter says everytime a game is delayed from fall to spring
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Campy da Camper  +   585d ago
Which is dumb. I've been saving up all summer for my ps4 and games. Was going to get WD, ACBF and Killzone. Come next spring, Infamous, Destiny, Witcher are getting my money first.
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JackISbacK  +   585d ago
it was quite anticipated but was getting weak ,from months i was noticing that assassins creed was getting more positive views ,at n4g only i find some people were saying they have forgotton this game ,there are many good games at launch already and i dont think watch dogs is must want because until the time watch dogs arive we can be happy with games like ac,bf4,cod and many more exclusive titles but it will increase the anticipation of this game ,and they may can get excellent result of their hards work because game is already going to be amzing and at that time no big titles are coming so all people will be attracted to watch dogs and it will also not rivaled by its own friend that is assassins creed.and there can be more reasons of quality,by this delay quality of this game will be also high.
Lukas_Japonicus  +   586d ago
November is always a busy month, wise decision to push it back in my opinion. They will hopefully polish it some more too.
Dlacy13g  +   586d ago
As disappointing as it was... I think Ubisoft was smart to pull Watchdogs from holiday launch. It has a chance to be a big seller but would have suffered sales wise had it stayed in November.
TheFutureIsBlue  +   585d ago
Agreed. It was smart. A lot of the next gen first day releases will be franchises that have been around for a while. People that play Battlefield will go for Battlefield, Cod people will go for Cod, etc. so a lot of people will go to something they are more familiar with. Especially since most people will only have some money(like me) just to purchase 1 game after putting down $$$ for next gen consoles.

So I'm going to go with something I know I will love and a game that has multiplayer so I can put a lot of hours in(Battlefield 4 or Killzone. Can't decide damnit!) while I'm broke as a joke and wait to buy Infamous when it comes out lol. By the time Watchdogs comes out I will be hungry for more games. Good job Ubisoft. I hope it helps them in the long run. A lot of developers need to learn from this if this turn out for the better. Day 1 patches suck!
mpnothanks  +   585d ago
Michael Pachderp.
awesomeabe1998  +   585d ago
Im getting Watch Dogs on my Wii U. I believe it was smart to do this since they dont have to compete with AC and Spring is a slow season.. This way Ubisoft can fix some bugs and make it a better game and get some sales.
Gemmol  +   585d ago
I will be joining you
awesomeabe1998  +   585d ago
Its nice to see other Wii U owners excited for Watch Dogs. Hopefully it sells like at least or around 500k on Wii U. Hopefully 1 million.
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   585d ago
I've always pictured Watch Dogs being that early spring release sorta game.
Nate-Dog  +   585d ago
monkey602  +   585d ago
I always found pachter to be one of those annoying analysts who says something will sells and wont sell at the same time so no matter the outcome he can claim he said so! The man is a neusance like the rest of gametrailers usuals. (Kyle bossman being the exception)
jukins  +   585d ago
I think its more likely that there were some tech issues given its an open world game spread across 5 platforms. because as far as next gen goes i think it was at the top of many gamers list I know it was one of my launch titles.

Hopefully its not released to close to Infamous: Second Son.
blackout  +   585d ago
They saw those pre order numbers and fell waaaay back.
X1PS4WiiU  +   585d ago
Id guess the success of gta MIGHT of factored in...

Of course, theyll never admit this.
FlyingFoxy  +   585d ago
This guy states the obvious like 90% of the time.
KingTrash  +   585d ago
I actually agree...kind of. I think it was smart to delay it because it will get more people to buy Assassin's Creed. I wasn't gonna get AC but now since Watch Dogs is delayed, I'm getting AC for sure.
JackISbacK  +   585d ago
and watch dogs will also sell more now that there no big game coming around that time ,although boyh ac and watch dogs were equaly anticipated but ac was having more pre-orders and now there will be no rivalry of games from same company.now both will break records.
JuniorCE  +   585d ago
Of course!!! AC4 is getting more pre orders than Watch Dogs... Ubisoft was going to release 2 big games at once... It makes totally sense!!!
SITH  +   585d ago
Exactly. A proven and popular title (AC4) with a new IP from the same publisher releasing virtually at the same time, is bumping heads. Not good for profits. By the time people are at or nearing completion of AC4, you have watch dogs coming out. I agree with the delay.
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Vanna  +   585d ago
Patcher just enjoys the sound of his own voice,

Has he a real job and not one that involves trying to get into gaming stories every 3mins 38s of the day??
tanookisuit  +   585d ago
I'm actually okay that they delayed it (that an Dark Souls 2). I know a lot of people are looking forward to both games (as am I), but honestly, saving for a PS4/Xbox1, other games, and/or gifts for friends/family this holiday season is gonna make money super tight...
mhunterjr  +   585d ago
The launch was crowded with their own games. What was the chances someone was going to pick up watch dogs and ac4 with their new console? Now those users who would have had just one of them are more likely to own both of them at some point.
ExitToExisT  +   585d ago
I think they delayed it because they realized if someone would buy AC4, they wouldn't purchase WD, or vice versa.
So with the delay now potential WD buyers who didn't want to buy AC4 will now buy AC4.
Soldierone  +   585d ago
My issue is they knew November would be filled with hot titles. COD is ALWAYS there, EA's Shooter is ALWAYS there, and AAA titles from other studios are ALWAYS there. They even knew Assassins creed would be there. Yet what do they do? go throw in Watch Dogs, hype it up, and delay it..... Ubisoft and several others ALWAYS do this, its so annoying.

It's at the point now where every year you look at a Fall line up and go "Wow thats a good line up, wonder what will be delayed?" because half of it will just get pushed to spring, and a few title get pushed to summer.
SpiralTear  +   585d ago
While I'm disappointed that it got delayed (would've been a great game to try the PS4 out with), I highly doubt the delay will make the game WORSE. All things considered, getting it out from that "GTA V zone" can't hurt too much in terms of publicity and sales.

As for Pachter, this is easily his most ridiculously obvious "prediction" I've heard from the guy. He either predicts something everyone has already known for months or he predicts something that's just plain dead wrong.
Codey47  +   585d ago
I'm disappointed that the game got delayed too..... but at least my wallet will weigh slightly more in preparation for the festive period.

I believe Michael "The Mouth" Sphincter should not be employed....presently or in a future sense

Anyone that employs him should be "analysed/analyzed"
Jaybronee  +   585d ago
I'm glad WD got delayed. I'm dropping a lot of money in Nov. and BF4 will take up a few months of my time.
4logpc  +   585d ago
I was super excitied for Watch Dogs, but I have to admit it got lost very quickly.

There are a lot of games coming out for Next Gen, and I just said eh, ill play it when I can.

I am sorry to say the sequels like Dead Rising 3, Forza 5, and Assassins Creed 4 just appeal to me more right now than a new IP.
DanielGearSolid  +   585d ago
They had a chance to be "that game" synonymous with the next generation... Now its just gonna be "oh... that game"
joeymp  +   585d ago
preorder numbers don't lie and the fact is that watch dogs was was 4th behind COD, BF4, and AC4, so no matter how many hardcore gamers raved about it, companys only care about the numbers. I knew from the beginning that Ubisoft delayed it because they realized they were competing with themselves this fall with AC4 and since AC4 had way more preorders they chose to hold back watch dogs.
assdan  +   585d ago
I could see that. It's a packed holiday season, less competition means more sales.
Yodagamer  +   585d ago
I'd imagine they got scared by the way splinter cell sold. Ubisoft probably saw that and thought it was due to the last month being busy.
brewin  +   585d ago
The delay is probably a good thing. They were spreading themselves too thin working on too many versions at one time. I am still enjoying a lot of PS360 games and have a lot to look forward to on my Wii U so Im kind of glad for this delay. This looks like a game I want to sink some time into, so the more polished it is the better. Plus Im not nearly done with GTA 5 and I dont think I have the time for two open world games of that size so close together.
Max-Zorin  +   585d ago
Let's see. GTA V, NBA 2k14, Batman Origins, COD Ghosts, etc. I'd delay it too.
k2d  +   585d ago
..and maximize AC4 sales -__-
urwifeminder  +   585d ago
Maybe it just sucked so they decided to change it patcho.
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