Sony's PS4 May Beat Microsoft's Xbox One

Timing is everything when it comes to video games -- something Microsoft will learn as it ends a 32-month streak as the country's top-selling console.

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305LoneWolf1346d ago

Did the ps4 already beaten Xbox one ?

ZombieKiller1346d ago

I don't knows, check the repotings papers.

lifeisgamesok1346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

Launch lineup may change a few minds

Kinect may change a few minds

Dedicated servers may change a few minds

Edit: Btw I'm not dissing the Ps4 I'm just saying we don't know. We don't know how many triple A games Microsoft has in development. We know Sony has 30 new exclusives

People that enjoyed ps3 exclusives this gen are most likely going to buy the Ps4 regardless of what ships 11/15

Me I think Microsoft will have way more exclusives than they had with the 360 this time around

LeCreuset1346d ago

Let me know when that happens.

lifeisgamesok1346d ago

I will send you a pm

"I told ya so"


christocolus1346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

i agree dude especially if ms does all aspects right(tv,kinect,games, xbx live, and the xbx live compute)with continuous investments into each of the services...only time will tell...i really want to see how this plays out.

lifeisgamesok1346d ago

Me too and I was reading up on Tiled Resources and I think it could add a lot of performance to the Xbox One

They talk about putting the demanding texture loads on the hdd and freeing up the gpu to do more processing

christocolus1346d ago

really? i guess ill have to read it up.

Angels37851346d ago

They do that on current gen....its called texture streaming. And yeah it can make big changes! It can lengthen a consoles lifespan by providing better graphics at a certain point than the console is capable off (like some great looking titles that have been coming out lately that I can't believe are current gen). But it has its limits and bandwidth from the HDD is key

XabiDaChosenOne1346d ago

Launch line up:
PS4: 31
Xbox one: 22
Preorders of launch games favor the PS4 by a mile consumers have been exposed to the launch line ups for months now. We are less than a month away from launch, nothing is going to change.
Kinect is not changing any minds.
Dedicated servers were announced on the biggest stage for gaming news this year at E3 and it did not change any minds. And we still don't know the details of the servers being used.
Stop clinging on to false hope.

Themba761346d ago

kinect is worthless garbage show me a kinectless xbone then ill get it.

GTgamer1346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

Kinect will change minds >_>Fighter Within(-_-) kinect ain't changing shit. Especially when causal family realize that it taking information from them for advertising yes it is don't deny it.

cactusjack1346d ago

people also say hell can freeze over, havent seen it happen yet.

WeAreLegion1346d ago

You won't know until you get there. ;)

GrandpaSnake1346d ago

That will never happen, if the x1 doesnt sell better than 360.

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n1kki61346d ago

This might have been the worst article in the last year that has shown up on N4G. In 600 words this person managed to say absolutely nothing.

Chris121346d ago

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