Xbox One Dev: 'We Have Just As Many Pre-order Numbers As PS4', Details Snapping Feature

"Remember how Sony boasted about having excellent pre-order numbers for the PlayStation 4, boasting roughly 1 million pre-orders before launch? Till now, we haven't learnt too much about how the pre-order numbers for the Xbox One are looking like."

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Ksar1856d ago (Edited 1856d ago )

Not even surprised. Xbox One : Day One :)

MiHX21856d ago

I don't understand why people Disagree with you about anything and vote bubble down only because you say that you like the Xbox One.
If those guys are watching this comment,Then I must tell you one thing:You are just immature.

WeAreLegion1856d ago

You don't read his comments very often, do you?

SonyKong641856d ago

it's because some of us don't stand for anti consumer greed tactics, no matter how many oops we got caught trying to rape you 180s they do..

this coming from 9 years loyal to Xbox..

how don't you get this?

MiHX21856d ago

You are legion.You are anonymous.You don't belong to here.

HugoDrax1856d ago


" anti consumer greed tactics"

Seriously? I know you aren't defending Sony and their proprietary accessories? I can't even charge my damn PSPGO because I misplaced the charger. Then on top of that, UMD? Memory sticks? Memory stick duos? Man the list goes on....stop acting as if Sony is some religion that you worship and they don't practice consumer greed tactics. How else do you think they will get their company back into the positive. Meanwhile Microsofts financial numbers are in the GREEN. You fanboys are hilarious..

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Burrito26a1856d ago

Always wasting you're single bubble with "Xbox One: day one."

awesomeperson1856d ago

What I want to know, is how he got a "Well Said".

garos821856d ago

Because this ifs a Sony website/s

Vames1856d ago

The Xbox developer could be right. People have access to the available statistics, from several retailers. However, everyone seems to forget that Microsoft has its own retail stores. Combine the pre-order numbers from MS retail stores with other retailers and the numbers could truly match the PS4 pre-order numbers.

stuna11856d ago

What has that got to do with anything? Last I checked Sony have their own stores also.

Vames1856d ago

@stuna: What do you mean by "What has that got to do with anything?" No one knows how much pre-orders goes through Microsoft's retail stores. And if we don't know, how can we come up with an accurate number of the overall Xbox One pre-orders?

Yes, Sony has its own online store, but what's your point?

This website is lacking intelligence on the part of several users such as yourself.

stuna11856d ago

Instead of trying to act like you told me something I as well as others don't know try re-reading my comment the way it's written! Everyone knows Microsoft have their own stores, just like everyone knows that Sony has their own stores/online stores! So my questions still remains how is this solely benefiting Microsoft!?

Seems like you're the only one lacking intelligence!

Vames1856d ago

@stuna: Is there something wrong with your thinking process? This is not about the benefits of the stores. Sony has its store, that's true. However, Sony announced its pre-order numbers, Microsoft did not. So at this point folks can only go by the numbers they have for retail outlets such as Amazon etc, but they will not have close to the full numbers unless they know how much pre-orders went through Microsoft's retail stores.

The above is all I'm trying to say, why are you making it so difficult to understand?

rainslacker1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

To be fair to the developer's comment, he did just say that MS has at least "over 1 million" units. He never really said that they were neck and neck with Sony or that he was privy to Sony's pre-order sales.

A lot of people don't realize that developers actually do have access to those numbers if they are high enough up in the food chain. Publishers certainly know how many consoles are expected to sell by now. It's how they make decisions on which systems to support. If this guy is a MS studio developer, it's unlikely he would know, but it isn't unheard of for developers to talk to one another, and sometimes information gets around. I've been in developer forums, and they talk about stuff sometimes.

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Philoctetes1856d ago

"As per this reply, the dev stated, “When I saw reports of Sony having a million or 1.5 million pre-orders for the PS4, I didn’t even think twice about it. We’re not disclosing pre-order numbers at the moment for accounting reasons but I know for a fact we have just as many. Don’t be bogged by published statistics. At the end of all this, what matters is the games you want to play."

This anonymous developer is absolutely right that games are what matters, not sales. Having said that, Microsoft spent the last generation making a big deal out of their sales numbers, so I'm pretty skeptical that they're keeping them confidential this time for "accounting reasons." Yeah, right.

monkeyDzoro1856d ago

It was on the tip of my lips, bro.
MS, failing to take a shot at Sony, when it comes to SALES ?!
Apocalypse incoming !

n4rc1856d ago

they had to last generation... they were fighting the incumbent and were trying to establish themselves..

now that sales are essentially even between them, They dont need to talk about it.. xbox has been firmly established as a brand

my .02

harrisk9541856d ago (Edited 1856d ago )


What the heck kind of logic is that? MS is being bashed left and right in the media and in game forms every day. They have been on nothing but the defensive since the XB1 announcement. Don't tell me that if XB1 had "just as many" pre-orders as PS4 that MS would be shouting it from the rooftops... They don't need to give exact numbers (Sony hasn't), but if they were even close, there would be some announcement from Major Nelson or some other MS PR team member.

stuna11856d ago

You spend a lot of time awake at night don't you!?

DoubleM701855d ago

32 Disagree for telling the truth. The brand has been established.

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filipakos1856d ago

Yeah games matter.With xbox one is like they forgot about 360.Only multiplatform games from now on?

BG115791856d ago

@ Philoctetes Well said bubble up!

@n4rc, even well estabilished things may fall.
Just in September, the PS3 outsold the 360 in the US in years! One could say, this means nothing, but haven't you noticed that MS' PR machine has been working overtime since?

mkis0071855d ago

So right you are, Notice how MS orignilly talked meta scores and sales to the end user, no more meta scores and the recent figured had them claiming shipped.

The " I know for a fact" thing is making me cringe because I hate it when people say "fact" like it makes the argument true no matter how much opinion is used. It is not a fact, it is his opinion with the knowledge he has, which wouldn't include Sony's preorder numbers. The only thing that is known is that as of gamescom ps4 preorders were over 1 million, Microsoft did not give them out. Ms thumped its chest through the first4 years of the current gen, we know them better to believe they would hold back.

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s8anicslayer1856d ago

Great news for Microsoft if the pre order numbers are true, but the consensus is people saying other wise through word of mouth or online survey in favor of the PS4. So I can't see how they can be even steven unless the consumers are lying.

sic_chops1856d ago

Right. Consumers and polls do not lie, but but Microshaft has and still does.

n4rc1856d ago

polls are meaningless...

every 12 year old with no job can click that button all he wants, it doesnt mean mommy is buying it for him.

amazon had ps4 listed as higher and everyone flocked to that.. but what about walmart, bestbuy and all the physical retail stores etc?

we never had the full story

IcicleTrepan1856d ago

What I have seen though are people on various sites cancelling their PS4 preorders and going to Xbox One as to them Xbox One has the launch games.

I'm getting both so I don't really care but it is an interesting thing going on. There are people out there that are waiting on the PS4 to get more games before they buy. That will come, but to them, it's a preorder cancel for launch day.

XabiDaChosenOne1856d ago

Your reasoning is stupid, you're assuming that PS4 has won every survey thus far because of twelve year olds? What evidence do you have that backs your theory?

Eonjay1856d ago

Polls are meaningless...

So too were the famous last of Governor Romney's failed election campaign.

strickers1856d ago

How convenient for you. Polls, retailers, reports all mean nothing. Did you say something about 12 year olds? Pot, kettle , black. You are coming across as ludicrous.

Ashby_JC1856d ago

All I know is that I was lucky to get a pre-order in for the XBOX One. I had the money saved for awhile and never pre-ordered.

There isnt any PS4 or XB1 available for least every where I looked it was SOLD OUT!!!!

Now being sold out doesnt mean that one has more then the other but it does mean that there is DEMAND for both systems. And that in my book is great!!!

This whole back and forth is pathetic. We are all gamers but this brand loyalty is extreme!!

kenshiro1001856d ago

Sure, polls mean nothing. if they were in the favor of the XB1, you would be singing a different tune.

You're not fooling anyone.

ShwankyShpanky1856d ago

"What I have seen though are people on various sites cancelling their PS4 preorders and going to Xbox One as to them Xbox One has the launch games."

Yup, it's all been people abandoning Sony for the Xbone... never the other way around. /s

rainslacker1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

I believe random internet polls are meaningless as well. Strange, I don't often agree with you.

HOWEVER, when every internet poll tends to come back with the same result it does start to lend credence to what the results are. When additional reports surface about the ratio's between the console pre-orders that back up the results of those polls, it does give those polls more credence. When forums and social media outlets are generally in favor in the same ratios as those polls, it does lend weight to what those polls are saying.

Also, it's a fallacy that every internet poll is set up to allow unlimited voting. Quite a few use IP to limit the number of times you can vote. I know there are crazy people out there, but why would anyone, particularly a 12 year old, sit there masking their IP to vote enough times to change the weight of those polls so drastically?

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123pol1856d ago

yeaaaah i call this 100% bull

1856d ago
OlgerO1856d ago

Lets look at the facts
- PS4 is much higher at all online sellers on their most sold list then the xbox one.
- many retailers have come out stating that the ps4 sales are significantly higher then xbox one