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Is the end of Capcom approaching?

Capcom are feeling the effects of not listening to their fans. Are they under any threat of going under or is it something Level Complete's Sam Hewitt is overlooking? (Capcom, Industry)

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TomShoe  +   650d ago
Sad, but true.

We all knew the beginning of the end had started when they started trying to hard to cater to the mainstream, instead of doing what they were good at. They will be missed.

I hope Inafune does well with Mighty No.9.
RexFury  +   650d ago
They still have a chance to turn it around I believe. They have ruined their image by not listening to the fans and attempting to milk them for all it is worth.
Capcom own some fantastic IP's but hold back on making sequels.
jimbobwahey  +   650d ago
Their problem is offloading game development to Western studios, who then proceeded to butcher Capcom's franchises. If they had kept everything in-house and more importantly, catered to fans rather than giving them the finger, they wouldn't be in this mess.

If Capcom goes under, I hope other publishers and developers take note of why it has happened, and start listening to their fans for a change. We're the ones who line their pockets, and as Capcom is now demonstrating, if you ignore us it's dangerous.

Hopefully Ninja Theory goes under, too.
-Foxtrot  +   650d ago
I'd rather see the IP's go to other companies and Capcom go down....they arn't going to get any better.

As I've said before

Resident Evil, DMC - Sony

Dead Rising, Lost Planet - Microsoft

Monster Hunter, Megaman - Nintendo

You get the idea
Blackdeath_663  +   649d ago
monster hunter has done well on nintendo and is a console seller for the japanese market i really do hope one day we will see a massive PS4/PSvita Monster Hunter game
miyamoto  +   649d ago
M$ really damaged Japan with their money

If these big Japanese developers stood their ground and whore themselves with M$ money,not whore themselves by being westernized, preserved their self worth and identity they could have fared better than ever.


I hope this message will wake them up and save themselves from M$
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j-blaze  +   650d ago
despite their bad business practices and mistakes, Capcom is and will always be one of the best devs in the industry..loved all their games "Capcom Japan ones" this gen

next gen we have Deep Down and Dead Rising 3 both look amazing!
s8anicslayer  +   650d ago
If I were capcom I would hand over the Resident Evil franchise to the brilliant minds to the new sci-fi horror kings over at tell tale games and let them turn RE around.
Baka-akaB  +   650d ago
No , they need to stop giving their franchise away to external studios , western or otherwise . And muster the will to do a good job over trying to cash on tons of dlcs or the cod crowd .
Enemy  +   649d ago
Lol no. I don't need my Resident Evil to be an interactive novel either.

Hand over the franchise to Sony. They'll put their best developers on it. The Last of Us is pretty much better than any Resident Evil ever made.
ZHZ90  +   650d ago
Even though I feel sad with Capcom has done this genn like downhill RE and DMC, milking SF and cancelling Megaman games in a row, I will feel more upset if they got closed.
3-4-5  +   650d ago
When you start bending over for people who don't even care about you past tomorrow, and forget all the people who earned you the money you have to currently spend.

Yea you've screwed up pretty bad
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ZombieKiller  +   649d ago
Hey Capcom, Resident Evil and Devil May Cry say hi.
Magicite  +   649d ago
Bring back Breath of Fire!
snake_eater  +   650d ago
They will not be missed by me. I hope ea is next.
Iltapalanyymi  +   650d ago
Hopefully. Also:

>giving money to crapcom
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kayoss  +   649d ago
How are they losing money? I don't get it. Monster hunter sold very very very well. They should get monster hunters onto different platforms. This is what they get for making certain games exclusives.
SuperBlur  +   650d ago
I wouldnt miss capcom crapy dlc scheme nor their subpar games from recent years.
Resident Evil - Wtf happened?
Dead Rising - an okay game with 100 dlc shoved in it
SSF - Talk about milking. Only its fanbase are still buying it
Dragon Dogma - a failing title riddled with umwanted dlc.
Devil May Cry - Uh talk about droppin the ball on a great franchise
Megaman - Why the f'ing hate on it , Capcom?
Lost planet - cant really say a thing on it , i've never played it cause it doea not appeal me , same goes to monster hunter.
RexFury  +   650d ago
They own a few IP's that are only big in Japan. They absolutely love Lost Planet and Monster Hunter over there.
kratos_TheGoat  +   650d ago
lost plant 2& 3 flop in japan so how that title is big over there
Knushwood Butt  +   649d ago
lulz, since when is Lost Planet loved in Japan!

You should read the Amazon reviews for LP3; many people class it as, 'kusoge-' (literally s**t game).

Furthermore, it was only recently released, but is already around the 1,500 JPY mark because nobody wants it.
SuperBlur  +   650d ago
i'd like the "disagreer" to speak up , DEBATE IT WITH ME ! you could maybe change my perception !
dboyman  +   650d ago
Stop making Monster Hunter exclusive to Nintendo, and make Monster Hunter 5 for the Sony platforms as well....
Feralkitsune  +   650d ago
Dragon's Dogma is one of their best games in ages if you ask me, along with the Monster Hunter Series.
Aleithian  +   649d ago
Agreed. I'd hate to see DD2 go unreleased. And DD has one of the best online communities I've ever seen (the pawn community).
SuicidalTendencies  +   650d ago
You obviously never played Dead Rising. It barely had any DLC and it was all free in the first game.
saikorican  +   650d ago
Hey now, Dragon's Dogma was a good rpg and the dark Arisen Dlc was fun. The rest I feel basically the same on, still mad about dmc.
Dante81  +   650d ago
They've had games developed by western studios that all bombed. What were they thinking?
kratos_TheGoat  +   650d ago
Hope So.... Milking expensive dlc, costumes, ending & releasing more super edition of the same games that are either trash or disappointment
Neo-Axl  +   650d ago
Capcom you gave many nightmare fueled childhood and teenage memories, but.. in my young adult life, you failed me when I needed you most.

You will be missed in nostalgia, grudged in recent memory.
from the beach  +   650d ago
Probably not and, of course, hopefully not.
Inception  +   650d ago
Honestly, Capcom was one of my fav dev of all time. They gave me tons of amazing games to play from SF, Megaman, Onimusha, Dino Crisis, Rival Schools, DMC, God Hand, Okami, Breath of Fire, Maximo, Shadow of Rome, Viewtiful Joe, etc.

And yes, they did a lot of big mistakes on this gen. Even though, as much as i hated Capcom this gen, i will be sad if they closed their door without even trying to recapture their fanbase again. That's why i gave them ONE LAST CHANCE to redeem themself before they sleep in their grave in eternity. So fix RE, DMC, Megaman, BoF again like the old time. And please don't screw up with Deep Down & Strider HD! That's all my request for now. If Capcom can't do all my request, than i just say sayonara to them...
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MightyNoX  +   650d ago
I fear that've going to go out swinging..swinging at the fans, that is, blaming us until the very end.
Mega24  +   650d ago
For Capcom to progress I got 5 ideas for them:

1.New Dino Crisis but really creepy, no action BS like RE5&6
2.New RE that plays out classic and creepy, no action BS, well maybe some but not over the to Hollywood.
3.A new Monster Hunter, Next gen feel, Open Massive Worlds full of monsters.
4.Don't give up half way into deep down
5.Don't give up on DR3
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RexFury  +   650d ago
Capcom don't publish Silent Hill, Konami do. I agree with the rest though.
Mega24  +   650d ago
Yeah idk from where I got SH.... Meant to Say Dino Crisis.
GentlemenRUs  +   650d ago
Would be fantastic if Dino Crisis came back with the same horror like the 1st and 2nd one.

Re-reboot RE back to its roots where survival meant something!
Campy da Camper  +   649d ago
I have been dying for an actual dinosaur game for ages. Plop me down in the middle of the Triassic Era, next gen open world jungle, having to battle/evade big ass dinosaurs and cavemen. A real open world with RPG elements and whatnot. Man, to be in a small open field and have beasts wandering around and know I'm being hunted yet I have to break cover and make it across....
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Wni0  +   650d ago
How bout a monster hunter with not a 10 year old engine thanks.
killcycle  +   650d ago
So long as there is Street Fighter there will be Capcom and i don't see Street Fighter fans tiring any time soon.
iNFAMOUZ1  +   650d ago
Nooo not capcom, damn, why cant it be sonys end instead :(
QSPR  +   650d ago
I hate Microsoft with passion, don't get me wrong competition is good but you guys don't see the pattern here?
every time any company like eidos, tecmo, rare, bungi, capcom and many more make a deal with Microsoft end up like this!!!
DLC's, half ass unfinished games with a load of patch and so on that's came when Microsoft decide to join to the video games party...
Lboogieskells  +   650d ago
There game quality made a turn for the worst when they started making games for the Xbox 360. That much is true.... when they had console exclusives the games had to be of the best quality because of the smaller install base.
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j-blaze  +   650d ago
if you don't like a game for a certain reason blame the freaking dev for it, MS has nothing to do with game development, but ppl with empty coconut head won't understand this

@ Pancit_Canton

lol Sony would rather waste money on making their overrated first party exclusives from western devs rather than helping Japanese companies like Capcom or Atlus
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BABY-JEDI  +   650d ago
I think Sony have spent their money really well... You'll see this even more next gen!
Max-Zorin  +   649d ago
Capcom is falling apart because of their decisions. Not Microsoft. They're the ones that pulled BS such as hiding 12 characters on street fighter x tekken. And neglecting their Mega Man fans. They did this to themselves. It's a reason why talent such as Keiji Inafune and Shinji Mimaki left them. Look at Marvel vs Capcom 3. People complained about how buggy it was. They even left out spectator mode. Once again that was their decision. And they're paying for it.
Pancit_Canton  +   650d ago
About time. Sony will buy them in a heart beat and restore all their IP's to their former glory. Sony's are pretty good about remakes and New IP. Capcom are one of the best developers back in the Good ol' days PS1 and PS2 era.
andrewer  +   650d ago
Monster Hunter? D:
Foxgod  +   650d ago
If their next Resident evil will be good (please reboot it) then Capcom will keep going.
BABY-JEDI  +   650d ago
That's a big if, but I totally agree with you. I would want more realism & less steroids
; )
Ohh, & tha ability to decapitate limbs.
TheFutureIsBlue  +   650d ago
Maybe, just MAYBE, they learned from RE5 and 6, but I doubt it. They had a whole gen to go back to its roots, but they didn't even try. Hell they let someone else make a RE game. Milking the zombie cow! The last good Resident Evil game I played was RE4. That was 2005. 2000 and f'n 5. I didn't know it was that long ago =o. That makes Capcom suck even more, lol. I never did play RE Revelations so I can't comment on that.
Hicken  +   650d ago
It's a shame, but if they don't shape up, they're gonna ship out.

I almost don't care, but I'd like to see a PROPER Breath of Fire before I die.
Inception  +   649d ago
I keep praying for years that Capcom will make BoF VI for PS3. But when my pray got answered, they announced it for mobile :(

It sure one of the big mistakes that Capcom made on this gen. And hopefully they fix it by making the next BoF for PS4/Vita...
Hicken  +   649d ago
I'd seriously been waiting on a new BoF before I knew V existed. Played that one, scared the crap outta me(monsters on screen always do, ever since Lunar), enjoyed it, wanted a new one.

Then Capcom spent this whole generation doing stupid stuff. On-disc DLC and crap. Cutting down the roster of MvC by like 2/3. Selling the ending of Asura's Wrath as DLC. Turning Resident Evil into an action game. And Devil May Cray.... yeah, no.

The more I heard, the less I wanted them to make a new entry(and Rival Schools, too, for that matter).

And then I heard rumors of a new Breath of Fire, and I was elated! My prayers had been answered. Capcom was about to get my money for the first time since BoF IV(got V used, but preordered IV), and I hear it's a mobile game.

My faith in them is pretty shattered at this point. I HOPE they can turn this craziness around, but I'm not holding my breath.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   650d ago
Kinda sad I was rlly looking forward to them continuing the current DmC. I Had a ton of fun playing it.
KillrateOmega  +   650d ago
Yeah, I can see them going away what with their performance in recent years.

For example: Resident Evil, what the **** happened to it?
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lildudexst  +   650d ago
Well only way to stay alive now is be ex to another company for while you got no choice capcom. so what side it will be MS or sony. I know that wht they thinking right now.
josephayal  +   650d ago
Capcom is dead to me just like SE
wishingW3L  +   650d ago
Arc System are a much more smaller company yet they have money to make Guilty Gear XRD on PS4. And not to mention that Capcom fighters like MvC3 and SFIV have outsold Blazblue, Persona Arena, etc. by a pretty huge margin. On top of it SFIV have made Capcom tons of money on expansion and DLC alone!

But it seems all those flops like: DMC, Dark Void, Dragon's Dogma, Bionic Commando reboot, etc. really hurt them, and all for trying so hard to chase the western market for the Call of Duty money.
Plagasx  +   650d ago
Unless they fix RE I no longer care about what happens to Capcom to be honest.
Campy da Camper  +   649d ago
What sucks are the employees who will lose their jobs because the executives are completely out of touch with the gaming world.
Goku781  +   650d ago
Platinum is the new Capcom IMO. Mega Man is gone but Wonderful 101 has the boss fight spirt, Devil May Cry is gone but Beyonetta and Metal Gear Rising to me carry on the spirt of that type of action game. Wish they would make another Vanquish! They know how to make fun games like Capcom used to.
CrimsonDragon90  +   649d ago
Platinum Games sucks! The only good game they have is Bayonetta. I was excited for MGR, but it sucked. It was too short,it was very repetitive, the story was not as good as other mgs games. Wish Konami have kept the original design.
Goku781  +   649d ago
Sorry man but I'll take Platinum Games over the 2013 Capcom any day. Yes MGR story sucked, but I stopped playing it for the story, loved the action.
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XisThatKid  +   649d ago
HappyWithOneBubble  +   649d ago
They not looking good that's for sure. They gonna end up like THQ if no changes happen.
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mpnothanks  +   649d ago
Capcom doom? I'd believe it. Makes more sense than Nintendo doom.
Juste_Belmont  +   649d ago
If Capcom goes bankrupt, I think they will be bought up by another company. Their IPs are valuable, even if they don't seem to think so judging by their actions. The company that buys them might even continue to use the Capcom name, so I wouldn't be afraid of them fading away, at least name-wise.

Capcom still has some life left in them though, and depending on their actions, they may remain independent and dig themselves back out of the hole they've dug for themselves. Only time will tell.
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