GTA V PC Leaked Setup File Infects Thousands of PCs

An uncannily Legit Looking GTA V PC Setup File made its way on the web, and has been infecting PCs all over the world ever since. The Fake Setups are nothing new but this GTA V PC one takes the crown.

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SuperBlur1645d ago

Good. Its all you deserve desperate pirate ! Muhaha muhaha

shoddy1644d ago Show
SuperBlur1644d ago

the disagrees are infected user ! :D

Hydrolex1644d ago

I'm a pirate, a smart one

snitch_puck1644d ago

There are two kinds of pirates: the smart and the dumbass. I mean, what sane guy would download a random setup file and not perform a background check about it or just be smart enough to see that it IS a "random leak" when rockstar hasn't even announced a pc version yet?? I swear some pc gamers are sooo gullible nowadays.

snipab8t1644d ago

@Shoddy you are pathetic.

ChrisW1644d ago

FYI, there are more people out there whose consoles are more powerful than their PCs.

0ut1awed1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

Now let me start of by saying I didn't download this and the people that did, thinking it was actually legit are dummies.

That said the only system I currently own is my PC, although I plan on buying a PS4.

So if the only option I have to play GTAV within the next 6 months is pirate it, that makes me a piece of filth? Even if I plan on buying the full version at release so I can play online with clan buddies?

That's just dumb. R* was obviously showing off the PC version with some of the debut footage. They could have had it ready for the PC at launch but they got greedy and wanted to get PC gamers to give in and buy the console version then later be suckered into buying the PC version again.

Same concept with next gen hardware. If it's coming out on PC, it's coming out on X1 and PS4 since the architecture is so similar. They have probably know that since they started developing the game.

But of course they won't tell you that, otherwise a large majority of people would have just waited for the next gen version. Now those same people will probably end up buying the game twice too.

I might not be so harsh about it if they didn't make 1 billion dollars within the first 48 hours. Knowing that makes this whole situation that much worse.

R*'s greed != filthy PC gamer pirates.... bad argument is bad.

dumb_dumber1644d ago

@0ut1awed The GTA V probably will not comes out for PS4 nor xBox One

Check it for yourself

0ut1awed1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )


That article is actually incorrect. It appears they are just looking for hits.

If you go find the actual word for word question that was asked, the interviewer actually asked about GTA 6, not GTAV.

Just click on the link "The Guardian" that's right above the answer he gives in that link you posted and you can clearly see this.

Here it is...

"GTA 5 is coming at the end of the console cycle. Does the advance of technology interest you? Do you think, 'Oh wow, what will GTA 6 look like on a PS4?'"

The_Con-Sept1644d ago

I cant find a sniley face that fits this situation. Just goes to show PC GAMERS ARE PIRATES!

DirtyLary1643d ago


Actually you're a lazy thief. Clicking a torrent makes you nothing more.

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CapsLocke1644d ago

I don't know about pirating but whoever simply believe in GTA5 PC existence, let alone downloaded it, should throw out computer in the window.

LonDonE1644d ago

LMAO its precisely because of pc gamers like these pirates that developers and publishers don't like pc, seriously pc is AWESOME! but is held back by losers like this, they deserve what they are getting! LOLOLOL i bet rockstar released this file, haha to teach the thieving pirates a lesson! serves you right for being s dumb ass and downloading the file! this is just the kind of trolling rockstar would do, and pirates on pc are scum bags!

With steam sales, and on average cheaper game prices compared to console you loser pirates have no EXCUSE! you are not funding this great games industry we all love, and so deserve everything you get!! LOLOLOLOL

Linwelin1644d ago

@LonDonE And what about Console Pirates ? and don't give me that there is hardly enough to make a difference crap, console games are available quicker than some PC games, just look at how soon you could download GTAV on consoles, and Fifa14 too that still isn't even cracked on PC yet.

Somebody1644d ago


Really? Rockstar deliberately let loose a crippling virus out onto the world just to teach a group people who "stole" their previous games. Not only Rockstar isn't saying or releasing anything GTA V for the PC but released a PC destroying virus out of spite?

I know that fans are so gullible but for a big game company to be so mean and petty (yeah, I know it's your little fantasy)...


gamernova1644d ago

Lol I am a pc gamer but I agree with this statement.

Action GO FIGURE1644d ago

This can't be true. PC GAMERS DON'T PIRATE GAMES!


joe901644d ago

I downloaded the file. The virus runs at 60FPS on 1080p.

OUCH that must BUUURN.

MiHX21644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

It runs at 80000x45000 when the "Haha you're fucked" message comes up-It also has a sound with a 10000000kbit Bitrate from Slender:The Arrival to make you poop in your pants.It will also cause your PC to have a glitch on boot,and the screen that will be shown is right here!:

MiHX21642d ago

It was supposed to be a PINGAS screen but the image was removed.

ATi_Elite1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

OK All the PC Pirate talk needs to be calmed down.

If I remember correctly X360/Ps3 versions were on the Internet being pirated BEFORE R* released GTAV.

I can go to a site RIGHT NOW and still see thousands of PS3/X360 gamers PIRATING GTAV.

Now granted these MORONS who downloaded the GTAV PC Virus should be ASHAMED of themselves as they Burn their now useless PC's. LMAO!

Anyway get off the PC Pirate soapbox because for every PC Game pirated there is at least one PC Game PC Gamers have ALREADY PAID for even before full development has begun.

100's of PC Games have been Paid for and funded by Kickstarter by PC Gamers like StarCitizen $22m, Torment: Tides of Numenera $15m, and Project Eternity

Yes Piracy is a Problem on ALL platforms so get off the PC Gaming Piracy Soapbox and stop acting like Consolers don't Pirate.

-SIXAXIS-1644d ago

Yeah but how many people do you know with a modded 360 or PS3? Now compare that to the number of people who have a PC...

tee_bag2421644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

@ ATi_Elite

Great point champ


I can only speak for my situation -
Out of a circle of 10 close gaming friends. 5 own both 360 and PS3. 2 of them pirates 360 games.
10 own PC's, but 4 only own Gaming PC's (same camp of people who own the consoles).
The 4 who own gaming PC's just don't pirate because games are pretty cheap on steam.

1644d ago
gigoran1644d ago

Yeah, silly but pirates! When will you learn?

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GentlemenRUs1645d ago

You poor fools... NOT!

That's what you get for torrenting games ;)

codelyoko1645d ago

well to be fair to them, this was an unusually legit scam ;)

Hydrolex1644d ago

no, that's what you get for being an idiot...

Just look around and see if the game is even released or about to be release, The game isn't even announced yet for PC LOL


Transporter471644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

If anybody believes that there is a playable version of GTA V for PC at this time is just stupid.... At least wait for Rockstar to announce it and release it. Most of the time it takes a while, I mean we keep waiting for Read Dead Redemption also.

SuperBlur1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

They're working on a RDR sequel , i'll burn both my hands on a pit of fire when RDR release on PC

R*San Diego does not like pc gaming , AT ALL , sucks i know but it is what it is

on a side note , a RDR themed dlc for GTA V wouldn't be so bad , horses and such !

Mega241644d ago

most PC gamers are cheap bastards that want everything free, Rockstar knows that some PC gamer will just want to pirate the game and play on private servers, well the only way to ensure this from not happening is not releasing it, plain and simple. I'm ashamed of being a PC gamer, every community has their fair share of pirates, but PC takes the cake. CD Projekt for example, PC lover dedicated to making awesome PC games, got backstabbed by its own community when they pirated The Witcher 2 almost 4 million times... its just a shame.

Shnooze1644d ago


You must be drunk. There is literally no big difference between console and pc pirating.

LakerGamerEnthusiast1644d ago


That's some pretty good logic you're using there... /s to say PC gamers are mostly cheap bastards... don't they have to upgrade and build rigs to become a pc gamer if not buy one?

Just saying dude. That ain't so cheap to do.

codelyoko1644d ago

I believe they thought it was a "leak" version.

JackISbacK1644d ago

hpoefully now we will never se any rdr on pc or its sequel but there are 100% chances that we will see gta 5 on pc within some months or a year.

RedDevils1644d ago

Those stupid idiot get what they deserved. They should at least download a ps3 emulator and GTA V on ps3 and play it on PC that what smart pirate do

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Bathyj1644d ago

Did anyone really think this was real?
The desperate are such easy marks.