Burning through Money – Top Ten Most Expansive Video Games to Develop

You probably know the budget of some big-budget films like Avatar, which is over 500 million. But how much money will be invested in developing a video game? Regardless of the return on the investment, the following developers did take out a large amount of money in order to both make and promote their games as perfectly as possible. Check out what the budget of the game you are playing is.

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Azurite1645d ago

Where's All Points Bulletin?
It was at $100+ million.

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Flutterby1645d ago

Should it be expensive not expansive, or is this one of those weird things when Americans say sells instead if sales? Because saying something like " I wonder how many sells they have" doesn't make any sense at all the word would be sales.

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thejigisup1645d ago

adjective1.covering a wide area in terms of space or scope; extensive or wide-ranging.
2.(of a person or their manner) open, demonstrative, and communicative."she felt expansive and inclined to talk"

What's up with these misspellings in article titles lately they are trapping me for clicks

TongkatAli1645d ago

I love me some Ashe. She is the main character of FF XII not Vaan.