Capcom Doesn’t Have Enough Resources For A Next-Gen Fighter

GaminRealm: "More bad news regarding Capcom. When asked by a fan if the company would be bringing Ultra Street Fighter IV to next gen consoles, Yoshinori Ono responded with a very grave statement."

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MrSwankSinatra1402d ago

kind of ironic considering all the money they've milked from consumers with bullshit practices. kind of bittersweet actually. all i can say is capcom is screwed, but they did this to themselves.

showtimefolks1402d ago

capcom how have you fallen so much from being one of fan favorite's company to now being just looked at as greedy

I hope you learn from this before actually going out of business, seriously you guys have some classic IP's and shouldn't be doing business like you did current gen. Don't release same games with little more content or different character/skins and call it a new game for $39.99

so much of your talent has left you to form your own studios, or work for western publishers. Also i really dislike how you have Treated the Legendary Megaman Character/IP

Asura Wrath's real ending was only playable Via buying DLC, how does that even make sense? don't take your consumers for granted please

learn from your mistakes and be the kickass publisher/development talent house that you were known for before

abzdine1402d ago

this is a great example that following $$$ and giving the finger to the fans isn't working.
They killed Resident Evil, they tried to screw people with DLC, they don't wanna bring back megaman...
as things are right now with Capcom games it wouldn't change a thing if they went bankrupt... this is something that i would never have thought i will say one day cause i've been playing Capcom games since SF1

Battlefieldlover1402d ago

I hope they fold soon so someone can buy the Rights to Mega Man. As much as I think Mighty no. 9 Looks cool, I'd flip to be able to play a New Mega Man, Mega Man X, or the holy grail....Mega Man Legends :)

mikeslemonade1402d ago

Hmmm.. maybe they should have just allocated their resources into making games just for PlayStation then they would have enough resources to make a fighter.

Because they went for the money first they got screwed in the long term.

johndoe112111402d ago

I agree with everything you said but i can't help but feel a little heartbroken about this news.

If you've been gaming for as long as I have you would remember the glory days of capcom when they actually made games that you enjoyed playing. They were the first big studio I fell in love with after playing commando on my commodore 64.

I know it's greed that got them where they are today and they deserve it but I think it will be a sad day for gaming (or at least for gaming history) if they ever close their doors for good.

Eonjay1402d ago

Isn't this the company that just sold millions of copies of Monster Hunter 4.

OpieWinston1402d ago

They didn't want to make a new Maximo or Mega Man game....So fuck Capcom.

abzdine1402d ago

@OpieWinston :

Maximo!! how could i forget that amazing game!
Power Stone comes to my mind as well.

Army_of_Darkness1402d ago

We dont want anymore street fighter 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4 and so on anyways... tired of that shit. Just finish the damn game before releasing it capcom!

xXxSeTTriPxXx1402d ago

"learn from your mistakes and be the kickass publisher/development talent house that you were known for before"

I don't think there's a after for them.

loulou1402d ago

they have all but milked street fighter to death. they have ruined resident evil, and lost planet 9although having potential) is rubbish.

pfft. KI is looking like it will be the new fighting game to play next gen.

i aint bought a fighting game since tekken tag on the ps2 launch day. but KI will be getting downloaded by me day 1.

Sitdown1402d ago

You ever thought that perhaps the games were "completed", they just continued to add to the games? Just like it was the gaming community that asked for the most pending version. At some point you have to say enough is enough, and ship the game......

AbortMission1402d ago

The sad part is, there are some Street fighter fanbabies out there who are damage controlling for Ultra New DLC Fighter 4 Lol

ritsuka6661401d ago

learn from your mistakes and be the kickass publisher/development talent house that you were known for before '

lol,did you played Resident Evil 6? this game is made development in house of 900 people and still worst RE ever.

pixelsword1401d ago

I hope other companies look at Capcom and learn that their greed and charging for every little thing did not save the company.

SilentNegotiator1401d ago

I hope a good third-party publisher buys up Capcom's IPs when they go bankrupt.

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TheTwelve1402d ago

This sounds like my grandfather who is a millionaire, but due to his stinginess always claims to be broke. I don't believe this for a second; Capcom just doesn't want to make the investment.

iceman061402d ago

I guess broke IS relative...but I feel ya! I'm thinking that they don't want to invest in fighting until fighting proves that it is back as a stay. Until then...microtransactions for all!!!

nukeitall1402d ago

Ironically that is likely why your grandfather is a millionaire, and most aren't!

Boody-Bandit1402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

OMG *writes date and time down*
I agree with nukeitall on this one.
Hell has officially frozen over. TIC

Most people that have bridged that 7 figure cap thru saving and thrifty spending deserve every penny they have earned. I have several members in my family that are in the 7 figure bracket and ALL of them got there by being frugal and making great investments (something I should do but don't).

I have a brother that has a multi seven figure salary and his net worth is barely over a million because he lives life very large (AKA stupid). He gets bored and pulls up to a car dealer and leaves with one of their top vehicles and than a few months later sells it for nearly half of what he paid for it just to get it out of his garage. Makes no sense at all. When he retires he will end up just getting by or worse.

I'm some where in the middle. I try to save but I do like to splurge a few times a year. Just yesterday I decided it was time to throw out the seating in my theater and go new. The seating I threw out was only a few years old and in near mint condition but it was time to make the move to all leather. I should've done that in the first place.

I sure hope Capcom is just blowing smoke or finds someone to bank roll them. I agree they are near the top of the heap of milking but I need my Street Fighter fix every generation. It's still my overall favorite fighting game.

xXxSeTTriPxXx1402d ago

It was reported that crapcom only has like 150mil, for a company like crapcom that's almost broke.

Still have to keep them bills payed, payroll etc.deep down is f2p because almost everybody with a ps4 will dl it, that way the nickle and dimming would be justified instead of making it retail where only about 7percent (or what ever the usual attach rate is) will buy.

They may make a lot of money off it but 1ip can't sustain a company like crapcom.

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Unreal011402d ago

It makes me cringe how greedy they have become. The main thing that annoys me about Capcom for me is how awful Resident Evil, which was my favorite franchise, has become. How did they get it so wrong?

LonDonE1401d ago

simple, one answer CALL OF DUTY!!!
LOL seriously this is the problem with developers today, they all see call of duty selling like crazy and all want a piece of the action.
The problem is the average cod player is only interested in fifa and cod which in its own right is like a sport!

When will these developers realise not all games need to be like cod, and that its better to remember why it is the fans of your franchise fell in love with said franchise in the first place, why cant they just improve the franchise without dumbing it down to beyond recognition and so alienating the original fan base who made said ip successful?

Its tragic that so many great developers and i.p's are being lost! Developers need to realise that not all games and franchises will sell cod numbers, and instead of changing what made their game unique into a derivative cod wannabe dumbed down so bro gamers can play it, they should focus more on the core fans of the franchise instead!!

Its capcoms own fault they are in the mess that they created, its such a shame.
I predict square and many other developers and publishers who will also go under this coming gen due to them being so out of touch with their fan base! Cod has been a blessing and a curse to the games industry!

A blessing by making gaming bigger then it has ever been, and a curse because now every other developer just keeps dumbing down our beloved franchises to get cod like sales, when realistically some games will never reach cod numbers! cods accessibility is one of the things which makes it sell so much!

Rainstorm811402d ago

No resources you say?

So Capcom aren't making two next gen exclusive games one of which is free to play?

When I see statements like this and Squares, too hard to make HD towns makes me not want to support the companies.

These Japanese companies better get with the program...or get surpassed.... oops too late

DragonKnight1401d ago

Especially that "HD Towns" B.S.

How many Western Devs can make HD Towns and it doesn't take them 10 years, but SE can't do it? Please.

girevik1402d ago

Reap what you sow! They brought it on themselves.

Old McGroin1402d ago

When he says they don't have the resources, is it possible that he just means that all available resources are tied up on other projects? Mightn't be as bad as people think, his comment might just have been taken out of context.

ZombieKiller1402d ago

They need to stop wasting money on stupid ideas then! They have no resourses because they spent all their money on TOTAL CRAP like DmC.

I hope they continue to make games, but the decision to make them in-house should have NEVER left their minds.

Their games are great games. Outsourcing to other companies was a bad idea. Outsourcing to Ninja thats a REALLY bad idea.

Dante811402d ago

Even worse than that is outsourcing Lost Planet to Spark Unlimited...Yes, the makers of Turning Point and Legendary.

LordDhampire1401d ago

Ninja theory didnt do a bad job its just people didnt want a reboot...and even protested against it...and us gamers are lazy for us to protest..something has to be really wrong

If they named the game cry may devil then I wouldn't of had a peoblem with it...but it wasn't a devil may cry game

3-4-51402d ago

What are they spending all their money on ?

ZombieKiller1401d ago

@3-4-5: Messing up their good titles. Like Dante said above, and I stated before that, the keep outsourcing to different companies and paying them to make games for them.

Not a bad idea...but implimented completely wrong.
So far this gen, I've heard people complain about alot of their games including the heavy hitters like DmC or RE. I think honestly, with all the talk about gaining "the crowd" that they are trying to go after the COD crowd.

They outsourced alot of their biggest titles so they could pump them out had they proven successful in sales. by having 2 different dev teams to create an annual release schedule without having to sacrifice time is a good idea if implimented properly. Look at Assasins Creed, COD, or even Batman Arkham now. Make 2 teams work on it so we can pump em' out without sacrificing quality and dev time (Treyarch/IW for COD).
I noticed another thing they like to do is add elements they think are popular into their games. Hence why RE6 was so action packed. Trying to gain that COD crowd.
If you create a successful MP formula that people get addicted to, your paycheck not only tenfolds itself, but is residual as well. Look at COD...PERFECT EXAMPLE: MW1- 1 map pack $10 (or even $5 I think) -$60 for the game.
Once they saw the sales from that and realized the potential, they cut the maps down on disc, and released 4 map packs for World At War. MW2- same thing. Then MW3 rolls around and they introduce Elite. A SUBSCRIPTION FOR WHAT WAS ORIGINALLY ON DISC. Making the consumer pay and get into the mindset that this game needs a subscription (psychologically)

Now, for Black Ops II, I paid $80 for the game (what a mistake that was) and $60 for the maps. To make a short story long, it's inflation with "proper cause"
Think about the big picture. I paid a total of $65 for MW1. Now it's $120 for the game. Almost DOUBLE the price, yet JUSTIFIABLE because they know people will buy due to past sales.
Capcom see's this and wants to do the same. Only they got a little bit sloppy about it. Ninja Theory...REALLY? I'm sorry, but I'm still a bit butthurt because Devil May Cry WAS my favorite series and they pissed on it. -apologies for the rant

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kenshiro1001402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

It'd a shame what Capcom has done to themselves.

They're not the same legendary company who brought so many good games over the years.

I don't feel sorry for them.