Ryse Son of Rome: Another Gorgeous Looking Screen Released, Show Highly Detailed Character Model

Another gorgeous looking Ryse: Son of Rome screenshot in 1920X1080p has been released. By now it almost confirmed that Xbox One exclusive is one of the best looking next-generation game.

The development team at Crytek definitely deserve a pat on their back for this amazing work, now the only needs to be best for Ryse: Son of Rome is its gameplay, because success of a game doesn't entirely depend of visuals/graphics element alone.

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aceitman1645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

actual gameplay does not impress me like the cut scenes they showed off

pedrof931645d ago

Yeah the actual gameplay seems ok with good lighting.

But nothing Woooow.

AngelicIceDiamond1645d ago

Hey Peddro what would you say if this was a PS4 exclusive?

Be honest no BS.

NewMonday1645d ago

all the screens are from cut-scenes actual real-time gameplay clips not impressive.

ShinMaster1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

Everyone seems to only care about this game's graphics. That's all they talk about. Polygon count downgrade, resolution, and whether the game looks better or worse now.

But no one seems to want to talk about the really bland gameplay and how the game is an upgraded version of Project Kingdoms on 360 for Kinect.

Fireseed1644d ago

Define "woooooow" gameplay. Or even give me an example of a game with "wooooow" gameplay.

GTgamer1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

@Angelic I'm a Sony Fan but will never downplay Shadow Complex,fable2, Gears2, Masseffect,L4D2 i love those games my best experience one the 360 you see if i see a problem with a game i voice it don't care who its from did it to uncharted 3 MP beta i was on twitter talking to the devs about problems i saw and i will voice the problem i see with ryse and that is gameplay as far as i see you only have one weapon set a sword/shield/spear and i don't see a upgrade system in sight for added depth maybe it dosen't need that but just hack and slash then hit finisher repedeately will just become repetitive if you cant switch things up that's my only problem with game other than that great graphics but graphics don't make a game (Crysis/Lair perfect example)

JokesOnYou1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

Too much awesome sauce for n4g?
-So fail it. Fixed.

-There are plenty more amazing gifs on several sites, heres a awesome one for those interested:
-Daayumm and they say games are not art, BS. Its a great time to be a gamer.

FlameHawk1644d ago

@Jokes, they failed it because it was just a gif of a video they showed like 2 days ago.

JokesOnYou1644d ago

Flamehawk well nothing unusual about 1st having a game trailer released then a news thread with pics/gifs from the same trailer lol, actually this pic us no different than the one of the previous gifs from the failed news....but its all good just wondering.

LonChaneyTV1644d ago

"Yeah the actual gameplay seems ok with good lighting.

But nothing Woooow."

That's the price of trying to be realistic to the time period. Everything in Ryse is just about by the book, from weapons to maneuvers and battle formations, and so forth.

The real life soldiers weren't trying to be hollywood or inspired by Japaneses sword art. if you look at roman weaponry they're very short and their tactics were straight to the point.

have a look for yourself on how they fought.

ZodTheRipper1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

First it was gifs, now it's one screenshot from Ryse per article... slow news week or what is going on?

FamilyGuy1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

Wow, super bullshot, I could swear Crytek said they didn't have LoD in Ryse yet Marius is back there looking all low quality while the front man looks like a PC tech demo.

It's definitely impressive but it's a cut scene, show me a game play trailer with any character that looks like that on the X1.

So in review:
The picture is REALLY nice, looks HUMAN! Amazing
The picture is pure bullshot.

Marius looks like he's in a completely different game than this front and centered guy. Still not a fan of his face, he looks kin to a gargoyle. That other top soldier dude should've been Marius's character model.

LonChaneyTV1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

I find it interesting about disagrees in this thread. it's blatantly obvious.

Troll - In my honest opinion "insert troll explanation", no harm done blabla that is the truth.

the other day Quantum break went through this too.

Troll - Oh, that game is not even real, blabla bla. It was may by some anonymous dudes who made Alan wake lolz. "goes back and plays max payne 3 and GTA5 on their ps3s" "rockstar is awesome ftw!!!"

pffffff, hypocrisy!!

loulou1644d ago

lol Jokes. pathetic isn't it!! nice to see some proof from time-to-time of just how bias and bad certain mods are on here.

and who would have thought it. newmonday and pedro in an xbox one tread downplaying?? surely my eyes deceive me?

lol ryse just keeps getting better and better. the salt on the net at the moment is incredible. day one edition has been on pre-order since the begining

thekhurg1644d ago

The fact it's a 1080p image when the game itself is only 900p should speak volumes for how doctored Crytek is making this game appear in marketing.

NewMonday1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )


if Crytech are trying to have realistic gameplay, they failed

if they are trying to be fun, they failed.


another unplayable cut-scene

Freedomland1644d ago

Is an official X1 site?

This Pandora will open on Nov 22, don't worry.

BBBirdistheWord1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

@ jokes

Yeah disappointing that a mod has sought to fail this story after the N4G community approved it. These gifs provided a useful snapshot and additional distillation of the most recent trailer. The Gifs certainly provided further insight into this game and appeared to garner useful discussion and exposure to next gen gameplay.

Sometimes I think there are overzealous mods on this site that have an agenda, and that's ok because we are all human and we all make mistakes.

The problem is that these apparently overzealous mods are financially remunerated and on a news aggregator like n4g they may have inordinate powers of moderation that can affect real community perception and exposure to industry news.

Such power should not be taken lightly, especially if news stories that are already approved by the n4g community are failed as a result of one particular (possibly malicious) moderator's bias and personal whim.

I just hope the head honchos (such as CAT) on N4g are aware that some of the moderators seem to have a pro ps4 and anti-xboxone bias on here.

It may help for a number of us to PM Cat (the network administrator)and make her aware of this issue. I am sure she is very busy and not able to keep tabs on all of the mods, all of the time, which is understandable. She will likely appreciate any user grievances brought to her attention, especially with regard to potentially toxic remunerated staff.

Here are her contact details. Let's see if we can restore some balance to N4g, by letting her know. It seems a fair and reasonable thing to do, given these unbalanced circumstances!

Hopefully this makes N4g a better place for all of its users.

NewMonday1644d ago


the only safe place from XB1 criticism are the official XBox forums, maybe you will feel more comfortable over there.

BBBirdistheWord1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

@ newmonday

Sorry fella.

You have missed the point.
I welcome discussion on n4g whether it be ps4 criticism or xbox criticism or Wii criticism or PC criticism.

What I can't stomach are double standards.
This is not a ps4 site. This is a news aggregation site for all platforms.

Please don't obfuscate the issue with a bogstandard strawman argument.

The issue I have identified is a real issue of bias and selective censorship. It has been identified by numerous other users on here and the failed article is a prime example.

Directing users to other forums (as you did) doesn't solve the issue. In fact it compounds the issue.

I am glad this has been brought to the fore. Hopefully the head honchos will now pay attention and clean this place up.

Newmonday, instead of pithy replies, why not try to help solve the identified issue?
You could even PM Cat and give your point of view... Unless you are part of the underlying problem?

Computersaysno1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

The shot has near perfect image quality.

That only means one thing, doctored shots. Sorry but it does. Allied to the fact the shot appears to be 1080p and not 900p. Remember the Driveclub and Forza 5 shots? You could see aliasing. You could spot slight defects. Thats normal. This isn't and those are both 1080p as well!

I am sure they'll claim the assets are in game and such but you don't get utterly 100 percent perfect image quality on 2560 x 1440p PC games with 8x MSAA.

Lets see the gameplay properly rather than one off shots quite clearly not gameplay.

NewMonday1644d ago


this failed..

maybe you should look at the submission rules

IcicleTrepan1644d ago

@ all the dumbasses

Yes, it IS 1080p. It's 900p internally and then upscaled to 1080p by the Xbox One. What it's not is 1080p native.

So now we can all STFU about it.

JokesOnYou1644d ago

BBBirdistheWord,loulou yeah so it was not just me who noticed. This is a great siye when utilized properly. I just like to see the standards applied fairly across the board.

Belking1644d ago

That's because it's exclusive. If this title was exclusive to the other console the comments would be different.

aceitman1644d ago

@IcicleTrepan before u call people dumbasses u should look in the mirror and also learn the difference (read) between full 1080p and up scaled 1080p this is a sample. it is native 900p and up scaled to 1080p. that is it u can say it 5 ways till sunday but u say its 1080p like it is when its not . upscaled is upscaled 900 p is 900p not 1080p. I don't care if u say its not 1080p native its 1080p upscaled we are talking raw numbers . so ryse is not 1080p period straight from the devs mouth

UltimateMaster1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

This game was far more impressive at E3 with the 150k polygons than the current 85k polygons.

Who cares about CG video cut scene that aren't actual game play?

Here's how it was supposed to look:
Here's how it will look on Xbox One:

If you can't see the significant drop, I sure can.
The videos look exactly alike, but it's a CG video and it's no longer game play.

It's like comparing old gen VS new gen except this is "supposed" to be new gen.

Shake_Zula1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

Graphically it seems ok, and it seems to be more realistic gameplay than anything else (God of War is fun, but people can't move like that! lol). So as long as they keep up with dynamic gameplay rather than button mashing or combo hacks, and execute a gripping story, I'll be happy.
I mean, I'm getting a PS4 on launch complete with KZ, but I'm hoping that this game pans out be one of the greats as well.

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ape0071645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

this is MP footage and usaually MP gameplay has worse gfx

look at BF4 sp vs mp

KZ sf sp vs mp

and so on

NewMonday1644d ago

KZ:SF MP is actually better at 60FPS

JokesOnYou1644d ago

Maybe I missed something but the pic here is from the story trailer and it looks awesome....but why a whole new post for these pics we already seen from the trailer and the sweet gifs post.

Dont know why these amazing gifs went from approved to failed.

UltimateMaster1644d ago


No need to make a news article over gifs...

1645d ago Replies(6)
Thepharaoh1645d ago

Cut scenes always look better especially because those are the scenes where gamers stare at the character models the most game play and most certainly i the case of an action game is faced paced and gamers aren't going to stare at marius's face all day while barbarians are all over the place and he's running and stabbing.

trywizardo1644d ago

haters gonna hate no matter what ... just stay at PS channel and don't be an idiot here kido

adorie1644d ago

IQ looks really good up close. This looks like a cutscene, but in-engine. dat lips.

AbortMission1644d ago

The game sucks. Period. It's not even the fact that it's an X1 game but because 1) it's a Crytek game and 2) it started development with the kinnect.

But of course, here come the delusional Xbox fanbabies claiming that the X1 has "better looking games" than the PS4 (even though the X1 has had way more compromises than the PS4 and the PS4 has more 1080p games Lol)

mhunterjr1644d ago

Please explain how the fact that it started as a kinect game has any affect on the end result. They scrapped the idea and moved on years ago. Why can't you?

IcicleTrepan1644d ago

So you've played it then? Of course not which means your opinion amounts to one man's whisper in a hurricane.

webeblazing1644d ago

im nobody in this article even said that. your trying to hard

kiz26941644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

I completely agree with ShinMaster, the graphics are good, but gameplay looks so dumb and boring, reminds of an old ps2 game i played called "Spartan" somehting something, it had pretty much everything this has, but not the graphics, oh and that game suck balls :P

found a video of the game i mentioned, it actually looks more fun than Ryse does by far, much more arcade hack and slash feel

Deathdeliverer1644d ago

Can't help but agree. Hopefully there is a day 1 demo. Otherwise I might have to find someone to borrow it off of. Maybe the first game I rent in over 12 years. Looks like it will be fun until about 2 hrs in. Then you will hit that "Damn this is monotonous, but I will push through just to see the ending so I can trade it in" level. Dead Rising might not look nearly as good but I can imagine a ton more fun and lasting appeal with the items and gameplay. Dead Rising Day 1 for me.

Magicite1644d ago

Skin/face looks really great, but armor/helmet looks kinda weird, like its not from metal. Maybe its just me.

ambientFLIER1644d ago

"actual gameplay does not impress me like the cut scenes they showed off"

The vid you linked was published almost two months ago. The game has been improved since then.

hellrazor1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

Sweet looking ..

whoyouwit041644d ago

You do know that is from the old build right? but nice try.

Docknoss1644d ago

That's how I feel about KZ SF, not impressed.


This footage is almost 2 months old. Come on son!

Saviour1639d ago

That's coz it's old build u linked, while The screens are from new build. See the Story trailer, Those screens are taken from tht trailer.

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ATi_Elite1645d ago

I bet the HATERS will be out in full FORCE to Denounce The Glory that is Ryse Son of Rome!

RsoR is the Talk of the Console Gaming World right now. Hate it or Love it Consolers are ALL about Ryse.

I think the game looks good and I can't wait to play it.

I've been playing Chivalry Medievial Warfare on the PC and it's good to see the consoles get something similar to CMW in the form of Rsye.

Let the HATING Begin!!

GrandTheftZamboni1645d ago

"Consolers are ALL about Ryse."

You are making this up.

loulou1644d ago

i was in macdonalds (in france where i live) yesterday waiting for my little boys meal to be warmed up, and three guys were about it and looking at a vid on one of their iphones.

that trailer this week has changed alot of peoples minds

webeblazing1644d ago

I sure he was trying to lighten up the mood

ShinMaster1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

Apparently, people are only concerned with this game's looks. Always talking about whether the graphics technically got worse or not and the resolution and frame rate or polygon count was downgraded.

But no one seems to want to talk about the bland gameplay and how the game is an upgraded version of Project Kingdoms on 360 for Kinect.

MrSwankSinatra1644d ago

well lets be honest here crytek has never been known for making games with good gameplay, they've always been known for pushing the benchmark with graphics. crytek games are more used as a way for people to benchmark their gaming rigs than to be actually played.

IRetrouk1644d ago

To be honest i said from the start it looked repetitive, i mean it looks really good, there is no saying it dont but nothing about this game has got me wanting it, that dosnt make me a hater, now if you want to talk about the new forza and need for speed hit me up, forza 5 alone has me wanting the one.

ATi_Elite1644d ago

Sorry Bro I'm playing Project CARS and no other Racing game has my attention.

GT6 Forza5 Driveclub NFS all look the same to me (YES I know they are different) after playing ProjectCARS! Actually Forza 5 at times does look really Sweet. I don't know how it plays though.

Yes RsoR may be repetitive but what Beat'em up isn't Repetitive? LOL I want it because of the CLASSIC gameplay infused with some Great Graphics.

Other than that I find the arguments about Ryse to be Hilarious with people trying so HARD to make Ryse seem unworthy.

Crytek has done something really simple (Classic gameplay with Great graphics) and sometimes simple is good.

Good answer IRetrout, Ryse just isn't your type of game and I got NO PROBLEMS with that and Correct you are NOT a HATER in my book because I know I play stuff you may not like or even heard of LMAO.

So lets both kick back and enjoy our Games. PM me and let me Know about Forza 5 cause now I'm somewhat interested.

Happy Gaming!

*See people it's Not hard to have a Cool and Calm convo with people on this site who play different stuff than you!

IRetrouk1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

I can honestly say that i agree with you 100%, i dont game on pc so i cant comment on project cars other than the fact that it looks amazing and is kinda making me want to build a decent pc. Oh and when i say build i mean order lol

Cryptcuzz1644d ago

Who the heck even uses the term consoler?

ATi_Elite1644d ago


Heck I invented the Term "CONSOLER"

Muha hah ha ah ha h

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ape0071645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

easily the best looking console nextgen game so far

M-M1644d ago

In your opinion, Crytek did an great job though.

ABeastNamedTariq1645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

Dude is making that "Who put you on the planet, ugh!" face from SpongeBob, lmao. I want to go find it.

OT: It's pretty, I likes it.