Dark Matter gets released on Steam but is not complete "On Friday, InterWave Studios released Dark Matter on Steam and other platforms for $14.99. Since the release, gamers have discovered that the game ends abruptly after 4 hours without much of an ending."

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ATi_Elite1616d ago

I find this to be disturbing.

even though new content will be given out I still expect a COMPLETE product when I buy a game especially when said game has NOT been labeled Alpha/Beta or Kickstarter.

it's only a matter of time before someone takes advantage of Pre-purchase or Alpha buy ins and screws the consumer.

Oh wait WarZ already has done that!

Fireseed1616d ago

Gonna disagree their with ya, they didn't have the money to finish the game. And through their Kickstarter it was very transparent that they did no have enough. So what were they to do? Scrap all progress and not sell the work they had been able to afford? Work for free to finish it?

colonel1791616d ago

"So what were they to do? Scrap all progress and not sell the work they had been able to afford? Work for free to finish it?"

Yes! Why would they sell a game that it's incomplete and for $14.99?! That's a total rip off, especially that they don't even specify the issue before purchasing it.

I might understand that they didn't have enough funds, but they could have done a shorter game or definitely sell it for less. They are deceiving gamers and those developers don't deserve any penny whatsoever, at least until they release a proper and complete version.

Fireseed1616d ago


Alright this is gonna be painful but I'm going to have to spoil game development for you. It's not all about the players. At the end of the day when the checks come in it's for the artists families and livelihoods at home. Not every game developer out there is some brave valiant weaver of the art's swearing to do only virtuous justice to the betterment of video games as a whole. Majority of the time it's "Hey I like this genre, I'd like to make a game in this genre, we can make some money off of it"

They came up short on funds and could not afford to continue production. But had to make a profit off their work otherwise families go hungry and bills don't get paid. I could understand frustration if they met their kickstarter goal and came out with a game lacking content. But they didn't reach their goal and came out with what they had and priced it in order to make a profit. And besides, what do you consider a "complete" game. The game play is very fun and smooth it just only lasts for 4 hours. The story ends abruptly sure, but for 4 hours of game play 15$ isn't too bad. I mean Braid took 2 hours and cost 20$ at launch and look. Everyones lining up to pat Jonathan Blowhard on the ass.

WeAreLegion1616d ago

Two hours for Braid?!? I have twelve hours clocked on that bad boy and I haven't finished it. Lol.

Feralkitsune1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

How about place a massive notice on the steam page that the game wasn't finished, and never will be finished so that people don't buy it with the assumption that it's a fucking full game.

Fireseed1615d ago


Why not just put a notice on the Steam page that say's "Do not buy our game" just because it wasn't a good enough ending for consumers. For all intents and purposes it has an ending. It is a "complete" game; gameplay that's smooth and balanced, with an intriguing story that just ends on a nasty cliffhanger. I mean what does a gae require by your definitions to be "complete"?

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Xristo1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

Wow, I just read the game's store page on Steam expecting to find at least a warning. Unacceptable to be on Steam in such a state with no warning and/or intent on finishing the game (developer ran out of money). When you buy a game you should have the reasonable expectations that it will have the core components of a game (i.e. beginning, meat and potatoes, end). Quality is a whole different issue. For association purposes, when I buy a car I expect there to be an engine in it unless advertised differently. When I buy a table I expect it to come with legs. This game advertises 14 levels and after about 4 hours gives you a "To Be Continued..." message. Steam needs to remove this game or force a warning on the store page.

Edit: i guess there are 14 levels. /shrug ... I don't know. This just gives me a bad taste about Steam's QC while screening games being released.

Here's the ending. See for yourself! (Spoiler Alert, heck, if you can even call it that!)