PS4 and PC RPG Reborn KickStarter cancelled, relaunching in November

Reborn was supposed to be the first futuristic cyber punk action RPG that was supposed to mix Japanese lore with a Western theme. It needed about $200k to be funded and now it appears that the project creator has suddenly cancelled the funding.

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zeal0us1678d ago

Oh boy relaunching in November might not be an good idea. New consoles and games are right around the corner and not to mention black friday. I don't see this kickstarter doing much better than it did before.

Godmars2901678d ago

I don't think it was halfway through its time. by the article they weren't satisfied with the level of rewards they'd established.

All seems a bit flighty and unfocused to me.

3-4-51678d ago

This concept and idea looks awesome, I hope it makes it. We need more cyberpunk

ABeastNamedTariq1678d ago

Slightly disappointed, but hey, it's coming back in November. The concept art is mind-blowing.


ATi_Elite1678d ago

Dude everyone has been throwing so much money at StarCitizen that games like this will be OVERLOOKED!

If it's coming out for the PS4 why doesn't Sony just fund it? Hmmm?

ABeastNamedTariq1678d ago

I don't know, why don't you ask Sony?

Cynicism aside, SC's feat is impressive, I won't deny that. But I don't own a gaming PC, and I will be getting a PS4. So I would/would've like/liked to have a game like this on PS4.

isarai1678d ago

well there's two ways of doing that, one is to let them be publisher which means giving them the rights to your game and complete control over it's development, they probably don't want that. the other is the "PubFund" which is meant for smaller indie titles whereas this game seems to be aiming a lot higher than your average indie game. not only that but they are a fresh studio with no track record to back them up, it's going to be hard convincing sony to fund their project like that

GTgamer1678d ago

At least its coming Back but why cancel a Kick starter that's odd.

isarai1678d ago

surprised but reading the article it makes sense, they want to make the reward system for backers clearer and more streamlined, increase awareness and marketing, and prepare more content to entice or give incentive to fund the game. restarting would be the ideal way to do that so they don't waste time in their funding period doing that

DigitalRaptor1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

Goddamnit. Well at least it's coming back. Sounds like they really want to make it the best for those supporting it, so it makes sense.

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