Did Dell just confirm that all Windows 8 apps can run on Xbox One?

Microsoft has already hinted strongly that apps made for Windows 8 will be able to run on its upcoming Xbox One game console. However, the company has done nothing more than just hint at this kind of feature and has never talked about how app developers could get their creations published on the Xbox One. Now a pre-order page for the console on Dell's online store seems to confirm that Windows 8 apps will be able to run on the next-gen game machine.

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jwk941398d ago

They showed this feature off a few months ago. It's just Miracast.

donnieboy1398d ago

Are you able to provide a link?

1398d ago
AngelicIceDiamond1398d ago

@JW Bubble+ for helpful and great link.

jwk941398d ago

You're welcome Angelica. The whole conference is actually pretty interesting.

BattleAxe1397d ago

I'd rather buy a Dell XPS or Alienware from Dell's website.

UltimateMaster1397d ago

"Consider the game officially changed. With all your favorite Windows 8 apps able to be run on and synced to your Xbox One, now your phone, desktop, tablet and TV can all give you a unified web and entertainment experience."

Yeah, this is like Chrome-cast.
The Xbox One doesn't play Windows apps native, you need a windows phone in order to make it work.
AKA, you need to buy a windows phone for that to work.

Any one else here feel like they wouldn't want to use a console for Word?

Google's Chrome Cast is just 35$ and does just that, no need to buy an expensive phone just to be able to sync it with your Xbox One.

jwk941397d ago

Chromecast has its limitations, though. If you're already a Windows Phone user, this is a fantastic feature.

-SIXAXIS-1397d ago

@jwk94: That's a pretty big "if". Chromecast works for most people already (it works with Android or Chrome on computer).

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AngelicIceDiamond1398d ago (Edited 1398d ago )

A potential game changer here.

EDIT: MS already stated the X1 can be used for personal buissness. Not only did MS stated this but they showcased it at the build 2013 via JW link.

pedrof931398d ago

So according to you a business man will buy a xbox One instead of a normal laptop ?

Its those apps that eat 10% of Xbone gpu.

AngelicIceDiamond1398d ago (Edited 1398d ago )

@Pedro ummm did I say I was a buissness man?

No I didn't i simply said "the X1 can be used for personal buissness."

Or Sony fans can disagree with facts. Whatever calms the fanboy storm in your heads.

Btw Pedro you can deny it. You can "If's" "and's" and "buts" all you want but your a run of the mill Sony fanboy, in case you didn't know already.

Rainstorm811398d ago

People like you are the reason fanboy run rampant because you guys intentionally rile them up.

No one brought up Sony but because he doesn't see a business man buying a X1 for businedd he's a fanboy?

How about providing a better example like a student doing school/college work on the X1.

If someone disagrees with any part of MS they are a that logic someone that agrees with every part of the X1 is clone/drone/bot....... makes no sense right?

Army_of_Darkness1398d ago

I dont think anyone professional would ever use or ever say that they use a video game console for their business practices lol!

SilentNegotiator1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )


ummm where did pedro say that you said that you were a businessman?

"No I didn't i simply said "the X1 can be used for personal buissness.""

No you said "MS already stated the X1 can be used for personal buissness" and Microsoft made a big fuss about it being used for an actual business environment.

hazardman1397d ago

Yes they based on the fact that all xbox ones are servers due to the cloud. I remember reading about awhile back one this very site cant remember article tho. Hopefully someone else read aswell.

Ritsujun1397d ago

The clown of the day goes to AD.

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ATi_Elite1398d ago

I would hope so seeing how the XB1 OS is based off of Windows 8.

Would be really silly if it DID NOT run Win8 apps.

Eeeeww Dell, YUCK! I gotta go sanitize my hands.

I vomit every time I read the words Dell

CRAIG6671398d ago

It amazes me that people still buy Dell, overpriced rubbish, I challenge anybody to show me a Dell PC I cant build for two thirds of the price maximum...

I have family members who will only buy Dell and Apple products... wake up! It really annoys me, if you really dislike your hard earned money that much, give it to me instead, I will do something good with it.

nukeitall1398d ago

Dell for Enterprise is still among the best in terms of reliability and maintenance.

Open your eyes, not everyone has the time or care to build their computer. Some just want work done!

n4rc1398d ago

we used dell for all work stations at my last place.. had zero issues with them for the 2 years we had them (then i left).

they are well put together... and yeah we could buy the components and technically build them cheaper.. but whats your time worth?

building 100 workstations after sourcing the parts would have made them much more expensive..

MCTJim1398d ago (Edited 1398d ago )

As a couple of people commented below, there are 2 side of Dell. The homeowner side of dell and the business/enterprise. I cannot stand dealing with the homeowner side. As for the business or enterprise side...the customer service is fantastic and their products are top notch. Keep in mind that they are 2 different animals and workstations are not home computers for gaming and such.

SilentNegotiator1397d ago

I've never used Dell in an office environment, so I don't know about how reliable they are there, but I do know that their consumer-level computers are garbage.

PsylentKiller1397d ago

What happens when you type it? DELL. DELL. DELL. Lol. Jk.
How does Gateway make you feel?

Kleptic1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

My new office has nothing but Dell workstations, but with Asus guess is that has something to do with Asus's new product replacement guarantee where they promise an identical monitor X years away...even if that product is no longer offered (so you don't have misc different monitors after a couple fail...which always happens)...

so at least from my perspective...Dell still has it alright with business environments...though i totally agree, their consumer stuff is a bad joke...

Lenovo is also pretty popular, my old business had just replaced my floor with lenovo equipment before i got the offer for my current job...make sense, as they sort of absorbed part of IBM, right?...when i got out of college 6 years ago, i went through 5 different internships/co-ops, etc in like 10 months...and never once stepped in an IT office that was anything but IBM workstations...and cisco networking equipment...

no idea how it really works...i don't really follow the business side of it may be completely different...

H0RSE1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

They do make nice IPS monitors though, both for professional use and gaming.

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Gamer6661398d ago

I'm not sure this is the same thing... In the Dell page they are saying X1 can run and sync Win8 apps. Miracast is really just a projection technology (Projecting your PC thru an X1, onto the TV).

We will see.

Rockstar1398d ago

Yeah, I'm guessing it'll do more than Miracast because I can do that now on my TV without an XBone

Kryptonite42O1398d ago

thanks for the helpful info..
this would be the first time that Im glad my laptop runs windows 8

sickamore1398d ago

If this is true this is a big fail from MS since all there OS for PC where subject to vulnerability and hacks which means hackers will have a field day with the XONE.

General Pinky1398d ago

C'mon now... There is no vulnerability or hacks as you say on the Windows Store since Microsoft has full control on what apps go through.

And plz next time do some research on Windows 8 RT before you comment.


Shake_Zula1397d ago

@Pinky: Not necessarily... MS Store runs off of proxies that determine what region you are in. If you create a man in the middle, you'll still be obligated to download the prescribed apps, but it isn't hard to insert code to do whatever you want. MS's solution is likely to have everything run in a sandbox VM environment within the X1. Either way, it's using Hyper-V which is a big vulnerability. PS4 is also a hacker's delight being linux-based and all.

We'll see how it plays out.

Bigpappy1397d ago

Now Poor Dell is under attack.

The busies use M$ was referring to, was video conferencing, using Skype. It was not about running a business on Xbox.

The windows 8 app thing would be huge if true. They are touch friendly, so they should adapt to Kinect's gestures rather easily. I will wait and see what M$ does with this before going any further.

Ps4Console1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

I don't need apps I have them on my tablet device on my console I just want a games machine & maybe Netflix but that is it .