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Next Gen Launch Title Poll Results

Karam Elahi from SpawnFirst writes: "As always, once SpawnPolls are taken down and the choices tallied, we put some time into studying the results that we get from these polls. Once we get into the nitty gritty details, there’s always some surprising revelations that the poll unveils that oft times goes against the expected trends of the gaming community in general." (PS4, Xbox One)

Update All, please understand that the poll was started over a month ago. That's why Driveclub and Watchdogs are listed on there, and therefore had to be tabulated, regardless of their delays. Also, games that are not launch titles like Titanfall, Destiny, Mirrors Edge 2, etc were not considered because this is a LAUNCH title poll.

Lalanana  +   347d ago
Killzone: Shadow Fall (360/1917 – 19%): UNEXPECTED

Sounds about right.. Considering previous killzone never really sale well.

Then again many people are forced to preorder it now that watch dogs cancelled giving it a boost.
-Foxtrot  +   347d ago
Kind of wonder if GG are glad about the WatchDogs delay, means more chance of getting better sales.

Same goes for Knack to be honest
FamilyGuy  +   347d ago
Killzone and Watch_Dogs were neck-and-neck BEFORE people knew about the delay, Killzone will be the lead contender for next gen buyers now.

It really sucks Watch_Dogs had to be delayed, the anticipation for it was huge to say the least. I wonder where people will migrate now that it basically won't be out till, and that goes for DriveClub as well. I wonder which games will get a boost from these unfortunate delays.

Also, the article has a good point about Forza. We're seeing marketing for Ryse with its recent trailers and game images but MS haven't gone into overdrive on Forza yet. It's a little unusual.
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Ezz2013  +   347d ago
so, Killzone shadowfall not only beat all xbonx1 exclusives combined in pre-orders ...it also beat them all combined in polls as well ?!

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OpieWinston  +   347d ago
No one's buying Knack...

Killzone: Shadow Fall is going to get some nice traction and hopefully Guerilla fixes the game at launch. (Because we've all seen the flaws from demos)
Muerte2494  +   347d ago
Plz tell me you're joking?
Killzone 2 did around 3 million.

Killzone 3 put up 2.5 respectively.

Granted their not COD numbers it's still impressive none the less. If you read the article, it states that they asked gamers to chose their top 3 most anticipated game. Both Watch Dogs and Killzone garnished 19% each out of nearly 2,000 people polled. The reason why Killzone numbers are so impressive is because the director of Killzone2's multiplayer (absent from KZ3) is returning for Shadowfall. Killzone2 community is very excited by this and are returning home to roost.
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CRAIG667  +   347d ago
I still aint bought KZ3, I do want to play it but will admit I found KZ2 rather dull/generic.
JetP0619  +   347d ago
Lalanana doesnt know what he's saying. killzone 2 and 3 really did good, the fact that it's not cod and exclusive meaning not available to both consoles and still doing that well is something. Also he seems to be forgetting killzone shadowfall is dominating the pre-order numbers for software
Muffins1223  +   347d ago
halo 3 got around 12 million...its not impressive compared to what killzone is competing against.
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ABeastNamedTariq  +   347d ago

Also, WD isn't cancelled. It was delayed. Fact check next time.
wicked  +   347d ago
As it's about launch titles, it was cancelled from that list of games.
awesomeperson  +   347d ago
To be honest, I thought it would be an expected result.

It's the largest, most heavily pushed exclusive for the console which is currently much more popular. Not to mention it's a showpiece for what the system is capable of.

It's a no brainer that people would be excited for it.
ZHZ90  +   346d ago
I wonder the guy who made the poll, why he didn't put Knack in that list since it's launch title?

It's great my most anticipated laucnh titles(WD, KZ:SF and ACIV:BF) are doding great and maybe I'll purchase BF4.
It's great that KZ:SF has beaten X1 excluives combined, now no one can't deny that KZ:SF is a great title.
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karamsoul  +   346d ago
It is on that list under "other" games.
amnalehu  +   347d ago
I think a lot of xbox players have jumped ship.
NeoTribe  +   347d ago
A lot have. I was one of the few of my friends who wasn't an xbot. All but one switched to ps4. All online polls have favored ps4 drastically over x1. This will be a better gen for gaming witb sony as the lead console. Microsoft needs another 8 years to learn how to treat there customers.
Futilescape  +   347d ago
So the game that has arguably had the most attention levied at it; "Titanfall" is nowhere to be found in this article or it's statistics. Not really worth reading
cactusjack  +   347d ago
its in the other catagory.
Futilescape  +   347d ago
I guess, but even there it wasn't mentioned. At least not where I can immediately tell. Games like Battlefront, Mirror Edge 2 aren't even whispered in the other category as well. They are all EA games too now that I think about it... that's a scary thought...
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Lunarassassin  +   347d ago
Why would Titanfall be in there? It isn't a launch game.
Futilescape  +   347d ago
Neither is Watch Dogs or Driveclub. Again, it's a sloppy article and poll
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WarThunder  +   347d ago
The article is about "Launch Title Poll Results"

Titanfall is not a Launch Title.
karamsoul  +   346d ago
Titanfall is not a launch title. It releases in 2014
cactusjack  +   347d ago
killzone destroys the xbone exclusives.
CRAIG667  +   347d ago
It's all about Forza5 and Killer Instinct for me at launch.
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Silly gameAr  +   347d ago
Are certain people trying to hype certain launch games on a console that begins with X again? Better forget launch games and look toward the future. If history repeats itself this gen, launch games will be here and gone and we'll be looking toward the future games.

I already know I have nothing to worry about when it come to games with my choice. It's funny how people are trying to say otherwise though. Always gives me a good chuckle.
WarThunder  +   347d ago
Yea again just like last gen....
If you look at this year, PS3 has over 15 exclusive games while X360 had only 2....

I think i will be getting a PS4 next year! Infamous and the Order 1886 are impressive.
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mayberry  +   347d ago
Killzone 2/3 are BOSS! And they are some of the only games to output with true 7.1 digital audio. These are my "go to" shooters all day.
thejokern4g  +   347d ago
Hello all, I don't see why this always has to turn into PS4 vs XBone, multi format titles are on both consoles so it's pointless arguing about these.

The only definitive games to judge a consoles quality and longevity post release are the platform specific AAA titles. PS4 has three Killzone, Knack and Injustice and XBone has Ryse, Dead Rising 3, Zumba. Forza and Zoo Tycoon. I'll pick up a PS4 when Infamous comes out next year as there aren't enough games at launch to justify spending £400+ pounds.
DivineAssault  +   347d ago
Theres still so many games incoming & launching w PS4 that there wont be a drought.. Cant wait to open that box & smell, touch, & hear the PS4 for the 1st time.. I WILL NOT try the demo stations.. I wanna pop my cherry at home with my console.. CANT FN WAIT!!!
LetoAtreides82  +   347d ago
Yea i'm also going to try not to touch the demo kiosks.
LetoAtreides82  +   347d ago
Forza has always sold poorly so Forza 5 getting just 3% isn't suprising at all. Only Forza 3 managed to hit 5 million. Compare that to the Gran Turismo series which always hits over 10 million.
Goku781  +   346d ago
It's a catch 22 having a lot of games out for launch because one may completely outshine the others, but delaying provides time for better quality and better coverage over time instead of waiting half a year to a year for a quality game to come out.
LEOPARD1030  +   346d ago
Killzone and battlefield, first day :D
ZBlacktt  +   346d ago
Even before Watch Dogs was pulled, Just here in the US alone AC4BF passed it in pre orders. So not sure about this poll.
JediDiah  +   346d ago
If Halo was a launch title Killzone would have to run for cover!
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