Stupid Console Games you Should Play – Aliens: Colonial Marines

"Unfortunately for publisher Sega, nothing about this game is anything that could be remotely called good, and they were stuck squeezing this wet turd onto retail shelves in February 2013." - Brian Acebedo of Str N Gaming

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myrddincrow1643d ago

Randy Pitchford WTF?!?!?!

1643d ago
Baka-akaB1643d ago

Nah , i understand and can dig the concept , but there are too many games rangeing from just ok to great , to be wasting time on turds .

MizTv1643d ago

I played it
Almost got the platinum but the mp challenges sucked more than the game it's self

Godmars2901643d ago

Thinking like that is why "Friday" became such a "hit".

We need to stop feeding the trolls.

ifritAlkhemyst1643d ago

Alien is a half hour too long and showing its age? Jesus christ, it is exactly as long as it needs to be and is one of the most perfectly paced films ever.

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The story is too old to be commented.