Wind Waker and the Failing Wii U

Thomas Ferguson of Kaboomshark writes "Oh, Nintendo, what the hell happened to you? There is no doubt that Nintendo’s handheld market is doing well with the 3DS, its Wii U console on the other hand might as well be in a coma for all the good it is doing the company. In the first eleven months of being out the Wii U had only sold 3,667,904 units. The Wii on the other hand sold 13,479,686 units in its first eleven months. Do you know why there is such a big gap between the two? Nintendo has always sold its consoles based on their iconic series of games; Zelda, Mario, Smash Brothers, Metroid. Even though the Wii U had a larger launch lineup than the Wii, thanks largely to games that were out on other systems months before, it did not have that one game that everybody wanted to play."

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rjguess1678d ago

So sick of these "failing Wii U" articles!

4logpc1678d ago

I'm sick of anyone who can write a blog thinks they understand the gaming industry

a console that just had a 200% increase is far from failing.

If windwaker released and they saw no difference then sure, that's an issue, but Nintendo moved more consoles by releasing an hd remake of a game....far from failing.

Theyellowflash301678d ago

How the hell did a Wii U doom article get approved when sales have been going up?

Dunban671678d ago

Even with a 200% increase, sales are still VERY slow and far below Nintendo s own projections of 9 million Wii u s sold for their fiscal year ending end of March 2014 (that is 9 million for the fiscal year only not total from launch)

So before you start knocking someone who can look behind a headline you may want to slow down a bit- Saying The wii U is doing well now because sales are up is like saying a guy running a race is doing great because he moved up from 20th place to 19th place in a 20 man race when the 18th placed guy just crossed the finish line- The wii U needs to sell a few million consoles this holiday - think they will do it?

4logpc1678d ago

If the consoles life span was to be 2 years I'd agree, but this is a 6-8 years cycle...they are far from doomed.

no need to be so aggressive.

Theyellowflash301678d ago

The sales will pick this holiday. Wind Waker is just a start.

If you count Europe, America, and Japan. Heck yeah Wii u is going to sell a few million. The PS4 and Xbox One don't launch in Japan next year.

Nintendo has Japan to itself this holiday season.

BosSSyndrome1678d ago

Except the finish line is like 6 years away.

AKR1678d ago

Nintendo caught lightning in a bottle with the Wii. What sold the Wii more; Mario Galaxy or Wii Sports? Twilight Princess or Wii Fit?

The "casual crowd" was fascinated by this new "toy" (that's basically all it was to most people) - and so they bought it and played it for a while. The Wii was a fad, a fad which slowly descended after a while.

Now most of that casual crowd has migrated to their smartphones and tablets to play other fads like Angry Birds, Temple Run and Candy Crush.

Don't get me wrong ~ I love the Wii. It was my first console and it's brought me countless hours of fun across a multitude of titles - so I'm not dissing it at all. What I am saying is that most of those millions of sales are from parents who bought a system for their little kids to play "Wii Party" and "Just Dance", moms who wanted to 'get fit' with "Wii Fit", and for those who wanted a really cheap Netflix/Hulu Plus player. That's most of the Wii's owners right there.

Wii U - while still sharing the casual multiplayer fun attributes of the Wii - is still being pushed towards the more "hardcore" ~ or "true gamer" ~ kind of players. This is N's first HD console, so it took a little while to get a feel for the new tech. Now they've seemed to get a grasp, at the fact they've been releasing a major title from since JUNE - and will continue to do so until the end of this year, and flowing into next year.

Wind Waker and Pikmin 3 both perked up sales. That shows that all the systems need is the big-name IPs. Wait until Mario, DK, Smash and MK8 land on the system; those perks will turn into waves.

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