Battlefield 4: Don’t alienate fans by “adding crazy features, crazy changes,” says DICE

Battlefield 4 lands on PC and current-gen consoles week after next, and what better time than now for VG247′s Sam Clay to have a chat with executive producer Patrick Bach regarding the game’s development.

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pedrof931610d ago

More Graphics
More Physics
More vehicles
More weapons
More bugs...errrr


Can't wait to play this on PS4, day one !

papashango1609d ago

yet they sell season passes which is probably the single most contributing factor when it comes to alienating fans.

M-M1610d ago

"Don’t alienate fans by adding crazy features, crazy changes". That's the problem this generation, developers are too scared to stray too far away from their original game formula because it could hurt sales. You have to to realize that there are ways to change a game without ruining it.

Feralkitsune1609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

It's not being scared, it's being smart. Make a ton of changes and you end up with DMC. If people buy Battlefield, it means they obviously like what the game is; no reason to change that to something totally different and ruin the game for the people who already enjoy it.

Actually, that's what ruined Spinter Cell: Conviction. They tried to "innovate" and ruined the core experience.

STK0261609d ago

I'd say it's smart for developers to not change the basic formula of their successful games just for the sake of change. There's a reason Call of Duty and Battlefield sell so much, and believe it or not, it's not 100% marketing. People, plenty of them, actually enjoy these games the way they are; if these games were to dramatically change, they would risk losing their fans; and unlike what some seem to believe, if you take away CoD from the CoD crowd, it doesn't mean they will go and buy something else like Beyond Two Souls or ICO, there's a huge chance they will simply stop gaming for a while.

If you strike gold, it's only natural for a developer to stick with it. Of course, change can be a good thing, but this generation, many franchises have changed, and for the most part, it wasn't for the best.

If we're going to play the blame game for the lack of innovation in the game industry today, I blame the copycats. Infinity Wards and Treyarch have one of the most successful game franchise of all time, so of course they won't make drastic changes to the series until it's completely necessary. However, other studios who have, over the last generation, tried to emulate Call of Duty are responsible for the stalling of the game industry. Rather than coming up with their own ideas, they simply tried to cash in on the success of another studio's success.

DonkeyWalrus1609d ago

You're right just look at Halo. All the changes 343 made by adding features similar to Call of Duty have done nothing but drive fans away. Right now there are more people playing Halo 3 than Halo 4 since it became free a few days ago.

WhyHate1609d ago

I can't wait to try the new features that they have added. With head tracking and a motion controlled cover system it could be really cool and all signs say it should be, and If not then turn it off in the options.

tricky_one921609d ago

Finally a game dev other than activision understands....

fsfsxii1609d ago

ofcourse they understand, thats why they implent DLCs.

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1609d ago

In other words...

Battlefield 3.5

clmstr1609d ago

Old joke. And not true, by the way.

famoussasjohn1609d ago

Considering there was a beta, you'd notice that it's definitely not 3.5. Way to waste your one bubble on being ignorant.

shimme011608d ago

Its a whole new single player from the ground up, and the improvements to multiplayer (many water changes, levolution, third faction, commander, spectator, new modes, etc) warrant the full version 4 100%.

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