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Submitted by eezo 839d ago | news

Battlefield 4 Won't Use Xbox One's Compute Cloud Servers From Day One confirms DICE

Battlefield 4 on Xbox One won't make use of Microsoft's Xbox Live Compute, a cloud-powered service that offers developers dedicated servers and the ability to offload various computations to the cloud to beef up performance, as per the details revealed by Executive Producer for Battlefield Serie, Patrick Bach. (Battlefield 4, Xbox One)

Lalanana  +   839d ago | Well said
. Also, we're not Xbox One exclusive, so we needed a solution that would work on all platforms. We're on five platforms, so we need something that's Battlefield, not Xbox One."

Sounds to me other platforms are holding back Battlefield from its potential with the cloud day one from what they are saying.
Wizziokid  +   839d ago
Or they are coming up with a polite way to say they didn't want to use it?

Could be anything really. We have no idea.
Freedomland  +   839d ago

Holding back really, if this is the case why doesn't Microsoft show us this cloud computing with Forza, Ryse and Dead rising.
They can show us the difference with two different video footage.
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Gozer  +   839d ago
They are showing us how the cloud in Forza 5 and Titanfall is being utilized. Its for the Drivatar a.i. system in Forza 5, and the grunt a.i.(npcs) in Titanfall.
Freedomland  +   839d ago

Suppose, what they are talking is true, still what about asset loading because it depends upon internet connection speed, because of late response even the best player can lose with slow connection, don't you think it's practical approach towards global gaming. It's unreliable with present infrastructure.
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JokesOnYou  +   839d ago
Freedomland, Wrong for example Forza5 is designed so that when you are offline you are playing with static AI that is simulating human behavior opponents from the last time you were connected/downloaded from the cloud. The games will look and play just as they normally always have, however when connected they change certain aspects like AI and environments through cloud computing, which keeps the gameplay fresh for a lot longer than it would otherwise.

BF4 could do the same but I completely understand exactly what he means which is its very hard to plan and develop a game like BF4 for 5 different platforms 2 of which haven't even launched yet AND try to anticipate how to take advantage of X1 cloud computing so it just makes more sense to dev with unified online goals.
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black0o  +   839d ago
@gozer drivatar is more like a save file u can DL it and go off-line and it will still work fine

and what's happening in titanfal is the same task MMO server does .. the original xbox did that exact thing with FF11

and on the technicality latency and bandwidth has the final words
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Aceman18  +   839d ago
I have a question since everyone is making such a big deal about cloud this, cloud that why can't forza use this damn cloud to do dynamic weather and day/night cycles?

And please I don't want to hear some nonsense about its not good to race in changing weather and day/night cycle as I'm watching live American Le Mans at Road Atlanta where cars are whipping around the track doing close to 200mph at night.
Bigpappy  +   839d ago
@JokesOnYou: They also just send instructions for the AI, which is a very small file. Nothing graphical.

But I could understand not wanting to use the extra resources to customize the game to Xone, this late in development. I will use some Kinect features though.
heliumhead2030  +   839d ago
No it can't mean anything but they left it out to keep parity Between 5 different versions
nukeitall  +   838d ago
It's pretty simple really, EA wants to control all their servers and it makes it easy to manage all their infrastructure from one place across all platforms.

MS Cloud initiative for Xbox One helps studios that either don't have the resources to build and manage their cloud servers and those that want to save cost i.e. CoD on Xbox One is dedicated servers all the way, but CoD on other platforms are listening server, which is P2P!!!

Example is management doesn't want to pay for servers, well MS comes to the rescue on Xbox One.

Studio doesn't have skill, well MS to the rescue with tools built for developers, documentation and support.

Studio doesn't have time, well MS makes it easy with relatively easy to use tools that have studios need in mind.
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Gozer  +   839d ago
Nah, its well known that EA uses their own servers. Otherwise they wouldn't be able to charge users to rent servers. There is nothing going to be lost on BF4 X1 because they aren't using the MS cloud.
Deadpoolio  +   839d ago
@BallsEye NO THE DAMN CLOUD IS NOT GOING TO IMPROVE VISUALS.....Azure is NOT DESIGNED to have any function with the GPU...You damn Xbots need to get that through your head....They ONLY company working on a cloud service that can improve visuals at the moment is Nvidia....Microsoft designed Azure to function with the CPU outside of improving A.I. It will have again NO impact on graphics or visuals
Bigpappy  +   839d ago
They said they will not use the "Compute Cloud Servers". Those are the ones used to handle game instructions away from the console. This does not have anything to do with dedicated servers which would be stupid of EA not to use.
Loki86  +   838d ago
Dead you are completely wrong, our company supplies cloud computing so startup companies don't have to buy blade servers to run their GPU intense applications. We can offload all complex calculations to our servers, make the discrete changes and send it back while only generating a difference of 45ms both ways.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   839d ago
They have their own server farms, and like to do things server side themselves.
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Kingthrash360  +   839d ago
exactly...but here come the x1 fannies to blame other systems for "holding bf back" smh
BallsEye  +   839d ago
It's about cloud computing to offload stuff and improve visuals etc, not about dedicated servers. EA servers wouldn't do that for other platforms and other platforms are not built for it. Any idea why in XBOX ONE the ETHERNET is connected directly to main SoC where GPU and CPU is instead of south bridge?

XO is built for cloud computing and tiled resources from ground up.
Kayant  +   839d ago

Oh I see you have been reading mistermedia's blog lately :p.... Let me add they also did it to offload local calculation from devices connected to XB1 to the cloud as well right... right???

Oh and the fact DX11.2+/OpenGL 4.4 feature sets like *tiled resources* are supported in the PS4's API doesn't matter right....
porkChop  +   839d ago
EA doesn't need Microsoft's servers because EA has always maintained their own servers which are much better than the ones Microsoft provides. The game isn't being held back at all, the game still uses dedicated servers, just not the Microsoft ones.
DOMination-  +   839d ago
Did you really just claim EA has better servers than MS?
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Gozer  +   839d ago
How the hell would you know if EA servers are better than MS servers? MS servers are currently used to run the Live service not gaming. Just judging from that Live is a top of the line service, way better than EAs spotty servers EA has. But we are going to see how well Live servers are for gaming, because every next-gen title for X1 will have dedicated servers.

I think you are just trolling to be honest.
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Loki86  +   838d ago
Because MS just passed Amazon for the most servers dedicated to the cloud.
onyoursistersback  +   839d ago
i hate the fact that your XboxOne, can only reach its full potential/power depending on your internet connection?!?

In my eyes, its a great way for Microsoft/Xbox to cover its a$$ with just telling you/user.

"That your internet is not up to par with there services"
IcicleTrepan  +   839d ago
all recent consoles can only reach their full potential by being connected to the Internet.
mhunterjr  +   839d ago
There hasn't been a system since the ps1/n64 era that wasn't better with the Internet.
onyoursistersback  +   839d ago
I don't think I explain my self clearly, I'm talking about Hardware's potential/power.

Not its online apps/services.
Deadpoolio  +   839d ago
Xbots are too stupid to realize and Microsoft is too worried about sales to tell people that da powa of da cloud is only as strong as da user's internet...Cause they know alot of people have garbage trash internet and it will have NO effect for those people
Bigpappy  +   839d ago
Ryse is not running on cloud servers and is the best looking game on console. M$ point about the cloud, is that if you had off some of the workload to the cloud, they will be more local power freed up for even more stunning looking games than Ryse.
ballsohard2013  +   838d ago
understandable.. but lets be honest. Who in the 2013/2014 doesnt have a internet connection or cant afford to have one.

We are getting to the meat and potatoes of gaming and potential. Everything is connected to simplify life and tasks in general.

Ps3 and 360 has decent graphics and gameplay. Stay on current gen then. Let the big kids play and have fun. Unleash the power baby. If im going to be able to have massive battles and wars with like 300 players on Socom or Play division with the entire multiplayer map based on NYC with the use of Cloud on Ps4 and X1 cloud compute... I'm all for it.

Whatever continues to make the gaming world take steps forward. Im for it. Gaming should have no limits
BallsEye  +   839d ago
So now the other systems are holding XO version back? And that comes from an official. Well that's interesting.
PSnation4  +   839d ago
just like xbox one specs are holding back the ps4 version to its max potential..

im glad need for speed rivals will use the ps4 full potential instead of just settling in between because of the limitation of the xbox one..
3-4-5  +   839d ago
@lalanana - Or.................

Cloud is a problem and would make the experience less efficient and add even greater unneeded risk.
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justafan   839d ago | Spam
Niv  +   839d ago
solidworm  +   839d ago
Lol that cloud aka this gens cell.
cyhm3112  +   839d ago
you are insulting cell, cell is actually powerful, where cloud is just some cheap marketing stunts.
gamertk421  +   839d ago
Brought to you by the Soerny Ostrich Army.
mhunterjr  +   839d ago
It would be silly for xbox fans to complain about this, just like its silly for ps fans to complain about multiplats not getting the most out of ps4 hardware. Multiplatform developers have to cater to too many people to be worried about focusing on the intricacies of specific platforms... Unless they get an economic incentive.
Dynasty2021  +   839d ago
I highly doubt the cloud system works anyway.

Because if it did work, it would exist already for PC. ie the ONE place the cloud could be put to best use, what with varying hardware.
theWB27  +   839d ago
It does work for PC
It's known Azure is ssecond to Google in size...we know devs such as Respawn and Turn10 are using it...but it doesn't work. Yeah..there ya go -_-
staticdash22  +   839d ago
So the cloud is this gen's "cell" ?

corvusmd  +   839d ago
Except it works, and isn't hard to program for, and isn't necessary for the game to work.
PSnation4  +   839d ago
how do u know it works.. all the cloud is right now is server base gaming..
Dynasty2021  +   839d ago
"It works".

Proof? Nope, it doesn't work.
staticdash22  +   839d ago
Have we seen the clouds immediate benefits?

No, then don't say that it works, or its some kind of flawless game changing feature. No, I don't want to hear what some developer told me, I will wait until I notice the effects. Otherwise it's just like ppl said about the cell, it's all talk.
corvusmd  +   839d ago looks as good as the PS4 version without cloud computing? Interesting. I think everyone knew however that cloud computing wouldn't be used on this launch game.

Funny how when there is bad news about PS4...little to no XBox fanboys troll it....yet when neutral news about the XB1 is released...Sony Trolls come crawling out from under their brige like crazy....insecure much??
#7 (Edited 839d ago ) | Agree(18) | Disagree(18) | Report | Reply
Dynasty2021  +   839d ago
It's almost like it's karma for the "PS3 haz no gamez" bullshit the Xbox fanboys created.
jessupj  +   839d ago
You obviously stick your head in the sand to all the xbots that troll sony articles.

Just because the PS4 is rightly a lot more popular coming into next gen, doesn't mean everyone that prefers a PS4 is automatically a trolling fanboy.

Funny how so many MS apologists play the victim card. It's getting very old. Please desist.
christocolus  +   838d ago

this feature is a great one and will definity improve xbx one games..fanboys can hate all they want but xbx live compute is here to stay..the guy at dice said not from day one so i guess eventually they will find a way out...its so cool how the xbx one has been getting so much positive buzz of just seems to have confirmed that windows 8 apps will indeed run on the xbx one..
Infamous298  +   838d ago
"Sony Trolls come crawling out from under their brige like crazy....insecure much?? "

Hahaha, i remember when microsoft announced that there will DRM on the xbone and you the xbots where no where to be found LOL, you are the insecure here, judging by your comments history, you are the one who come to troll PS4 articles, people forget that n4g was infested with xbots when ps3 and 360 released, xbots were trolling every ps3 articles, but when the roles reserved, you xbots claim that you are innocent etc., seriously, the xbots are worst kind of fanboy breed, delusional and stupid.
WhyHate  +   839d ago
On topic:

Sounds like he's saying there will be a switch to XBL cloud compute in the future.

"Not from day one."

So then when?
Neixus  +   839d ago
not to sound like a hater or anything, i'm completely passive, but i don't see why BF4 on xbone should use the azure / cloud servers as it doesn't benefit from it. Battlefield on consoles already uses dedicated servers, just like PC.
If you're wondering, that's why you see rules and stuff in loading screen. People can rent servers.
WhyHate  +   839d ago
EA seems to think there are benefits to using Azure. I can't want to see how gaming changes as a result.
Legacy212  +   839d ago
Thats a confusing statement "not from day one" im assuming they are going to maybe implement it later? With maybe a patch or some
r2oB  +   839d ago
Are Xbox One Launch exclusives even using cloud compute? If so, what kind of benefits does it bring if Ryse and Dead Rising 3 are both running at 720p at 30fps, andForza 5 is running at 1080p at 60fps but with little technical demand?

It's funny that some of the people here are implying the PS4 is holding the Xbox One back when Xbox One exclusives aren't even using cloud computing (unless they are, and the benefits are trivial).
gamertk421  +   839d ago
Just wait for the second wave of games. Halo 5 will be the legitimate titties, I guarantee it.
Legacy212  +   837d ago
Umm what? Ryse isnt running at 720 p and dead rising resolution hasnt been announced. Try harder next time buddy
r2oB  +   834d ago
Ok, 900p/30fps. The point is, if Xbox One launch exclusives are using cloud computing, it's not helping much (if at all). If they are not, then why expect multiplatform developers to utilize cloud compute?
RiPPn  +   839d ago
Why would any multiplat developer use this? They have to program a game to use the Compute Cloud servers, then program the game a different way to use Sony's offering, then a different way to use rented servers for their PC port.

Unless Microsoft allows the 3rd party to use the servers across multiple platforms, which I doubt they will, then it seems much more efficient for the developer to go with anything but Compute Cloud.

That said it should be a benefit for exclusive games, but I wonder how many of those there will be that aren't first/second party.
#11 (Edited 839d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Pinkdolphinyfg  +   839d ago
Your speaking as if your an expert on how game development works when really you probably dont know shit.
RiPPn  +   839d ago
You speak as though you're an expert on what I'm an expert on when really you don't know shit.
#11.1.1 (Edited 839d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report
Pinkdolphinyfg  +   839d ago
Ps4 holding back online gaming or else sony fanboys would scream for feature parity which is sonys fault really.
Dlacy13g  +   839d ago
Anyone who thought BF4 would be on anything other than EA / Origins servers either has no clue or is delusional. EA has always had their online server based games on their own hardware. It was one of the big stumbling blocks of getting Madden on Xbox back in the day as MS didn't want to allow it but finally caved in.
christocolus  +   839d ago
well he says not from day one so im assuming later on they will find a solution to implement it on the xbx one ..forza5 and titanfall are using it already and it sounds interesting i sure hope most xbx one games adopt it....halo5, sunset overdrive , fable legends and kinect sports are rumored to use it in some way....even ubisoft has talked about the possibilities too pretty certain that xbx live compute is here to stay..
KNWS  +   839d ago
Can avail of dedicated servers and they so no? Are they dumb or what. Have players got a say in this at all? I doubt many players what to continue playing player hosted games this gen. EA it doesn't matter if Battlefield 4 is a exclusive title or not. What the hell is he on about. Its about improving the experience for players who'll buy Battlefield on XB1!
Mrveryodd  +   839d ago
My Internet speed is 20 times faster than it was 5 years ago . I still use the same service provider. The cloud may not be able to do all these wonderful things at the moment , but Internet speeds will not remain at the speeds that they are today.
cyclindk  +   839d ago
Most of the potential with cloud computational assistance will be with massive persistent world games that are designed to continue "living" even when you are not active in them. Has great potential in that regard, but obviously has limited use in purely "in the moment" action games.
Mrveryodd  +   839d ago
Both consoles are going to rock
#18 (Edited 839d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
NeoTribe  +   838d ago
Even with google fiber obtic, there's not enough bandwith to transfer data from the xone to the hub 100s of miles away in time to make graphical enhancments. Cant wait for this nonsense to come to a close soon.
beerzombie  +   838d ago
Xbots are too stupid? I don't think so, the internet is getting faster all the time. I think in 5 years we may be using cloud computing to enhance games.
RegorL  +   838d ago
Only reason for EA to go with the cloud - if it wont cost them a dime and they can replace some of their own game servers.

But it will cost, the cloud is supposed to have soft edges - you connect to the cloud not to a specific server. This instances self organize to get your match the best possible performance - good luck...

Without cloud: Everyone connection directly to a specific server.

With cloud: Internal additional (highspeed) IP messages required to make the multiple server cloud system look like one server.

In best case the cloud could solve intercontinental gaming, in worst case it adds latency for all...
JuniorCE  +   838d ago
What is sad is that fanboys don't search to understand how the cloud "works" on Xbone... Honestly, it should've been called THE ILLUSION OF THE CLOUD... and nothing more...
KingDadXVI  +   836d ago
People don't seem to understand that the Azure servers are not just P2P servers, they also provide compute services. For those that seem to think that because some people have slower connections than other that the dedicated servers won't help you are wrong.

First off when you go online to play on Xbox Live and the game is using Microsoft's Cloud these servers will connect you to a MS local server farm in you region decreasing connection issues, secondly it will rank each players connection speed and ping time so that players are matched to other players with the same connection quality so that no one has a connection advantage. On top of that Microsoft's Cloud via Xbox Live will provide compute for A.I., Physics, persistent worlds (i.e. when I go online and change something in a world today you can go online tomorrow and you will see that change I made), and many other things that have not even been thought up yet. This offloading of compute allows developers to focus on better gaming and graphics being computed on the console itself.

So unless you are still on dial-up or using satellite internet you will benefit from developers using the Cloud.

This is early days for the consoles yet so don't expect everyone to be using these services right away. The developers need time to program for this service and when you are developing a game like BF4 under a deadline for 5 different platforms it is understandable that they did not use this service this time around.
KingDadXVI  +   836d ago
@Neo Tribe You do not seem to understand that the compute that is being done on the cloud is not latency sensitive. By performing non latency sensitive compute like A.I. and physics calculations on the Azure servers you don't have to perform those same calculations on the console. This means more graphics rendering can be done on the console.

No one has claimed that the are doing the graphics calculations on the cloud.
KingDadXVI  +   836d ago
@Regorl You are wrong. You are assigned to a regional server facility reducing latency not increasing it. In addition every Azure server facility has their own dedicated bandwidth that cannot be throttled or capped.

If you have an issue with throttling or being capped that it due to your ISP contract and will affect you regardless of whether you are using the Cloud or on a PS4. If that is the case then you need to switch your ISP.

I have two choices in my area on is cable which is provides 250 Mbit download and upload but has a download cap and I can get 175 Mbit down with 30 Mbit up with no cap through my phone company. I have great choices for speed but tend to download a lot more that the cap the cable provider places on their set up so I go with the phone company.

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