The PS3 Pulls a Combo-Breaker on Xbox 360 Sales

Angie Santiago of SpawnFirst reports: "In September, PlayStation 3 took over the top spot in console sales; a spot that the Xbox 360 has had a strong hold on since January 2011. Their 32 month winning streak was broken due to the Grand Theft Auto V console bundle that released alongside the game according to NPD analyst Liam Callahan. The popularity of GTA V helped to boost the sales way up the charts into the number one spot for the month of September."

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Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1646d ago

Good...Should have happened way sooner great month for Sony worldwide i reckon.

CocoWolfie1646d ago

next month too hopefully, we'll see ay :')

xHeavYx1646d ago

Total domination started earlier than I thought

Mad Aizen1646d ago

Yeah greatness waited long enough. Good to see the PS3 finally prevail through all of the FUD.

1646d ago
dale_denton1646d ago


& how long will it take 360 to overcome worldwide sales?

Lalanana1646d ago

lol the current gen is over in a month and now ps3 breaks it lol..

damn. better late than never i guess.

kayoss1646d ago

Remember what Sony said? "It's not a race but a marathon". I think Sony won the marathon. It's not how you start it's how you finish that matters.

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Bigpappy1646d ago

Wow! where's the party at.

ShinMaster1646d ago

Hmm... maybe not that many people like beating a dead horse? The party may have already happened when the PS3 outsold it worldwide a while back.

Bigpappy1646d ago

I just don't get the big celebration. Why at this point you even care which last gen console is getting more sales. It already set in stone how and where these consoles are and will be supported. Having a better month in N.A does nothing to change gaming for anyone of us on this site or anywhere else for that matter.

Chug1646d ago

Oh, so now it doesn't matter all of the sudden. How convenient for you.

Boody-Bandit1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

A generation of gaming isn't over until games stop being made for the hardware. Sony will support the PS3 for years to come and who knows how many more millions of units they will Sony sells another 50 million units over the remainder of it's life cycle.

Sony has a proven track record and providing their consumers with games as long as there is a demand for them.

I think it's a pretty impressive track record over all. We honestly don't know how many units they will hit in the PS3's lifetime but clearly we know they wont be in last place. That place is already taken.

ShinMaster1646d ago

There is no big celebration. We just went over that. I said that if there was any celebrating, it was done a while back when PS3 outsold 360 worldwide.

I know you didn't care about sales then either.

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dale_denton1646d ago


and how long will it take 360 to overcome worldwide sales?

1646d ago
Software_Lover1646d ago

Like I said before....... GTA is a console seller.

drsfinest721646d ago

What's more amazing was how long 360 dominated

Ketzicorn1646d ago

I'm more amazed that 360 could stay that close to PS3 in worldwide sales with only the US and UK as its major selling grounds.

1OddWorld1646d ago

365 Days or 12 months of sells with no competition will give you that kind of lead. Also being at the right price helps a lot.

Dominated is really inaccurate btw.

Sitdown1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

Only Microsoft's 2nd console entering an arena dominated by Sony and the legendary ps2... and let's not forget how it has no great exclusives, no decent 1st party studio or games in general.

Now this is the part where you claim sales were due to RROD.

GrandpaSnake1646d ago

@sitdown yo microsoft invested a lot...LOT OF MONEY into the xbox, even if its a market dominated by sony at the time, microsoft came with bulging pockets and to this day, empty promises to some.

rainslacker1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

Why do some of you people keep trying to insinuate that MS is some kind of underdog in the market? Only their second console. Original Xbox, 26 million not bad for their first console, poor poor MS had to go up against Sony and Nintendo.

Did no one see the marketing blitz that MS has thrown at the Xbox since the 360. They are far from an underdog in anything they do. They have a lot of smart people working for them. They know how to make and market a product. Their only shortcoming is they sometimes miss the mark on what it is people want.

The Sony fan boy in me wants to say that Sony was an underdog as well with the PS1. They had to go up against Nintendo and Sega while they were both riding high. The PS1 blew the competition out of the water, all while Sony was a fledgling newcomer.

When put in this context, you see how idiotic it sounds to say that these big companies have to fight for every scrap they get? Underdog, yeah whatever.

Sitdown1646d ago

So you think Microsoft should release a portable gaming devices? And they are also thriving with their surface tablet too high? Haha... if Microsoft was not an underdog, would they have needed to do a marketing blitz? Come on now, you contradict yourself in your own statement. Perhaps you don't understand the meaning of underdog..

rainslacker1645d ago

Underdog implies that MS had little hope of success. I'm sorry, but after 13 years, and 2 console generations, one being quite successful, you don't really get to call yourself an underdog anymore. MS has deep pockets, and having that much money automatically precludes you from being an underdog.

I could see it during their first generation, but not in the 2nd where their deep pockets made it possible to overcome any disadvantage they may have had.

MS is the same company that spent $500 million advertising Kinect. A peripheral for the console. Tell me in what fantasy world an underdog would be able to do such a thing.

Did you know that not many people thought the first xbox would do so poorly? At the time of it's release, in the general media, MS original Xbox was actually considered an excellent machine. It was said they had some tough competition with Sony riding high, but I don't recall any media outlet of merit saying they were not going to be able to succeed. In fact, the first Xbox probably would have done a lot better if MS hadn't been forced to remove it from the market so soon. It was actually beginning to hit it's stride when MS discontinued it.

And no, I don't think they should release a portable gaming device. What does that have to do with anything in my comment.

And surface tablet? That's not an underdog situation. That's MS being late to the party with an expensive tablet in markets dominated by 2 other companies with an avid fan base. That was poor judgement on MS part because they disregarded the trends of that market for too long so they have no mind share when the options are much better known. Their solution to it doesn't fit anywhere, so it's a matter of MS just not really understanding the market. Otherwise, I quite like the surface tablets, and wouldn't mind having one, but not at the price they come in at.

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TIER1xWOLFPACKx1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

It beating the Xbox sales in USA stopping it's 32month record but been beating Xbox sales worldwide for years

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