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Submitted by paleselan 845d ago | opinion piece

The Score: Should There Be Voice Acting in Future Zelda Games?

"In addition, we ask for your thoughts on voice acting in a Zelda game. Should everyone talk? Should everyone except Link talk? Should nobody talk?" -- Nintendo Enthusiast. (3DS, The Legend of Zelda, Wii U)

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jc48573  +   846d ago
really depends. Maybe they should release a trailer with voice acting and see how the audience responds? This means more money, though.
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-Foxtrot  +   846d ago
I think people would start to accept it then, but they need to have really good voice actors, not cheesy English ones.

I think they have to to be honest, it's the only way to push Zelda forward and push Zeldas and Links relationship further.

Who says they have to speak a ton, what about if they combine English with the odd Hyrulian word here and there to make it out that they are speaking their language but to us where hearing them in English.
link2Dpast  +   845d ago
Damnn fine idea. Let them talk hyrulian and we read subtitles. I remember in lord of the rings they had the language that the elves spoke I thought that wss pretty good. The Legend of Zelda is a cultural phenomenon so why not let it show more of the culture.
TheMzingGamer  +   845d ago
Why the dislikes, you have a good point. The reason voice acting wasn't taken too well with other Nintendo titles is because the voice actors sucked. I guess if we got a team, it could work well. Just as long as Link stays silent, all is well.
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nosferatuzodd  +   845d ago
i don't want it to happened it wouldn't be Zelda if
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zeal0us  +   846d ago
Honestly at this point in time it would seem weird to add a voice to Links.

If they do some to most hardcore Zelda fans probably won't like it.
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j-blaze  +   846d ago
yes please! voice acting and a more mature story
KonsoruMasuta  +   845d ago
What do you want? Blood, gore, and swearing?

Zelda is made for all ages. Even then, it already has some mature parts.

Like in Majora's mask when Cremia accepted their fates and allowed Romani to drink Chateau Romani even though Cremia said it was only for grown ups. She even acknowledges her sister as a grown up, knowing that they probably didn't have long to live.
j-blaze  +   845d ago
blood and gore? why freaking not
but not just that, they need to stay away from the cartoonish design of the world and character, they need to hire designers like Kimihiko Fujisaka, plus fully voiced characters including link and the game should be M rated too!
link2Dpast  +   845d ago
I think people loose sense on what zelda represents. Its fantasy, there child like elements and adult, a balance formula if everything goes ape shit and there Gore and blood, then it looses its charm becomes like other games. Nintendo has always been the Disney of video games and even show admiration for them. Why because they have a formula that works and Nintendo does the same. And people call it repetition and in the real world Disney and Nintendo are still here so they must be doing something right. Disney owns basically all the world and if not for Nintendo video games would of went like the arcades. Any real gamer knows that's the truth.
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DarkBlood  +   846d ago
Im 50/50 on that but it seems really risky among the fans who may be totally against it.
izumo_lee  +   846d ago
They could always leave Link as the 'silent' protagonist while everyone else be voiced. Or they could just hire Troy Baker to come up with a voice for Link since he is in everything nowadays.

Still it will be a touchy subject whether to add voices to a Zelda game after all these years.
isarai  +   845d ago
NO, the risks far outweigh the reward, not worth it
brewin  +   845d ago
Why not just put them in but allow you to turn them off. Its not like they have to shoehorn it in and force it on you. Its time for this to change though as its one more thing that can make Zelda even more epic.
isarai  +   845d ago
optional would be a great solution, but i really just don't want to see another massive cluster fuck about a game that changed in a way that rubbed a lot of people the wrong way
herbs  +   845d ago
brewin  +   845d ago
I think its about time they add some. They've done the little grunts and stuff, but y not just go all the way? Its the one Zelda convention they should change. I don't get what the worry is., but you can't please everyone so some will be disappointed regardless. For those people, make them optional. How hard can it be? There's a lot of quality voice actors out there. Its high time they add it.
Misaka_x_Touma  +   845d ago
if it like Metroid Prime 3 VA then yes but only the main, minor and supporting characters should and keep Link silent either way.

Personally I don't care.
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imXify  +   845d ago
For Link, HELL NO.

For other characters, I say yes. An Hyrule town with nobody speaking is a lifeless Hyrule town. And this could be a next gen factor. Not only about graphics but to bring life to your world !
chrispseuphoria  +   845d ago
I'd say have voice acting for everyone except Link. Have it done like Dragon Quest VIII for example.
RAFFwaff  +   845d ago
adding voicing wont make zelda any more 'hardcore' for the idiots anyway. For those that are true fans, as long as they keep innovating the formula and experimenting graphic-wise, its not a problem. On a side note, remember Sonic was everyones favourite hedgehog and then they gave him a whiny teen voice. Now hes just a dick.....
clouds5  +   845d ago
Link has always been the silent hero. But everyone else could have voice acting imho. From what I've heard so far the next Zelda will be very different from what we're used to anyway. So this is the perfect opportunity :)

But they should be very careful about it. You can kill certain characters if you display them in a completely different way than fans imagine them (Metroid Other M anyone? ....)
Lord_Sloth  +   845d ago
I don't see any issue with it. There's written dialogue in the game anyways. No harm in having audio with it. If ya don't like it, turn the voice option all the way down and read the subtitles for a classic Zelda Experience.

As for Link speaking, he's been speaking in the Manga this whole time and nobody's complained.
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FlyingFoxy  +   845d ago
Well, if Half Life gets a film, they will have to make the mute Gordon finally talk. Then he would have to talk in his games.

With Zelda, i think they should add voice acting as long as they can get the right actor to do it. I think people are maybe only put off because of the terrible CDI Zelda games.

Look at GTA 3, my least favorite of the GTA's, every character except the main one could speak.. which was a bit weird, but every game after had voice acting for the player.
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Ac7iVe  +   845d ago
Do it like metroid prime 3 everyone talks but samus
young7yang  +   845d ago
No! The age old skill of reading is important. It not only allows the player to imagine themselves as link but it gives them the ability to picture links voice the way they want it. I miss RPGs of old in the sense that reading use to be such an essential role..
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TheDivine  +   845d ago
Sure but never for Link because he is the player or you are him to be more precise. I think that would keep it classic but modern also. I am a huge fan of voice acting but in a made up language with subtitles. That really fits and adds to the atmosphere IMO. I'd rather have that.
thepatientgamer  +   845d ago
Voice acting for everyone except link.

Problem solved
XishikiX  +   845d ago
I love skyward sword.
Link is a Silent Protagonist and should stay that way.

However, in skyward sword there is pretty much already VA's they just grunt and make noises instead of talk.

Adding good VA will not make this worse imo.
Brazz  +   845d ago
sure, whit all character, aside from link, ofcurse...
Jagsrock  +   845d ago
no no no no no .
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KillrateOmega  +   845d ago
I...actually don't care. If the game is good enough, then it doesn't really matter to me as to whether or not the characters are given voices.
A7XEric  +   845d ago
Obviously it should, especially for such a story-heavy dialogue driven series. Your opinion is straight up bad if you think otherwise.

I love how so many people on here don't want VA, but if we petitioned for the next Elder Scrolls to go with text based dialogue you would lose your mind. Really the only thing you not wanting Zelda (or any story-heavy, dialogue driven game) to have voice acting is that you are a total moron, scared of change, or some combination of the two. It's 2013 for crying out loud, voice acting in video games is a given. It's crazy that it took Nintendo this long just to FINALLY have gotten an actual orchestra for the SS soundtrack.

There have been tons of games with great silent protagonists. That doesn't have to change since I don't really think anyone expects link to talk, but there def should be full voice acting for the NPCs.
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The_Villager  +   845d ago
Blacklash93  +   845d ago
*Looks at Other M*

No, I'm good.
TheMzingGamer  +   845d ago
If Half Life can have a silent protagonist and have everyone else voice acted, I think Zelda can pull it off. The thing is I need to see a sample of how they do this. I have to agree with jc48573. Release a trailer and see the response. If it is good, go with it, otherwise just leave it.
BosSSyndrome  +   845d ago
I think everyone should talk but Link. For me, voice acting makes for a better story, and is much more immersive. As, far as maturity goes, maybe they don't need gore, but a very dark aesthetic could help to mix things up a bit in my opinion.
kirbyu  +   845d ago
I really don't see the point. Voice acting doesn't add anything besides making it so lazy people don't have to read.
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