Check Out Three New Videos of Battlefield 4′s Xbox One Version

Looks like the drought on Xbox One videos of Battlefield 4 is coming to an end, with three more videos of the game running on Microsoft's upcoming console surfacing from the Area One event currently being held in Chicago (in 1747 W Hubbard St. if you live in the area and want to join the fun).

This time around they're even filmed by someone that knows how to hold a camera, so that's a bonus.

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daggertoes831681d ago

Man can't wait for some battlefield 4. Call of duty fan who just started playing battlefield and I may never go back.

Muerte24941681d ago

a team based game. It relies heavily on good teamwork rather than a one man army. It's best to run in a party with each person knowing and playing their role. As a battlefield vet, I welcome you.

ThanatosDMC1680d ago

I disagree. You make it seem like people cant beast in this game.

Animal Mutha 761680d ago

Agree but I have also had some pretty epic lone wolf sniper sessions although I guess I am also supporting my team by spotting/ using uav etc. it's quite fun being the hunter.

loulou1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

looks really good. i cant wait to get bf4 on my tv

this will be the first time since the ps1 launched, that we will be seeing a leap at laumch.

kz and ryse are showing it for their respective platforms. and bf4 is showing it with also. even though i am sure that they could do better.

still, a HD resolution, 60fps and 64players is a massive leap of this gens bf4 offerings.

perhaps if the idiots stepped away from the frontlines or just stopped being pathetic fanboys, they would see how well that bodes for this coming gen.

FunAndGun1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

-Drop that ammo
-Drop that health
-Don't revive me without killing my killer.

Thank You! ^_^

@Eldyraen, ain't that the truth. I know I have to accept the revive, but damn! Once players see a dead body their only goal is a B-line to revive it without checking out the surroundings first...and usually getting killed in the process.

Eldyraen1681d ago

Total opposite of how it actually works out :(

Especially number 3.

black0o1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

how many times i've been knifed thx to revives -__-

theEx1Le1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

I only do it sometimes, but i revive a fallen teammate to draw the person who killed them out of cover... rest of the time i make sure the area is clear

mwjw6961681d ago

Welcome to the team, now lets PTFO! GO! GO! GO!

KwietStorm1681d ago

Please, for the love of all things holy, when someone asks for ammo, drop ammo. Matter of fact, don't even wait for someone to ask. If you see people on your team, drop ammo. You know what, seriously though, please just drop ammo.

TAURUS-5551680d ago

they dont look as good as the PS4 version

Ps4Console1680d ago

Everyone to there own I say , I never ever criticise anyone ones choice of game as a gamer .

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Arcanine1681d ago

Did this game get pushed back for ps4 and x1?

Gamesgbkiller1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

Looks fantastic.

Can't wait to see some direct-feed gameplay.

Abriael1681d ago

I'm actually starting to wonder if we'll see any before launch, at this stage.

black0o1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

and no next-gen trailer at all :S :S
we are kinda going in blind .. all i've seen is the ult-pc version

@below: fingers crossed

Abriael1681d ago

@black0o: funny thing, the EA sports title are getting next gen trailers, so who know, we might get one.

I hope it's not like the one for NBA live, because it was REALLY awful.

Gamesgbkiller1681d ago

There is an event on November the first.

So we might see it.

HugoDrax1681d ago

WONDER NO MORE, video below. You will be able to see it on NOVEMBER 1,2013


Mega241680d ago

there will be a tournament US vs EU, direct feed from Xbox one, most people wont watch it because of fanboyism, or because Major Nelson is hosting...

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Haules1681d ago

Looks good but the gameplay feels like players are holding paper gun and over the top fast paced.

cunnilumpkin1681d ago

2004 called, it wants its trees back

"next gen" consoles??

not really

Abriael1681d ago

because the trees are what matters.

HappyWithOneBubble1681d ago

Who looks at trees when playing a FPS? Oh you do.

LoneWolf0191680d ago

Details matter to some of us

EXVirtual1681d ago

Just what you'd expect from PC fanboys. Quit spamming.

DirtyLary1680d ago

Console players! defend the trees!

Studio-YaMi1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

I would have agreed with you if it wasn't a shooter game that we are talking about,multiplayer shooter for that matter,you're focused on the kills,on the players & not on a bunch of trees !

If that's the case then people wouldn't play a game like Counter-Strike(A PC GAME) till this day !

Seriously why do I bother ...

cunnilumpkin1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

yeah, all they should animate is the gun

just a blank, 4 walled room and a gun

go consoles go

Blackdeath_6631681d ago

easy solution is to take your RPG and shoot them down as the environment is destructible

RAGE911681d ago

1: This is still not the full finished version.
2: This is going to be the same for PS4, so if you're a Sony fanboy, just please for the sake of all gamers drop the superior dickhead act.
3: Even if it was the full game, I'm not going to be running around Tree Watching as a hobby, whilst there's 63 other players in an all out war.

Majin-vegeta1681d ago

He/she is a pc fanboy/girl.

Swiggins1681d ago

I'll bet you that avatar is a self portrait.

KwietStorm1681d ago

Do you ever say ANYTHING constructive? Isn't this whole charade old and boring for you yet? It's kind of depressing, all jokes aside.

ThanatosDMC1680d ago

That tree has less than 100 leaves than the PC version.... WHERE'S MY PITCHFORK!!!

AbortMission1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

Lmfao, because the foliage is so much more amazing on the PC version like in BF3 right?

Get real drone.

EastBayPunk1680d ago

oh noez.. I better cancel my pre order

IcicleTrepan1680d ago


This is like going into a thread about Ford cars and saying, yeah, but a Porsche is faster.

You miss the point entirely. I bet you do that a lot in life.

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tigertron1681d ago

Urgh, sick of these videos, we need some direct-feed videos.

stavrami1681d ago

can't agree more every time i see a video it does more harm than good .

MidnytRain1681d ago

I'm sick of these videos because they look like CoD. Conquest and Rush are the game modes I'll be playing. This is run n gun twitch to the max.

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