CCP Games Welcome Back DUST 514 Players With Gifts

DUST 514 players who were inactive on their accounts for at least 60 days will been given two gifts when they return. According to their website, returning players will receive 100 copies of the Black Eagles Scout Dropsuit and 100 copies of the Quafe Dropsuit. In addition to this, according to the developers post, absent players have continued to amass passive Skill Points.

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1644d ago
Ripsta7th1644d ago

Dangg seems like eveyone stopped playing this game, i tried it but it was alright, more like a sluggish halo/Kz game

sagesurge1644d ago

everyone did, but they upgraded the game a lot. Hopefully people will return. Fingers crossed.

thejigisup1644d ago

Yeah I haven't played In a while. I think the ui is a little confusing to new players and had definitely discouraged a lot of my friends from playing more than a few times. I'll try it out this weekend.

sagesurge1644d ago

you never know, it might be less confusing

XisThatKid1643d ago

It is...but still confusing.

IIC0mPLeXII1644d ago

This game is so dead it isn't even funny. Massive fail by CCP.

sagesurge1644d ago

geesh, that's not good at all

IIC0mPLeXII1643d ago

I can get disagrees up and down. Simple fact is that the combat feels clumsy and slow, there is a shit load of information to process starting up, and you get trounced for a very long time before improving. It doesn't take a sociologist to realise in this call of duty battlefield generation no one is going to like this game.

Roccetarius1643d ago

Since CCP doesn't seem to have any plans on continuing this on PS4, it seems like the support for this game isn't long term.

XisThatKid1643d ago

This game is indeed confirmed to come to PS4

RavageX1643d ago

Too late to get me interested, I deleted the game to make space on my HD. I am not a shooter fan in the first place so that didn't help matters.

I will say that the last time I gave it a whirl they had greatly improved everything...looked and played a lot better.

Just not enough to keep me interested, and that's including the free stuff(from a PS3 bundle).

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