Black Desert Korean Closed Beta Gameplay Videos Released

The first CBT of Black Desert has begun on Oct. 17 Seoul Time. Players who got the opportunities to join in the test are able to test contents including quest system, combat system, PvP system etc. The first day of Black Desert's Korean CBT was already over and plenty of gameplay videos were shared online. You can take a look at the jumping, questing and fishing systems from the videos.

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HelpfulGamer1460d ago

Black Desert better be playable on PS4, Day One!

1459d ago
ATi_Elite1459d ago

Uh Oh looks like one of my favorite MMO's is gonna have to take a BACK SEAT to Black Desert!

Never gonna stop playing Guild Wars 2 so Tera Rising may have to bite the bullet.

Looking forward to Black Desert.

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ZHZ901459d ago

This feels like AC game with MMO style, imo.

Are_The_MaDNess1459d ago

woooot??!?!? its more like most of the action MMORPG's thats coming out now.
the combat is just like Tera almost, with the hole Thirdperson shooter controls in a MMO. alot of new MMOs have the same control style tho.

stamps791459d ago

I'd love to play a US beta of this, hopefully we see something like that in late 2014 or early 2015

sigfredod1459d ago

i didn't know this game, neither that was coming to ps4

Sonyslave31459d ago

when did they announce this game is coming to ps4 ?

I know the devs talk about loving to bring it to next gen consoles but no confirmation .

Saviour1459d ago

There isn't any confirmation other thn PC.

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