Liberty City To GTA Online, GTA V To Next-Gen & So Much More

Eskimo Press: "Rockstar Games is confident that Grand Theft Auto Online is the key to the future of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, so much, in fact, that they've announced that GTA V will not have any episodic DLC, but rather improvements and extensions to the online world. What exactly does this mean? Will we see Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto Online, and will we be able to play together on the next-generation consoles? You can count on it!"

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310dodo1648d ago

Absolutely love GTA online

truly a dream come true.
cannot wait for updates and next gen version

3-4-51648d ago

Hmmm just traded this game in yesterday. Loved it but it was getting boring and other games were providing me with more fun.

Plus now I can re-install Bf3 on my harddrive 20 Gb.

kingPoS1648d ago

Wait!!... you've have a launch PS3 and you still haven't upgraded the that anemic 20gb hard drive...

You sir baffle me! Why even a 160gb HDD from a 2009 laptop would do you some good.

Soc51648d ago

Loved it? It's only been a month. Would hate to be loved like that lol

Rainstorm811648d ago

Wow adding Liberty City and Vice City to the online would be amazing......East vs Wesdt gang wars....Wow just WOW!

ape0071648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

i hope they add IV's fantastic vehicular mayhem physics back

i don't know but GTA V is the first gta game ever to have stiff vehicle physics, even the PSP/DS games had that special GTA Car feel

i hate stiff racing like physics, to me teh special "GTA" car feel has always been the STAR of gta

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raresteak1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

R* could consider doing what Ubisoft are doing with The Crew with the map.

Ever-expanding, vast countryside in between capitals, quick-travel options, adding the likes of LC, SF, LV, Carcer City, and all that they please into the GTAO world.

Maybe, and hopefully, by then resources will be available and cheap enough to go way beyond 16 players.

pedrof931648d ago

And money fall of the sky, right ?

saikorican1648d ago

Only if you own a lot of R* stock.

raresteak1648d ago

I don't rule out the possibilities of smart business models that TTWO/R* can come up with that's fair and profitable to that cause.

They've already shown they can spend hundreds of millions to return over a billion. Maybe that "billion" will soon be plural with just GTA V alone.

The gaming market has only been growing exponentially and the paradigm that I assert could correspond with this.

NihonjinChick1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

The title is misleading. Most of this article is speculation and rumors. Nothing officially confirmed by Rockstar themselves.

Got my hopes up for nothing.

FiLTHY ESKiMO1648d ago

Not entirely. Rockstar North have confirmed that other famous locales will unlock in the future. Link to source in article. As for GTA V next gen, it is almost a certainty, especially if they want GTA Online to last.

NihonjinChick1648d ago

So what you're saying is that YOU think YOU are pretty sure it's coming to next gen?

It didn't come from Rockstar. I'll wait for the official announcement that actually comes from Rockstar, not some journalist with a hunch.

FiLTHY ESKiMO1648d ago

Educated guess. Almost all their statements thus far do not correlate with keeping GTA V, which is the biggest game of the generation, strictly on current gen consoles.

All the talk about growth and GTA O being the future of the franchise (also linked in article) is basically an indirect statement about the release of a next gen version.

With that being said, Rockstar also announced that they are currently working on the next "version" of a famous IP. Not a sequel, but a version. I highly doubt that they will announce any new games at the moment, it would take the spotlight away from GTA V.

GadgetGooch1648d ago

If you think GTA 5 or just the online component wnt come to next-gen then you are truly retarded....

soniqstylz1648d ago

They can make GTO seperate from GTA:V next gen (remember, it's "free with purchase of GTA:V").

BadlyPackedKeebab1647d ago

Indeed. And I for one would love to replay the single player in glorious next-Gen fidelity. Would be worth it if for nothing more than a go to game for times when not much is out.

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Rask1648d ago

I want the next-gen GTA set in Vice City.

BattleReach1648d ago

That has nothing to do with the article.

KeiKei1648d ago

GTA is the topic. Rask's reply is acceptable.

Jaqen_Hghar1648d ago

A man wants next gen GTA in King's Landing or Braavos

C0LLAT1648d ago

32 players online would be sweet for next gen!


Agreed, but I still think this game deserved 64 players with such a huge map. Not that 32 wouldn't be great (even 16 feels ok) but it would still feel empty for most of the map (specially northern areas)... Not that I think 64 players are ever happening on GTAO (maybe if/when it comes for PC with mods) and it's completelly understandable if they don't go that route.

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