Yahoo's first-quarter earnings could sway Microsoft takeover battle

After two years of crumbling profits, Yahoo Inc. can't afford another letdown Tuesday when the Internet icon reports its first-quarter earnings.

Although they only cover a three-month period, the results could determine the company's fate as it grapples with an unsolicited takeover offer from Microsoft Corp.

If Yahoo bounces back to exceed analysts' modest expectations, it could be a springboard to a higher bid from Microsoft or provide more credence to management's argument that the company will be better off remaining independent.

But a disappointing quarter would intensify pressure on Yahoo to accept Microsoft's cash-and stock offer, which was worth about $43 billion, or $29.99 per share, as of trading Monday.

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Jason 36O3865d ago

Yahoo would be better off independent

Shaka2K63865d ago

If someone is having one hell of a bad year is microsuck hahahaha.

nobody wants vista.
xbug 3rd60 abysmal world wide sales,
hd dvd is a flop
microsoft gaming division keeps losing billions beacuase of the millions of RRODs around the world

ect. ect. ect.