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Saying Good-bye to Last Generation Game Consoles

Paying homage to one of the longest console generatons we've ever seen. (Culture, Industry, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

stellarock420  +   683d ago
to everyone under a rock they should know that last gen such as ps3 xbox 360 and the wii.they are all still going to remain supported thu next gen for at least 3 years http://n4g.com/news/1375033...
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TheVideoGamHer  +   683d ago
The PS3 moreso than the Wii and 360. Regardless I'll still be hanging onto and playing my old stuff as I do every generation.
GrizzliS1987  +   683d ago
amen brother, i still have over 10 games i havent touched, like far cry 3, dead space 3, last of us, bioshock infinite, mass effect 2 and 3, so many more
JetP0619  +   683d ago
Yep true that i still have a lot of playstation games i havent played like beyond two souls and tales of xillia. i bought the limited edition ones and havent touched them yet because of school. Also with the support of playstation plus, more games will become available for the ps3 as well down the road like games we skipped on buying will be free. win win situation for me as i have access for both europe and north america's psn plus.
XB1_PS4  +   683d ago
There are tons of games I have yet to play on all three platforms, and I don't plan on missing out on them. My 7th gen consoles will be in use for several years to come.
Magicite  +   683d ago
PS3 - yes, X360/Wii - no.
d3nworth1  +   683d ago
And considering the Ps4 doesnt have backwards compatibility I will be keeping my ps3.
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Magnus  +   683d ago
Some consoles will drop out like the Wii but PS3 still has some great games coming out in 2014 like Tales of Xillia 2. As for Xbox its hard to see what Microsoft does with that console they tend to dump a console when a new one arrives.
JetP0619  +   683d ago
true theres tales of xillia 2, final fantasy X, X-2 HD, Dark Souls 2 and more!
shahab91  +   683d ago
Goodbye great consoles. :'( I love you all. :)
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Ezz2013  +   683d ago
why should i say goodbye to my ps3 ?!...is it leaving me ?!...did i do something wrong ?!

i can solve it...i swear
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ape007  +   683d ago
yep it is sad, we stayed 7 years with these consoles(8 with xbox 360)

damn man
ifritAlkhemyst  +   683d ago
And I'll be saying hello to the Xbox 360 and the Wii. I'd rather game on a PC, so I'm staggering my new console purchases by a generation from now on to save some cash.
lastofgen  +   683d ago
I'm still holding onto my 360 and ps3. Not really a bunch of new games I'm looking forward to on either, but there are still some old ones that I have yet to experience. And they're probably dirt cheap now (mass effect, dead space, red dead).
LoveSpuds  +   683d ago
I have been replaying all my old faves over the last couple of months. Recently replayed Deadspace and The Last of Us and am now looking to blast through the Uncharted series for old times sake (have platinum trophies on all these now!).

Looking to play Dead Space 2, Vanquish and the Mass Effect Trilogy too - gonna be a tight squeeze :)
NarooN  +   683d ago
Why say goodbye? These systems aren't going anywhere.
specialguest  +   683d ago
I don't game as often these days, but my good-bye to the last gen was sent off on a high note with TLOU. Though the PS3 will continue to be supported throughout the post PS4 release, TLOU was a great exclusive game to end a gaming generation with.
Wintersun616  +   683d ago
I'm not saying goodbye to my PS3 for a while. I still have a considerable backlog to go through.
azshorty2003  +   683d ago
Even though I plan on buying a PS4 day 1, I still have a list of a dozen PS3 games I want to buy and play.

I am no where near the point of saying 'goodbye' to my PS3.
nevin1  +   683d ago
Current Gen>>>>>>> ; 1st year or 2 of Next Gen.
ape007  +   683d ago
definitely, there's nothing right now can match gta v or TLOU, i'll add super mario 3D world with them
sprinterboy  +   683d ago
Unfortunately my ps3 had issues with my tv after a power cut, so had to sell it, gutted I am going to miss some great games like batman, gt6 and beyond 2 souls( had to watch a playthrough), got my ps4 on pre order day 1 and I have my gaming fingers crossed my tv doesn't give my new baby any shit or its a new tv which I can't afford
ShinnokDrako  +   683d ago
I won't say goodbye to my PS3, it will be next to my new shiny Ps4... too many great games to play (and coming out). My poor wallet.. =P
LEOPARD1030  +   683d ago
PS Plus is an amazing legacy.
Inception  +   683d ago
I don't know about Wii or 360, but i'm definitely not saying good bye to PS3. Next year exclusive still amazing:

- Drakengard 3
- Tales of Symphonia Chronicles
- Tales of Xilla 2
- Ar Nosurge
- Jojo's Bizzare Adv All Star
- Blazblue Chrono Phantasma
- Deception 4

That's just the top of my head. Not to mention there's tons of backlog that i need to play such as Puppeeter, Beyond, Disgaea D2, Dishonored, or Far Cry 3. And add that with multiplats such as Lords of Shadow 2, Dark Souls 2, MGS V, or Evil Within, PS3 still my primary gaming console ;)
stonecold3  +   683d ago
im with shinnoko drako on this one I will be supporting ps3 for quiet some still while I will have the ps4
tarbis  +   683d ago
PS3 still have a ton of exclusive games coming out this year and the next. The same can't be said for the other two though.
XisThatKid  +   682d ago
My PS3 is goin nowhere

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