PS4 & Xbox One – What Games Will There Be At Launch?

Codec Moments looks at the announced launch window games for the PS4 and Xbox One, and breaks down what's multi-platform, what will be sold at retail, and what will be available for download when the new consoles are released.

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WeAreLegion1553d ago

I'll have 21 PS4 games to play on launch day. :)

Destrania1553d ago

Yep, it's going to be glorious. After the GTTV with Killzone SF, I'm even more pumped than before.

guitarded771553d ago

I'll have 11 free games to play on launch day :D

Escape Plan
Sound Shapes
Blacklight Retribution
War Thunder
DC Universe

shahab911553d ago

Great games on both consoles. Enjoy gamers :D

Elzer1553d ago

If you like indies get the ps4. If you want actual next gen games get xbox one.

Majin-vegeta1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

If you like games get the PS4. If you like being ripped off from every corner get the xbox1.

Fixed it for you :).

Can't wait to try Primal carnage:Genesis

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ssj271553d ago

Wow looks like m$ renew the contract so they can troll on PS4.
I bet they don't even get paid with cash but free live membership lol

Well I'm glad they can't get over 9 trolls into their paychecks. There is always a judas who sale their vakues to corp. Like m$.

Anyways KILLZONE is the best launch tittle a gamer can ask for! Plus the free games! Will keep me happy!

Ar least PS4 has a truly real full next gen game! KILLZONE!

BattleTorn1552d ago

"M$ pays for trolls"

Shoot me now...

Moncole1553d ago

If you like indie than you will go PC because you will be able to buy indie games from the devs site so they make the most money and PC has the most indie games.

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The story is too old to be commented.