Android Handheld’s And Console’s Will Upset Traditional Consoles’s And Handheld’s Futures

Handheld Lover lists reasons why traditional Handhelds and Consoles have a massive war against an enemy attacking on all fronts.

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teflontactics1678d ago

Nobody who actually games cares much about Android/iOS gaming. Gaming on tablets and smartphones is mediocre due to a lack of input options - and what good games do make their way to the platform are few and far between.

Dedicated gaming consoles will never be replaced by Android/iOS; it's more likely that phones and tablets will be replaced by proper micro PCs - which then replace consoles.

Other than that, I don't see them going anywhere.

Bolts1678d ago

Nobody saw the iPhone going anywhere. Nobody saw the tablets going anywhere. Everyone assumed the world will be dominated by desktop PC, notebooks, and consoles.

Yet here we are in a world dominated by mobile devices. Regardless what replaces what is irrelevant. The desktop and the console as we know it are living on bored time.

bigboirock1677d ago

im not going to take my desktop all around with me so i can call someone almost everyone need a phone of some sort

teflontactics1677d ago

If you really think phones are going to stick around you're crazy. In a few years time most conversations will be either video chat or on a service such as Skype. Phones will be obsolete when you can Skype someone on a better portable device over wifi/4G ubiquitously - people are moving that way now.

"Smartphones" are a lot less phone and a lot more internet devices these days - I haven't had a phone conversation in over a year.

jeffgoldwin1677d ago


I only half agree with you and I think the android sales backup what Im saying. I agree if Im at home sitting in the recliner, android gaming in no way compares with console/pc gaming.

However, Im not at home 100% of the time. So while on the go (work, getting dragged along by wife to go shopping, w/e), portable gaming is a no brainer for a quick fix.

teflontactics1677d ago

That's what a PSVita is for. Playing Angry Birds is hardly gaming - I'll be playing Killzone Mercenary in line and laughing at you.

jeffgoldwin1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

I don't want to spend $200 for a psvita and than $30-40 a game just to play for 5-10min occationaly. I also don't want to carry that around when my smartphone already serves that purpose.

Obviously vita games are gunna be better, but for me when Im on the go, surfing the web and light gaming serves my purpose just fine.

ALso Nova 3, Modern Combat, and a couple other fps games are on par with Killzone when you combine it with a Moga controller.

teflontactics1676d ago

Oh? So you don't have a Vita and haven't played Killzone Mercenary, but claim some random phone game is better? Good luck with that - I'm laughing just picturing you whipping out that Moga controller and trying to play those games in line.

What a ridiculous comment, Jeff. You're no gamer playing 5 minutes at a time - you're a time waster.

jeffgoldwin1676d ago

"Obviously vita games are gunna be better"
" a couple other fps games are on par with Killzone'

Learn to read please before going emo. On par doesn't mean its better.

" I agree if Im at home sitting in the recliner, android gaming in no way compares with console/pc gaming."

Im sorry but your really stupid at every turn of this thread. Your just embarassing yourself now. Just stop typing.

teflontactics1676d ago


Ad hominem.

Enough said.

hellvaguy1675d ago


Thats not ad hominem at all. Jeff used direct quotes to pretty much disprove everything you said. You are either really stubborn about being wrong or just dumb. Either way, thats not a good place to be.

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Funantic11678d ago

I hate say it but the article is right. We hardcore gamers are not the majority. Most gamers are casual players who are happy with simple cheap games. As far as sales neither Xbox or Playstation can compete with Android. If people can buy an tv hookup device that can play every game they've already bought on their phone then it'll really dig into the big two's pockets. Mobile games already have the vitas on a respirator.

Elronza1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Hello friend I Elronza am Handheld Lover. And the situation is even worse now thanks to Nvidia enabling even us hardcore gamers to play full PC titles away from home using the Nvidia Shield which I own. And I think we are forgetting the article is also addressing how Android as an operating system allows for us hardcore gamers to be catered to as well. With games like Dead Trigger and soon to be released Dead Trigger 2 not to mention Modern Combat 4 and The Conduit HD as just a few of the many examples of us hardcore gamers being able to get our gaming on using Android. And Gaming Tablets have full Console controls just look at the Wikipad,my Nvidia Shield and the diverse Gaming Tablets from JXD like the JXD S7800. Things have gotten far worse for consoles as I have proof that Nvidia and Valve/Steam have reached an agreement to where the Nvidia Shield will be given native Steam Support meaning the Nvidia Shield will allow you to play full PC titles anywhere you have a WiFi connection or can Tether to your 4G Smartphone. Also the Nvidia Shield is going to be given native 1080p Video output support and will be able to stream PC games at 60 fps come 10-28-13 I'm providing proof of all that I have stated in links below for all to see that consoles truly are on their last legs!

Hicken1677d ago

The majority of PC games that are exclusive to PC are better with kb/m support than a traditional controller setup, meaning the Shield isn't well suited for them.

Not only that, but it won't have its own dedicated library, since it's something like a streaming receptacle for games from elsewhere. I didn't read anything about the memory being expandable, meaning you're extremely limited in what you can take with you.

One more thing: it's barely portable. Even the Vita can fit in your pocket, but this thing isn't fitting in anything other than a backpack. That diminishes the portability argument, which is a huge part of being a handheld. The wikipad has the same flaws.

Shield is a niche product within an already niche market. It won't have the games people buy handhelds for, and it won't have the controls people prefer for PC games. Due to all this, it's not gonna find nearly the market you think it will.

nevin11678d ago

Traditional games could get expensive to support.

Casual audience will always outweigh core gamer

Both casual and core own smartphones

Playstation mobile


we'll see as this gen starts next month.

jeeves861678d ago

There are too many apostrophes here....

There will always be a niche market for full-fledged, powerful consoles. Even handhelds have their enthusiasts. I do however believe that mobile gaming takes quite a sizable chunk out of the casual market. People who might have bought a less-expensive or last-gen console might instead switch to mobile gaming.

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