Top 10 Most Anticipated Wii U Games — October 2013

"NintendoNetwork64 counts down its top 10 most anticipated Wii U games, as of October 2013.

Downloadable games have been excluded, as there will be a separate list made for them. Yarn Yoshi along with SMT x FE were also excluded since we haven't heard anything about them for 9 months" -- NN64.

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ArchangelMike1643d ago

Maybe I should get a Wii U for my kids this Christmas! Hmmm...

The_Truth_24_71643d ago

No, you don't want to ruin their Christmas. They will never forgive you.

-Mika-1643d ago Show
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kwandar1643d ago

For what it is worth, my 7 year old daughter ADORES Zelda Windwaker.

Better yet, she can sit quietly for hours (other than providing advice), just watching.

Ohh ... and she loves Scribblenauts too ... and I'd credit that with making her WANT/NEED to read :)


If they are smaller kids, then sure why not. My kids love our Wii U. They love anything Mario, really like Nintendoland, have a blast with Lego City, and when they're not playing any Legend of Zelda title (Oot and WW HD, right now) my son is always running around pretending to be Link.

BullyMangler1643d ago

yes do . . but make sure not to play bayonetta 2 near any children . bayonetta 2 features more Adult content than anything sony or microsoft will be getting any time soon . this bayonetta game will be biblically perverted ..

be careful what you bring into your home . . you are safer getting a ps4 . for now .

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Scatpants1643d ago

Wow I didn't know WiiU had 10 anticipated games

-Mika-1643d ago

lol that was my exact thoughts when i read the title.

R00bot1643d ago

It actually probably has more anticipated titles than the other next gen consoles, you know, 'cos it's been out for a year longer.

Scatpants1643d ago

I'll give them Smash Bros, Mario Kart and X. The rest don't look all that great to me. I'll probably still get one next summer when I get bored of my PS4 and my Xbox 1.

R00bot1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

3D world could be great as well, but it just depends if you're into 3D platformers.

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GusBricker1643d ago

Glad Wii U is finally getting some more games for their owners.

We'll definitely be getting the Mario games.

-Mika-1643d ago

And that why the third party are abandoning this system.

RTheRebel1643d ago

And that's why third party*
Cmon, Sony Drone you look retarded as Mika.

InTheZoneAC1643d ago

yeah it threw me off, I think he's gay

and the only game I'm looking forward to is donkey kong

I'm sure mario will be fun but it's not something that I can't wait to play...

R00bot1643d ago

I don't think he's gay, it was just a simple joke.

Took it a little far, but whatever.

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