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Beyond: Two Souls Review | Quarter to Three

"But Beyond: Two Souls is far worse than convenient, facile, and ridiculous. It’s overall tone is low-key and morose, without energy or enthusiasm. Scenes drag out, with long pauses. Glances shift awkwardly. Character models fidget. This is about an eight hour game, but I’d estimate two or three of those hours are pregnant pauses." (Beyond: Two Souls, PS3) 1/5

The_Infected  +   680d ago
Another review I just don't get. I'd rate the game at least a 3/5! The game was great IMO.
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AAACE5  +   680d ago
I'd consider it more of an interactive movie than a game! I have only played the demo, but based on what I experienced, as a game a 1/5 seems right. As an Interactive movie, a 4/5 seems to fit.
abzdine  +   680d ago
a game, in case you dont know it, is any form of entertainment where the participant(s) has to obey a certain number of rules.

there are many types of games and Beyond is just one of these.

regarding the review, this website gave 3 stars to TLOU, 1 star to Halo4 and a low score as well to Max Payne 3. what a retard!

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xHeavYx  +   680d ago
This website always downgraded PlayStation games, they gave the lowest Metacritic score to TLOU
theRell  +   680d ago
Halo 4's score sounds about right though.
karl  +   680d ago
i dont understand all this hate.. the game is phenomenal .. such a fantastic time

and a mix between movie and games....

in the end it just offers something that cant be seen on a Hollywood movie .. nor on a standard game

that today are either FPS or ThirdPS ...

a AAA game thats actually refreshing and good..
j-blaze  +   680d ago
the reviewer is such an attention whore just like that fatty over Destructoid
DigitalRaptor  +   680d ago
Hahaha. But Tom Chick gave The Last of Us a 6/10. bet you love him now. ;)

And calling Jim Sterling of Dtoid an attention whore, even those he's one of the most brutally honest and entertaining journos out there, is ridiculous. I remember he gave RE6 the 3/10 it deserved. I didn't quite agree with his 5/10 Beyond: Two Souls review, but at least he has integrity.

Tom Chick has no integrity, whatsoever.
TekoIie  +   680d ago
It's quartertothree for gods sake.

Its the same site which gave Halo 4 a 1/5 and Uncharted 3 a 2/5. This sites writers are effectively professional trolls.
linkenski  +   680d ago
I think the points are very valid. When a game's only selling point is having a good interactive story, then it'd better be good and Beyond doesn't go far beyond (punz) the good stories there're out there in the rest of the industry... in fact, it doesn't even meet that level at all. It's very good because of... stuff, I can't put my fingers on. I guess it's the acting, the graphics, the music and the scenes that are actually well-done but the main plot is really unfocused and cliched and half the scenes are complete non-sense.

1/5 though? Aw man, that's being too harsh, too IMO
jonnyvito  +   680d ago
1 star...disgrace
Walker  +   680d ago
Good review from tom chick !
InTheLab  +   680d ago
Tom chick is everything that's wrong with reviews and the fools that follow him are even worse.

@ Tom Chick
It's not working. Just give it up.
HammadTheBeast  +   680d ago
Just like the 6/10 for Uncharted, 4/10 for Halo, and 6/10 for Last of Us, right?
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PraxxtorCruel  +   680d ago
With such varied reviews I'm going to wait until its £10. It might be great and it might also be the opposite.
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FriedGoat  +   680d ago
I'm going to wait until it's next to nothing too, EU blanket censorship AGAIN by Sony. Second hand for me I'm not encouraging my game being altered in the UK because of Germanies stupid laws.

Why cant they just make separate censored german versions like they used to, or like Microsoft do?
DOMination-  +   680d ago
Because they can't be arsed and don't care about consumers as much as N4G thinks
goldwyncq  +   680d ago
This game is the definition of underrated.
DigitalRaptor  +   680d ago
It's weird, most people who've reviewed it have liked it.

So I'd say it's just fine. It's only those focussing on the negative reviews that seem to think it's somehow been mauled. This is not the case.

My only gripe is those saying the game has no gameplay in their final words, when you're in control of the game 95% of the time. Who are these people to say what is defined as gameplay? It's so numbing to read people complaining about "lack of gameplay". These people need to go back to their action games.
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Nemesis4567  +   680d ago
Beyond two souls deserves much better than this. I urge readers to play the game for yourself and not rely on reviews.
DinoNYC  +   680d ago
This site gave the following reviews...

Halo 4: 1 star
Playstation Battle Royale: 1 Star
Marvel Vs Capcom 3: 2 Stars
Forza 4: 2 stars
Journey: 2 stars
Bigkurz85  +   680d ago
Clearly they're just trolling to get site hits. Don't give in!
coolbeans  +   680d ago
Whenever I see this pop up, I can't help but wonder if others understand what Chick's scores actually mean on there.

All those games listed above just mean this:

-He absolutely hated Halo 4 and PSBR

-He didn't like Forza 4, MvsC 3, and Journey

That's it.
vallencer  +   680d ago
I know that reviews are people's opinions but I've always felt there should be a level of objectivity in them. I don't think you should give it a 1/5 because you hated it. I think you should review a game based on everything about it. Like I said though I get reviews are people's opinions and his review scores are his own.
coolbeans  +   680d ago

Although I follow closely to that realm of reasoning when reviewing games (ie giving scores accommodating the technical/artistic pros and cons I may find and trying to frame a specific number to a complex opinion), I don't see why we should prescribe every other reviewer to follow that same path.

It's rather funny for me to see after all of TLOU's 9.9's or 9.8's and stated annoyances by other posters wanting simpler grading systems we don't even want to welcome what is essentially gaming's closest equivalent to Ebert's Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down model in grade form(that I've seen).

It might be shocking to see 1/5's for what look to be well-made titles, but when you understand just how simple the reasoning for it is I don't see why anyone should care so much.
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HammadTheBeast  +   680d ago
See Coolbeans, here's the thing. When a major title gets critical acclaim, and your review is completely off from the average about 1-2 weeks later, it's fine, that's your opinion.

However, when this happens about 9-10 times with ALL major titles that get praise from other reviewers, then we have a problem.
coolbeans  +   680d ago

The very idea of someone having the "audacity" to consistently form an opinion backed up in some basis of reason, regardless of how disagreeable it is, that runs in the opposite direction from most critics should never be considered a problem.
schlanz  +   680d ago
It's a known troll site. It also gave The Last of Us the single lowest score (on Gamerankings) at 3/5.

Here are some other scores:

Catherine 2/5
Dragon's Crown 3/5
Pikmin 3 3/5
Shadows of the Damned 2/5
Max Payne 3 2/5
Sleeping Dogs 2/5
ipach  +   679d ago
pretty sure he uses stars the way movie and food reviewers would... sucks for metacritic, but i get the approach.
_QQ_  +   680d ago
Great i got marked for trolling for calling it a movie, even though david cage called it an interactive movie himself LOL. people must really be mad because i said it was a fair review which is true, As someone who is almost as much into Film and cinema as i am into games i'm probably more qualified to make that call than allot of these Game reviewers who couldn't tell you the quality difference between Transformers 2 and The Artist.

Notice how Sites that actually review movies gave B2S low scores like IGN....

http://www.nbcnews.com/tech... here he calls it an interactive movie.
and there is an IGN interview where he calls it an interactive movie as well.
Salooh  +   680d ago
It is a game . Except you control the story more then shooting stuff. Why does walking dead get a pass for this?. You can't give it 1/5 because you don't like it. You have to give the graphics / acting / gameplay / story / AI..etc scores then give a final score. It's like giving each of these at least 0.1 which is unreasonable. This is not opinion , it's like giving someone who hate cars forza/gt to review it .
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Blastoise  +   680d ago
It's not a movie. You don't change the ending of a movie with your input. Hence why it needs a dualshock to play.
_QQ_  +   680d ago
Thats why he said Interactive Movie, which it is, a movie that you interact with....
The Movie aspect of the game is okay at best is what i'm saying. The Movie aspect of any video game Includes Story,,Pacing, Acting,Substance,Presentation, pretty much what you would use to rate a movie. Therefore When a game is 80-90% movie-like you critique it based on the movie elements. And for Beyond 2 Souls the Movie elements are only okay.
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fsfsxii  +   679d ago
*Hurr durr, itzz no game cuz no gunnz and explogenz*

Marked for trolling. Thats all im gonna do.
_QQ_  +   679d ago
I guess that would be fine if that's what i actually said....
moodgamer   680d ago | Bad language | show
goldwyncq  +   680d ago
I don't get why games like The Walking Dead and Heavy Rain get to have reviews on the 8-10 range while Beyond gets mostly 1-6. The game had just as much gameplay as its predecessor, and had even fewer plot holes and inconsistencies. If TLOU and GTA V were not released this year, this could have been my GOTY.
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arbitor365  +   680d ago
we all knew this was coming. Tom Chick is a predictable troll. and he is super pretentious. this is the guy who gave Journey a 2/5 because it wasnt an action game. he is a complete fool
arbitor365  +   680d ago
and dont even bother commenting on his site. he has a group of fanboys who are even more insane than he is. they take everything he says as gospel and will defend it to the death without even playing the game in question. is site is an absolute cesspool of idiocy
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   680d ago
The thing is you can easily predict his review scores.
He waits for a big game or an exclusive and simply rates it down to piss people off.
He knows exactly what he's doing and he gets off on it and gets a ton of hits and money for his crappy website. The only reason people read his reviews is because of this, not because they respect his opinion.
He went into this game knowing he wasn't going to like it, it was never given a chance.
I'm not a fan of strategy games, so I would try to be as objective as I possibly could and base my review on how well the game achieves what it sets out to do.
I wouldn't just be like uhhh I hate strategy games this sucks 1/5. The guy is the biggest troll out there at the moment.
Wintersun616  +   680d ago
1/5 should only be given to unplayable piles of crap. I don't believe this game is one of them.
InTheLab  +   680d ago
It's Tom Chick. He's like a not funny Jim Sterling with an equally ridiculous following of nutters that eat out of his hand.

I also find it interesting that you never hear from this site until a high profile title shows up and he predictably attempts to make news by lowering a games metascore.

This man is pathetic and so are the fools that follow him.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   680d ago
You're spot on there.
I'm guessing we won't hear from him again until his inevitable Killzone Shadow Fall 1/5 review or Titanfall 2-3/5.
PersonMan  +   680d ago
The best way to play this game is by having someone else play it while you watch. It's an entertaining movie, but I wouldn't wanna play it.

My fiancé played it while I watched ;-)
Deep-throat  +   680d ago
A movie?

Get back to your truly game CoD
PersonMan  +   680d ago
Hah! Good one!

Actually, I don't play CoD.

I liked Beyond: Two Souls, it was entertaining, but it's not something I'd really want to PLAY. I enjoyed the story and the characters.
Deep-throat  +   680d ago
He gave Far Cry 3 and Bioshock:In low scores (1/5 I think).

1/5 means the game is buggy, unplayable mess.
WeAreLegion  +   680d ago
Oh, screw you! This is a phenomenal game. You're looking for hits.
Lykon  +   679d ago
good review . well written and authors score is well explained.
ipach  +   679d ago
not a fan of the super snark, but man oh man, I completely agreed with the core of his review for this one. Beyond is a game we want to like: console exclusive, likable Hollywood talent, pretty graphics, 'innovative' gameplay and design, branching endings (gamers love their branching narratives, don't we).

but people, I can't help but call Beyond quintessential superficial, middlebrow fare. It has no respect or trust in its audience. It has no self awareness. It has no self control or focus on top of all that.

Yes, it's very interesting and cool how differently things can play out. But all of those endings and stories are so so forced with meaning and not built on anything satisfying or intrinsically interesting. this game feels like a hodge podge of highlights from dozens of different great movies and games, but with little sense of why those particular elements were compelling. As a result, the end product can't help but feel incoherent and ineffective. At least to me. And to top it all off, every scene is so over acted. Jodie supposed to feel upset or frustrated here? Alright bring on the angst and sob track! Who's the cold-hearted douche in this scene? Oh, it must be the guy who is being impatient and says we need to go! Wait, which guy is the bad guy I should battle with? Oh, look, there's a blue dot! Hooray! Oh boy, this must be America. Where the good guy always accepts a single malt and punches the imperialistic warmongering military head dude with the only line appropriate for the moment. 'Cause you know, of course we have time to deal with Mr. military douche bad guy while there is what amounts to a super nuclear meteor heading to destroy all society or something like that at any moment. It's a game/movie!

It's really a shame. There are so many pretty things and interesting ideas at play here. So many times I felt during my playthrough, "wow, this is cool. might be on to something here. this could be a whole game." and then it devolves into a melodramatic histrionic mess. I suppose the point of the game is to say Jodie has had a really varied life with lots of impact. But man, I couldn't help but feel like each scene had like the same 5 characters, just interchanged.

There are obviously huge plot choices that matter. And that's cool. But wouldn't it have been even cooler in a plot and characters worth spending 8+ hours with?

I have loved so many of this gen's PS3 exclusives, but this is a really touhh one to hold up as a model to be mimicked. It's an interesting one, and one to talk about and learn from. But I don't think I can ever disagree with anyone who ultimately rated it low...
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