Star Citizen Overtakes 23 Million in Crowd Funding, Gets Fantastic Aurora Brochure and Artwork

Star Citizen fans have several reasons to celebrate today, as the upcoming PC space sim flied past the 23 million dollars stretch goal (it’s now sitting on a mind boggling total of $23,164,484).

But that’s not all. Cloud Imperium Games released the spectacular and extremely detailed brochure of the Aurora spaceship and two beautiful pieces of concept artwork of the Retaliator cockpit.

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bumnut1710d ago

I grew up on Wing Commander and Privateer, can't wait for this game!

thorstein1710d ago

Apparently someone disagrees that you grew up. Oh, N4G! You crazy source of sillyness squared.

BTW I did too with Wing Commander SNES! Which I loved because I could kill all the Kilrathi I wanted, waste my Wingman and the story would progress but everyone was sad. Lulz.

ATi_Elite1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

Yes StarCitizen!!

Hey folks X-Rebirth comes out November 15th

Sure We ALL want StarCitizen but I have grown tired of hearing about ALL the money SC has raised which is GOOD but it's time to get down to some SERIOUS PC Gaming.

Don't let all the SC Hype overshadow the Glory that is X-Rebirth (which by the way has been re-tooled to allow for easier entry into the game ulike X3 and all it's difficult Menus to navigate. X-Rebirth is much user friendlier.

Enjoy X-Rebirth NOW and then StarCitizen (SC alpha in December) later or both at the same time and then Elite:Dangerous sometime in late 2014.

Deep Space Trading, Building, Combat, Simulation at it's FINEST. Dam it feels good to be a PC Gamer.

jeffgoldwin1710d ago

Looks like we may have a winner!

Hellbringer1710d ago

I've been waiting for months on the Hornet brochure. Too bad she has not come yet.

NeoTribe1710d ago

Finally a game possibly worth firing up the old pc for.

Abriael1710d ago

If it's old, I doubt it'll run it lol :D