Two New Videos Show Battlefield 4 on Xbox One, Looking Sleek and Smooth

There's a little more than a month away from the release of the Xbox One and its version of Battlefield 4 but gameplay videos are still very hard to come by.

Luckily today two new clips surfaced from the One Tour event on Chicago.

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Ksar1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

Day One with Dead Rising 3.

Lalanana1644d ago

Yea good news for xbox one fans.

parentoftheyear1644d ago

Good news for video games fans.

boeso1644d ago

Yeah back to playing games regardless of console

MWong1644d ago

I wonder if those presses in the warehouse could kill you. The game looks very smooth.

FamilyGuy1644d ago

All these launch games should be going gold by now if they haven't already so we should be seeing a lot game play footage.

I wonder if/when the gaming press get their console for review purposes. Will we be seeing game reviews before the systems launch?

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malokevi1644d ago

Metro, 60fps, 64p, looking like that.... better say goodbye to my social life.

MiHX21644d ago

Battlefield 4 is probably not one of the things that I will be getting at Day One.

mwjw6961644d ago


Then go the hell away...

MiHX21643d ago

@mjmw696 Why say that? I like the game,but I will not buy it on Day one.

Gozer1644d ago

Day 1 for me as well. Looks smooth. Im not expecting much graphics wise from the MP. As long as it looks as good as BF3 MP on the 360, then Im fine with that. Who knows might be pleasantly surprised. I do expect the SP to look really good though. Judging from the SP demo shown at E3, BF4 SP should look really good.

JackISbacK1643d ago

yeah i agre you but battlefields single playe are not any good they use to be yery weak,its right that their multiplayes are far better and amzing ,you can expect more from mp ,and who does care about graphics its battlefield it will look good in mp, not like that of sp but still good,if you want to play little batter sp you can go with cod ghost ,it will have better sp and mp is also settisfieng ,but i'am not cod fan ,but one time uses to be,that days are gone.

Bluemaster771644d ago

DR3 is sick I got a chance to get my hands on it. Its a very well made game, and its insane how much detail is packed into that game from a visual perspective, additionally the pure variety in the game-play is doubly impressive.

RyuCloudStrife1644d ago

You're getting an Xbox One? Wacala!

JackISbacK1643d ago

so whats bad in it,if some one wants to have good time so why are you stopping it,its is his personal diccision.people will do what ever they want, no body needs your consults.have good time with your console or pc ,lets have him dont discourage people .

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black0o1644d ago

looks good and it'll look better with the final version I Hope

colt-of-tipton1644d ago

The graphical bump up is huge compared to the current gen beta . 64 players 60fps roll on NOV 22nd !

NatureOfLogic1644d ago

If this is how the Xbone version looks, I can't wait to try out the PS4 version.

CRAIG6671644d ago

Do you think there will be a noticeable difference?
I think they will be pretty much identical.

Ezz20131644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

you have a point
in the 1st wave of multiplat games
we might not see a noticeable difference since 3rd party devs still getting used to the new consoles hardware
but the next wave of games will start to show

and exclusives will of course show that as well

Caleb_H1644d ago

@Ezz2013. The power gap will start to show. Not with battlefield 4, but within a year or two the ps4's version of multiplats will be noticeably better.

NeoTribe1644d ago

If dice takes the time to actually use the power advantage the ps4 has that would be great. I'm gonna bet they don't though. Much easier to port inferior version straight to ps4. Cheaper also. Well see though.

Ezz20131644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

ps4 is not ps3 (which was hard to work with according to 3rd party devs)

Ps4 is as easy as XB1 or even more since both using the same hardware but with ps4 is using the better specs
so it won't be problem for 3rd party studios
xb1 won't be the lead system to any multiplat game
it just won't make any sense

Mystogan1644d ago

Yeah let's blame the devs for not having magic powers to make the game look better on PS4. And completely ignore the fact that the specs are too similar. Seriously though anyone who actually believe the 30% makes all the difference is delusional. Sure it has better looking specs. But reality is its just not enough to show a real difference. And Sony always lies about performance, ALWAYS.

for gods sake they told us the PS3 would be able to run games at 120fps!

They said it was twice as powerful as the 360, seriously? WTF?

You guys always say Microsoft lies about this and that. But we have yet to see Microsoft say something ridiculous as 120fps on a console.

Caleb_H1644d ago

Who are you to say what DICE is willing to do? They took a year or two developing bf4, why not take the extra week to optimize graphics on one console?

XabiDaChosenOne1644d ago

@Mystogan its a 50% difference buddy and it does make a difference.

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liquidsnake1644d ago

I think 3rd party games will look more equal than ever before. It's the first party that'll count.

Mystogan1644d ago

Agreed. Battlefield 4 doesn't look nearly as good as Quantum Break, Ryse or Blacktusks game.

Despite popular belief. The blacktusk game trailer was running in real time.

P0werVR1644d ago

Wow! Not logical enough to hold 3 bubbles I see.

jessupj1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

I really can't comprehend why you're getting all the disagrees.

I'm getting the significantly more powerful console, so I expect better performing multiplat titles. If I don't get that, the publisher losses a sale.

I know that very simple and logical way of thinking can't be grasped by some.

Edit: just realised why you have so many disagrees. This is an xbone article, so it's just very immature ms fans not wanting the PS4 to out perform their preferred console.

If you pick the technically inferior console, you should accept the consiquences of that choice and expect lower performing multiplats. Don't grab my gaming experience down just because you're too stubborn to buy a PS4.

P0werVR1644d ago

He's a troll that's why. He spends more of his time on Xbox One posts understating even positive news.

If he like you were confident in his choice he wouldn't act so insecure about it. Also, if it's technically inferior it wouldn't be to the point of PS4 having better graphics than Xbox One. Because if anything, Xbox One is a better performing console than PS4. Specs don't define how good a console is.

BattleTorn1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

You're going to boycott 3rd-party PS4 games that don't have inferior Xbox One counterparts?

Wow, now that is sad...

JackISbacK1643d ago

i have tried it looks the same ,very very same,i have on both of them ,they both were having stady frames and resolution wass very same,but that was not final built and they still looks the same .

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HolyDuck1644d ago

It's unfortunate that there aren't many direct feed videos of BF4 from consoles bar that awful looking PS4 one, or was that direct feed? I can't remember either way, I'm sure it'll look great on both consoles.

sourav931644d ago

Oh...subtle attempt at trolling there. I don't what pisses me off more...your comments or your picture....

Angels37851644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

What pisses me off about him and many others is his total denial of fanboyism and archaic psudo-neutrality. His tactics are some of the oldest tricks in the book. Not even mentioning that bf4 was looking shitty on both consoles. I hope to god for his sake that picture isn't of him.....his image embodies the purest antisocial fanboy.

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