Wii U Will Not Turn On, Blinking Red Light.

The Wii U's Red Ring of Death

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FamilyGuy1676d ago

"Since the Wii U launch November 18 2013 there have been many complaints of the Wii U’s “Blinking Light” in a Forum..."

2013? You don't say...

Damn, not even a year old yet on top of that ninty has no solution or answer for people with the problem and just ship refurbs to compensate. I wonder how many people have had this problem.

AyoXV1676d ago

Honest typo sorry its 4am :)but yeah pretty sad

LackTrue4K1676d ago

aside from being only a year old, the lack of games/use is even more shocking!!!

1676d ago
Blu5in2wO40e1676d ago

I had the same problem, and Nintendo did not transfer my data as well. Could not even use my NNID for a while, since they had to unlink it from the old console before I could recover it. Then I had to redownload my games, but the worst part was losing the saves.

When I asked what the problem with the console was, they said the CPU had to get replaced! I first got this issue during the spring update, so it may lend some credence to all the "overclocking" rumors.

FamilyGuy1675d ago

Man lost save file are the worst. You can back up saves to a usb flash drive though right?

Blu5in2wO40e1675d ago


I had everything backed up on an external HDD, but since it was formatted with the old console, it was incompatible with the system Nintendo sent me. So if I want to use that hard drive again, I have to reformat.

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SuperBlur1676d ago

Feb 27 console sent to nintendo

May 13 (3months waiting!-_-) receive his console back, oh but wait its a refurb and they don't even bother to transfer his data

F- for Nintendo

Mike7762371675d ago

The return date is MARCH 13, so it was only ~2 weeks

_QQ_1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

video or it didn't happen.

So the Actual forum is Only 2 people who must have had a defective console.

AyoXV1676d ago

there is a video in the article

awesomeabe19981676d ago

The problem is because of the position his Wii U is in. Its not supposed to be upright and it is crammed between the shelves.

IcicleTrepan1676d ago

That's funny, because mine came with a stand for it to be just as it is in the video. I guess Nintendo doesn't even know it shouldn't be vertical. Either that or you are full of it.

awesomeabe19981676d ago

Thats true, but on the video, there is someone who commented them saying that it is best to be put sideways. That is not the only reason why it did that. The system was crammed between the shelf which does not allow for much ventilation. Correct me if im wrong, but that is not so good for a console.

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1676d ago

Looks like the Wii U & PS4 both have Red lights of death problems.

KonsoruMasuta1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

Looks like you have trolling problems.

Why don't you ever use your one bubble for something other than trolling?

stuna11676d ago

He's trapped in an infinite loop! Trolololololololo........

rambi801676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

My Goodness! Is it 4:30 ? I'm supposed to be having a back,sack and crack.

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The story is too old to be commented.