‘Infamous: Second Son’ collector’s and limited edition details clarified

Sony's Cristian Cardona has clarified some details in regards to the collector’s and limited editions of the upcoming “Infamous: Second Son.”

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Riderz13371680d ago

Yeah I want to get this just for the Jacket Alone. I miss Cole =(

But I have to say Delsin's power will make him a much more diverse character. A lot more powers will be available for him to use which should be fun.

1680d ago
Riderz13371680d ago

@Justafan - The game doesn't interest you and yet you clicked on this article. It seems to me like you're interested lol.

FamilyGuy1680d ago

What are you doing in here then justin, you like collecting disagrees or something?

That jacket is awesome, keep the game looking like a tough guy lol

UltimateMaster1679d ago

This shapes up to be the best InFamous yet.
The others were good too.
But this one has something more.

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805Junior8051680d ago

Does the Xbox One games have any special editions? I hope not. They Nickle and dimed enough with the custom headsets, battery packs and Kinect.

avangerironman1680d ago

this game kills all xbone exclusive games :D

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FamilyGuy1680d ago

Holy shi, never saw this one.
That sunlight O.O

Looks damn good, I'm still a bit mindf'd about how crazy the gameplay is. Looks more fun than any other game I've seen period. PERIOD.

SolidGear31680d ago

Whoa O_O
Now that's eye popping!

[email protected]1680d ago

That sunlight look so awesome!!! I can't wait for it!!!

ICarly19851680d ago

I wanted the collecters edition so I am at the amazon page to buy it for the PS4....but im seeing that my copy will arrive january 1st 2015! and it says the collecters edition comes out december 31st must be an error on amazon...or I don't know but im confused right now

patsrule3161680d ago

Relax. Release date on Amazon is just a place holder.

ICarly19851680d ago

ah thanks for the reply was wondering there lol

thejigisup1680d ago

Instead of the beanie can I haz coles jacket

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