Could J-Stars Victory, One Piece Red Be Heading to Europe?

Namco Bandai has acquired properties that hint at their release.

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tayz1520d ago

Damn I wish this comes to the USA so bad!!

Snookies121520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

Same here man. If it gets dubbed, I hope they include the Japanese audio as well... The only ones I'd want dubbed in English would be Goku and Vegeta. No offense to those that like the Japanese VA's. I just prefer them in English. Which kinda sucks, because I prefer Naruto and Bleach in Japanese. -_-

Too bad every game can't have that option Marvel vs Capcom 3 has... The one that lets you choose English/Japanese for individual characters lol.

CaptainSheep1520d ago

Now, THAT is good news. I'm willing to import a copy from EU. It most likely won't be dubbed, but who cares? I just want the game.

tayz1520d ago

it would be subbed, which is all i need! i hope they don't do the psn download thing for usa...that would be a crime!

Rikuson11520d ago

But I would rather a PSN Downloaded version of J-Stars subbed on the USA PS Store than nothing at all.

AceBlazer131520d ago

eu or us doesn't matter, either way would be cool.

DarkLordMalik1520d ago

I want this game! Here's hoping if it comes, the VITA version does as well.

animegamingnerd1520d ago

please please come here (also put hisoka zoro and oga in the game damn it)

thejigisup1519d ago

Oga would be a ton of fun. It would be funny to have naked baby pop up everywhere and watch things get fd up

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