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Updated List of PS4 And Xbox One Launch Window Games: After DriveClub, Watch Dogs And The Crew Delay

Earlier this week Ubisoft announced release delay for Watch Dogs and The Crew. Both these games was initially schedule to arrive in November 2013 but will now arrive in Spring 2014. Not only this, just a day ago, one major Playstation 4 launch title "DriveClub" release was also delayed to 2014, and the same old excuse was provided, "development team needs more time to polish the game".

How does this release delay of three major titles affects launch window titles list of Xbox One and PS4. The follow are the next-gen games officially annouced for a 2013 release. (Driveclub, PS4, The Crew, Watch Dogs, Xbox One)

Tooly  +   284d ago
most of them ps4 games should be bold for exclusive even if timed becuase the xbox dont have them.
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Lalanana  +   284d ago
They are on pc also. so not really
GameNameFame  +   284d ago
Agreed, but Xbox fanboys have a habit of always calling PC/Xbox game as "exclusive"

To give it a breakdown.

MMO Games - PS4

Exclusives- Both PS4 and X1 has decent line up.

Indies - PS4

Multiplats - PS4 has been confirmed by some devs that it will be graphically better, but MS has some DLC timed exclusives.

F2P - PS4 has vast more games.
ZHZ90  +   284d ago
+1 for Well Said, GameNameFame.
bigboirock  +   283d ago
ir is a Microsoft exclusive and that is pc and xbox
ATi_Elite  +   284d ago
Best Games on those list If I had to spend my Money or time playing:

Battlefield 4
Ryse Son of Rome
Killzone Shadowfall
Forza Motorsport 5
Killer Instinct
Assassins Creed 4
Planetside 2
Azman007  +   284d ago
wow so ps4 is coming out with more launch games.. i thought it was the xbox but no haha
gamer7804  +   284d ago
Ps4 has moore titles but they are indie or from previous generation. Xb1 has more exclusive nextgen titles.
Azman007  +   281d ago
ah okay awesome but playstation has more exclusive announced games right. I know xbox initially launches with more but im sure playstation has more overall being released next year.
lifeisgamesok  +   284d ago
I still like the Xbox One launch list more. I'd rather play the lesser known and less valued Crimson Dragon and Fighter Within over those indies
christocolus  +   284d ago
the xbox seems to have more of the titles i want at launch i.e ryse, forza, dr3 and cod ghost and im not really into indie games that much ..iv been a fan of the panzer dragon series though so ill be getting that as well.
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steve30x  +   284d ago
I want the Xbox one for Forza 5 but its not worth paying €500 just so that I can play one game
steve30x  +   283d ago
HAHAHA Seriously somebody thinks its worth paying €500 just to play one game. Thats redicilous
Destrania  +   284d ago
People who buy a brand new console based solely on day one content are idiots. Who has by far the best track record of exclusive titles? Who has by far the most powerful system? Who has the best controller? Oh right, it's Sony and the PS4. Btw, Xbone only has 70 confirmed games in development while PS4 has 150 and the console's aren't even released yet. Something to think about.
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sigfredod  +   284d ago
The crew was never a launch title, misleading title
Dissidia  +   283d ago
I was really looking forward to Drive Club in a few weeks time, but a couple more months and a better overall product is a good thing.

Still getting the Knack Bundle

KZ ShadowFall

& the indie/PSN titles
Destrania  +   283d ago
Heck yeah, can't wait.
towelie1288  +   283d ago
X1 Day one !
getting Ryse,DR3 and Bf4 and a extra controller
KI looks sweet also
will get a ps4 later next year
KongRudi  +   283d ago
Think author forgot to put in Putty Squad, PS4-launchgame. :)

And if pre-installed Playroom don't count, half the Kinect titles should also be removed. :P
Since Playroom have a game you can play, airhockey, and leaderboards and similar, while Kinect is just giant QTE stuff, minus the accuracy+get sweaty. :P
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