Microsoft Just Edges Sony in ABI Research’s; Nintendo a Distant 3rd

Sony fell to second in the game console assessment in part because key PlayStation 4 (PS4) differentiators like cloud gaming are still untested (and won’t be fully available at launch), but largely because Microsoft has shown more features on the broader entertainment front (e.g. hybrid premium/OTT services). Nintendo secured the third position but a significant gap remains between it and market leaders.

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yellowgerbil1398d ago

first. I don't trust the legitimacy of any website that has Popup ads. Second. Who the hell is ABI, any credibility they had was gone the second they said the deciding factore was TV Apps.

fardan851398d ago

Crappy website looking for hits.
I just tried their source, there's nothing about PS4/Xb1/WiiU.

theBAWSE1398d ago

can't wait for these consoles to be released in a month.. and specs officially torn down

then sites like this claiming similar in power etc will have to find a new way to earn that Microsoft dollar and help MICROSOFTS cause and spread misinformation

fardan851398d ago

@ theBAWSE

One month remaining, we will get a clear idea about what's inside the consoles. Hopefully the console war will stop after that and we will just enjoy our games on our preferred console.

@ BBBirdistheWord

I'm not sure what's wrong with you. The article is written by some delusional person, I checked the author source, there's nothing in there. You should try by yourself. Don't fall to stupid tricks.

ezop1397d ago

didn't look very hard did you, its on there main page "bottom left article"

4Sh0w1397d ago Show
BBBirdistheWord1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

@ fardan

I checked the links:
It appears this company has been providing analytical research for 23 years. Hardly a 'crappy website'

Most importantly, here's the link with the info on ps4/xb1 that you could not find. It took about ten seconds for me to find on the abi website.

You don't need to apologise to me as you demonstrated EXACTLY the fanboy behaviour that I was talking about and you proved my point nicely for all to see.

fardan851397d ago

@ ezop
Thanks for the post, I admit that I didn't bother to look hard. Don't have the mood to do that.
Apology to the author with the website.


OT: they are saying "Sony fell to second in the game console assessment in part because key PlayStation 4 (PS4) differentiators like cloud gaming are still untested (and won’t be fully available at launch)", Did MS showed demonstration for cloud uses on games?

@ 4Sh0w

I'm sorry that I don't fit for your "fanboy label", You know you could have done a better thing by just pointing out that the source is valid, just like what the guy with the comment above you did.
I don't care about who "win" the war, I care about making a decision, if I should buy "insert console name" or not.
Try to be helpful instead of whatever you're trying to be.

GiggMan1397d ago

The "researchers" seem to be going off of bullet points and PR talk to make their decision. I seriously doubt they had hands on with either product.

Microsoft's cloud theory when it comes to gaming is just that, theory's not proving (yet). The TV functionality is not available to all at launch either (which I still don't get). If that's the case then they should factor in Sony's Gaikai service that hasn't been proven yet also. (Honestly I don't know if they did or not because there was no break down of the decision making process in the article. lol.)

It is what it is though, a Competitive Assessment and not a review. People still on the fence should wait for actual hands on reviews.

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Thehyph1397d ago

I'm not going to attack the website, but I'll choose to debate its claims.

I don't automatically assume that Xbox One is the better rounded entertainment device. I would assume that if a casual buyer wants to purchase one of these consoles, then any unbiased rep should point them towards ps4. They have the same media apps, but the cheaper console doesn't require its own subscription to use those apps. And, for current gen: bluray.

Also, I live in Canada. I'm already assuming that "not available at launch" really means it'll probably be a year or more. Canada is one of those markets where 360 is very much ahead of ps3, so it matters. I'm not faulting Microsoft on this as it's Canada itself. (I'm still waiting on Google to come through on their play music licensing here, and that's been over a year now. Netflix is comparatively awful, too, and there's a reason everyone proxies to get US Netflix here.)

Sony are a major publisher of media, and they are actively trying to secure one of the biggest content deals ever. Here's something to consider: SCE is not the one doing this deal. I'm assuming it is Sony's publishing arm. There's no guarantee that this deal will only profit one console. I believe that this deal is part of an attempt to take on Netflix, and as such would be available on every device they can reach.

I don't even know where in going with this or why I'm in bed doing this on a Saturday morning; so, I'll leave it at that.

Sono4211397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

Their source has zero credibility... I found one list on the entire site that even had the Xbox One and PS4 in it and it had them both listed at the same spot and had horrible gaming devices ive never even heard of at the top of the list while valve's steambox was somewhere near the bottom.. Also at the bottom of the article it says "GAME MARKET STILL MICROSOFT'S, NINTENDO'S, AND SONY'S TO LOSE" like wtf? How do they lose? anyways see for yourself..

I would say this site is anything BUT reliable and I don't even see where the guy who made this article got the information he's talking about.. it is literally nowhere to be found on this site.

Can we get this reported already?

GameNameFame1397d ago

Just out of curiosity. You say this is reputable site and such.

How about tons of other reputable site saying otherwise?

-Tons of site talked to devs and they all said PS4 is far more powerful.
-Sales Analytics done by big firms.
-and spec that was shown.

All those are reputable. However, you desperately cling to one article over all those floods of articles.

And most of those are from reputable sites.

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Anon19741397d ago

I'm in the same boat as stevehyphen. As a Canadian, all the Xbox One's television features are completely irrelevant as they're only for US markets. Personally, even if they were available in Canada I'd most likely never use them. The last thing I want is another device between me and my cable box adding another level of unnecessary complexity when all I want to do is watch television.

What this research should have done is measured the usefulness of the television features, and taken into account the availability of the features before ultimately making their conclusion.

If I'm faced with two toasters and one also doubles as a fax machine but only if you live in Scandinavia, I'm going to pick the toaster without fax. ABI might claim the Scandinavian Fax toaster is the better product overall, but that's not going to influence my purchasing decision. Obviously, I'm not going to shell out extra for features I neither want nor can use in my region.

pixelsword1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

I can respect their conclusion since they do research as a business, but let's leave it at that and not read more into it than what it is: an opinion.

In any instance one being favored over another doesn't mean they're fake or lying, it doesn't mean that you will instantly enjoy one over the other more either; it's just an opinion.

What people aren't factoring is that they can't judge some features because the consoles aren't "up" yet, so the gap will either widen in Xbone's favor or the PS4 will over take the xbone.

Sono4211397d ago

Can someone explain why they disagree with me? ^^

I even post a link as to why this source isn't credible and the fact that this guy is writing an article on something that doesn't even exist?

I atleast link the only list on the site that even mentions both consoles, so if your going to disagree atleast post a link showing this "supposed" list this guy is talking about.. and even if you somehow do.. (which I doubt you can)that would mean this site has 2 contradicting lists.. so how can you decide which one is legitimate? You xbox fanboys are seriously grasping for straws here.. tons of devs say PS4 > Xbox One then one article without a credible source says Xbox One > PS4 and that's what you go with? lol

and people say there's a playstation fanboy problem on this site... sheesh

wishingW3L1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )


Welcome to N4G. ;)

BTW the only way you get bubbles here is through pandering. Defending Sony at all cost is what works the most if you want to rack up on some bubbles really fast. Especially if you're within the first few comments on a controversial article. XD

BBBirdistheWord1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

@ sono

Here's the link to the article you cannot find, on which the article is based. Both sources are reputable and established.

The correct link has been posted numerous times now.
It honestly disappoints me that you have been unable to fathom your own mistake and then ask why you got disagrees...

Now that you have the link, why not consider debating the content constructively, such as stevehypen and others have done.

CommonSense1397d ago


you forgot to mention the part where they relentless downvote you and take your bubbles because you attempted to shatter their delusions.

NewMonday1397d ago

according to the article Microsoft just edges Sony because of TV and DVR, so for the wrong reasons as far as gamers are concerned.

and ABI admit they didn't fully test the complete PS4 features, so their judgment is flawed.

things like the clear disparity in quality of 3rd party games that will run better on the PS4 will only be undisputedly evident after the consoles launch

also when Gaikai starts next year the matter will be settled.

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Drewidian1398d ago (Edited 1398d ago )

So... I'm going to preface this as one of the people interested in TV, but what happens when MS forms partnerships with Cable or Satellite companies to sell the Xbox One on a 2 year contract for $99 - $199 down? They could even partner with a gym chain like Liftime fitness or LA fitness with a similar deal where you can get Xbox Live for free with these contracts and have access to a special class or consulting with a physical trainer who could group Skype with a class of up to 25 people and have a more personalized experience.

My point is that the Xbox One will in all likelihood appeal to a much broader audience than the PS4 simply because it has more functionality.

When you take into consideration that maybe Sony will sell 10 M PS4s world wide in the first year (Sony said 5M in the first 6 months is their goal so I doubled that)and that there are some 800M cable/satellite subscribers world wide, and that there are over 45M gym memberships in the US alone, you can understand that the broader market appeal is why they give the edge to Xbox One over the life of the console since the PS4 primarily does gaming, and may have some streaming services that will also be available on the Xbox one with one exception to date while MS has many more streaming services. I'm just saying the Xbox One will have a broader appeal to average people than the PS4.

Parapraxis1398d ago (Edited 1398d ago )

PS4 will have Netflix available to use, with no additional charges.
Youtube, HULU, etc, just like on PC.

You don't nee PS+ to use anything other than multiplayer with the PS4.
Combine that with a $100 less price tag, and I guarantee you joe schmo won't give two s**s about partnerships that MS has with anybody, let alone gyms.

Appeal to a broader audience? lol, sorry kid, but being $399 will be the greatest appeal, and when all the services that people already pay for are NOT behind a paywall, it will only look even more sensible of a purchase.

You can keep dreaming, it's all good, but if you honestly think MS' feeble attempts at locking down cable providers or NFL subscriptions will make any dent in their overall success you are greatly overestimating the general public's desire for "YEAAAH FOOTBALL entertainment" hubs, and greatly underestimating their ability to see the value difference offered between the PS4 and XBOX One, when Netflix subscriptions, and the like are considered, at a $100 lower price tag.

black0o1398d ago

U are forgetting the fact that smart TVs can snap apps this days .. and the fact that xbone needs a cable box as well

why 'd someone pay 400$ extra to get almost the same experience which u get from app-tv and google-tv ???

Drewidian1398d ago


I'm not attacking you personally so please, let's be adults here and have logical debates.

I'm a gamer. I play PC, PS3, Xbox 350, I even got an Ouya just to try it out, and yes, I pay for PS+ and Xbox Live. For me and at least 40+M other Xbox gamers, the Live cost isn't a big deal since we freely pay for it.

I work out at a gym and have several friends who are instructors where I work out. They are all talking about setting up personal training classes based on the capability of being able to offer a unique personal experience to those who either don't want to go to the gym, are self conscious, or don't have the time. Several of the women at my office have considered it simply because they don't have to leave home and can join a class with a relative or friend who lives in another state or is difficult to coordinate schedules with.

I get it. Its not for you, but for those who need the convenience, it works. $500 or even $99 down as part of a gym membership is nothing when you compare the costs associated with joining a gym. Its about the convenience of doing it in home and getting a professional or even a friend to motivate you. It makes sense from a business perspective as well since it could make a serious amount of money for a trainer who doesn't have to leave home or can just work out of a gym with remote people and can help them based on the biometric data gathered. There are a ton of possibilities.

Oh and I'm not a kid. There's no reason to assume that I was.

Ezz20131398d ago (Edited 1398d ago )

""I'm a gamer. I play PC, PS3, Xbox 350""

Xbox 350 ?!0_0
ahhh, i knew it ..there is another life on other universe.


PoSTedUP1398d ago (Edited 1398d ago )

heres a contract on top of your phone, internet and cable bill "oh? so what does it do?" well, it can be your phone, internet and cable.. and GAMING. "woah : O no. way." so youll buy our shiz to continue to view your shiz : D? "YES, yes i would"


another scenario

heres a contract to replace your gym membership "whyyy?" well, it does your phone, internet and cable... and GAMING. "what about equipment?" we sell it to you... "hdhsjdbbfjdj sign me up!!"

highly unikely.

MS wouldnt be stupid enough to even secure an exclusive deal with the likes of breaking bad or another huge network because in reality itll be "on to the next one" for most people, let alone how much money it would cost them. people dont really care all that much bc stuff like tv and movies come and goes, no ones gonna dish out a contract to get things that they have no problem getting their hands on.

and the gym membership... how is that going to work? they now have to pay for the partnership and whos gonna hire and pay for the bazgillion extra personal trainers that they will need? do you really think they will benifit that much to where they would be able to do so? LA is an incredibly exensive gym, they want to keep it that way. there are plenty of gyms that are 10-20$ a month. there is a lot you cant do with personal training through a video, hence why people pay for one on one personal trainers in real life. sure you can talk through video, but you can also rewind a free video on youtube. i personally dont see it happening or working out for anyones business at all, realistically.

Insomnia_841398d ago (Edited 1398d ago )

They will have cable services available without the need of a box.

And currently have Yupptv available on PS3, an app that offers more than 150 indian tv channels.

MazzingerZ1398d ago Show
itBourne1398d ago (Edited 1398d ago )

NVM lol someone beat me to the links, but Insomnia is right, they have the other stuff too, they are just focused on the gamer because those are the early adopters.

wsoutlaw871397d ago

I keep hearing all this stuff that the xbox one supposedly does with tv but Im still not sure what it is. What it can change inputs? It has apps just like the 360, ps3/4, and my tv? Im not really seeing a reason to pay 500 for things tvs and devices already do them selves

yellowgerbil1397d ago

That's all well and good till you realize that it is SONY that is more appealing on that front. It has already been shown that sony is making a run at making its own tv service with the viacom deal. What is better? partnering with terible companies like Comcast. Or giving comcast the finger and offering a better service yourself

iiwii1397d ago

And the second they do something like that is when they will start raping their customers for $$$$ for every click of the button they make, and not only that, they will have the camera there so that they can charge you PER PERSON for content that you want. Don't forget the XB1 camera can count the number of people in the room.

I wonder how many shiny new surface tablets they got in their office for writing publishing this crap?

CommonSense1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )


He's a kid for being perfectly logical? THAT is what is childish. You, like the majority of the n4g community, are quite the hypocrite.


you're wasting your time, dude. These people live in a fantasy land that is perpetuated by the affirmation they get from the other people sharing that fantasy.

They are long-time sufferers of Post-purchase rationalization.

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BobBelcher1397d ago ShowReplies(3)
Izzy4081397d ago Show
XB1_PS41397d ago

They are a technology market intelligence company with a 23 year proven track record that is focused on putting information into the hands of executives in order to enable them to make the right decisions on technology and market investment at the right time.

At least that's what there "About Us" section says.

NeoTribe1397d ago ShowReplies(1)
Shnazzyone1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

Yeah, this study doesn't make sense I barely understand what the hell they are gauging. Here's the reason why nintendo's got a gap.

" If not for Nintendo’s wider distribution network, console heritage, and first party titles it would start to find itself in closer competition with many of the new market entrants."

Seriously... what? Those sound like good things.

Rainstorm811397d ago

Maybe they are taking away points for the most gaming centric devices?