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Submitted by eezo 846d ago | news

Amazing Playstation 4 Hands-on Set At Sony Store: PS4 Plus 110 Inch 4K TV

Take a look at the set-up of Playstation 4 hands-on at Sony Store for fans to try out their hands on this amazing next-gen console. The complete set-up features PS4 plus 110 4K TV. (PS4, Sony)

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M-M  +   846d ago
I don't even think that TV would fit anywhere in my house lol. Seeing a lot of positive reactions about the PS4, can't wait to try it myself.
FarEastOrient  +   846d ago
Can I get that combo on sale? ^_^
Eonjay  +   846d ago
And for the low low price of $24,999.99; you too can own this item... It might be cheaper to actually install a 110 inch screen and projector.
Battlefieldlover  +   846d ago
Nebraska Furniture mart has a 65 inch Sony 4K TV on sale for 4,999 and a 55 inch for 3,999. Give it a year and they will be even more affordable but $5,000 albeit expensive but affordable if you can save and have a decent job. I'll still wait for around the$2,000 range.
fghtrer3fb5erg  +   846d ago
Someone exaggerated on the tv size (not you), its 84 inches not 110.
kparks  +   846d ago
It would be a pain in the ass playing a fps on this tv.. I got a 60inch sony and its just too much screen to cover.. I think imma get a 42 panasonic plasma in My bedroom to play on i prefer playing games on a plasma anyway my sony is a LED... whats everyone else got??
torchic  +   846d ago
that range around 40" is definitely the sweet spot for online FPS games. I've switched between bigger and smaller TVs but for FPSs I fully agree that large TVs don't work well. I only see large TVs working well for slow-paced 3rd person adventure/RPGs with big expansive worlds.

I currently play on a 40" Bravia LCD and it's not too much, not too little. like you said there's just too much ground for your eyes to cover on large TVs, especially in a twitch shooter like CoD where I think you'd ideally want a majority of the screen in the centre of your gaze and less in your peripheral vision.
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Back-to-Back  +   846d ago
Get a 23" monitor if you enjoy playing fps. A monitor destroys a tv in terms of performance.
Aceman18  +   846d ago
46" Panasonic plasma, awesome tv
bigtrucknd  +   846d ago
55" Panasonic plasma. Just sit further back and screen size is perfect. I say bigger is always better.
PiperMCFierceson   846d ago | Spam
Sitdown  +   846d ago
Not if you are being raped.

Forgive me, it's been a Law and Order: SVU morning. ;-)
pkb79  +   846d ago
I finally got around to playing through killzone 3 the last couple of day on my 50 inch Plasma. Works great. Using the PS move gun and it so fast and easy to play. With the surround sound cranked its like I'm really there.
badz149  +   846d ago
1080p projector here. 84" is nothing!
irepbtown  +   845d ago
37'' LG, 1080p and 200hz.

LCD so it isn't the slimmest but it's good.
maddskull  +   845d ago
i am looking to get a tv but i dont know what should i get any recommendations
PersonMan  +   845d ago
I'm going to have to agree with Back-to-Back. Gaming on a PC monitor has many advantages. No input lag (TVs have picture enhancing processing built in and even game mode doesn't get rid of all the lag) and also, monitors can have very low pixel response time like 2ms (which means no ghosting on fast paced games).

I've got a Samsung XL2370 and it rocks. The backlight is even, there is no clouding, the response time is 2ms and there's no input lag.
kparks  +   845d ago
@mad i would look at a panasonic plasma i think there the best for games and movies and there much improved from years ago i dont think u can get anything better my sony led is a ok tv but i wish i had gotten the Panasonic
HighResHero  +   845d ago
I played most of my PS3 games on a 55" Samsung, including shooters.
I've never had a problem,unless I got too close to it obviously.
Sitting the right distance from a TV, viewing from the right angle, being comfortable, etc. are crucial to me.
I do most of my PC gaming on laptops and definitely need one of those Powergrips for the Vita since I'm always fidgeting with it.
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ThatOneGuyThere  +   845d ago
I rock a 100 inch 3D HD projector in my room. Screw TVs. hahaha Its impossible to go back. everything else just looks tiny, dull, and dumb. And to top it off, the setup was under 1,000$(including my 1000watt 5.1 system). :-D
ThatOneGuyThere  +   845d ago

I played through all of KZ3 on my 100 inch projector in 3d with the move rifle. It was like i was in the holodeck. I was exhausted.
boneso82  +   845d ago
60" Samsung plasma! Way better picture quality and motion handling than an LCD. I have a 47" LCD in the bedroom which was my main living room TV until I upgraded, never looked back... The difference between the two sets when playing games running at 60fps is incredible, plasma all the way for next gen!

Ps, for the benefit of madskull, it's a ps60e6500, check out a few reviews online, highly recommended TV and amazing size and quality for the price. Only get a Panasonic if you don't mind insane amounts of image retention, I sent 2 Panasonic plasma s back before I got my sammy, no problems with image retention since day 1. Go big or go home I say...
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zeroskie  +   845d ago
40" Samsung 1080p LED. Unsure about what kind of TVs are good for gaming, but this one works okay.
Boody-Bandit  +   845d ago

It depends on what size display you want. For gaming nothing beats a PC monitor for sheer performance but they have poor contrast ratio and most of them have meh color saturation.

You get a much overall better "punch in the gut" vibrancy and illumination from and LED. Plasmas usually are best for no motion judder. ALL of them have their trade offs.

Set a budget, determine the size you want, than find a few models to choose from. Write down the model numbers and than do a search "input lag - tv manufacturer model". There are a few sites that do true input lag measurements. Find a display in your budget with the least input lag. It's the single most important aspect for a gaming display. It could mean the difference between, WTF, I shot the guy / he had his freaking bad to me vs. Damn I'm mopping these b*tches up and it's not even my birthday.

WTF with this article? This isn't 110 inch display. I wish they did have one. I am looking to retire my projector and 110 screen for an LED display. The biggest display I've seen so far in the U.S. is a 90" display. I'm going to make the jump as soon as 100" hits retail.
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iiwii  +   845d ago
Agreed. I had a 65" and it was great for playing single player campaign stuff, but going online, it just was not great at all. I downgraded to 60" to get 3D but still the same. It also seems to cause more eye fatigue after playing for awhile on the big screen.

When I game online, I move my PS3 to my 24" computer monitor with HDMI. It's like night and day difference from the big screen.
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Jack_Of_All_Blades  +   845d ago
27" LG LED IPS monitor
ATi_Elite  +   846d ago
" I played Knack, it's pretty much just a hit square to attack them type of game, "

Really? I find this very interesting.

I wish you could enlarge this picture because the image on the TV screen looks to be displayed so wonderfully.

4K is mesmerizing.
Magicite  +   846d ago
110inch? Holy shi* and I thought my 60inch is huge :O
JackISbacK  +   845d ago
this tv is amzing man but it will cost very much i dont think there can be problems of hanging on the the wall ,but i will buy this and will play both xbox one and PS4 on this tv and will have good time and i will also conect this tv to my pc to play battlefield 4 and titanfall to play them on 4k which will look truly amzing ,oh god my pc can support 4k because is high end.
TAURUS-555  +   845d ago
RIP xbox1
Syntax-Error  +   845d ago
Fuck all the bullshit stories about which console is better. Just look at the trending stories and you will see mixed statements across the board. All these articles are everyones fanboy opinions and propaganda. There's no consistency at all. One article stating that PS4 shows off the it's power to other next gen consoles and the other article stating that XBO is ahead of the pack. This leads me to understand that ALL of these articles are TRASH
black0o  +   846d ago
'"The controller is awesome. It's without a doubt better than the Xbox 360 controller (I've always preferred the 360 controller over DS3)''

good to know that the non-fanboys/gals of x360 gamers are finding DS4 better
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FamilyGuy  +   846d ago
So, from the article, I'm guessing Sony reps are actually ENCOURAGING people to put their hand on the console to feel how cool its running. We keep seeing people do this recently in videos and this might be the reason why.

9 ft tv is a bit of an overkill, that's like having a movie theater in your living room though being 4k being put to good use here though lol.
source pic

I wonder which Sony store this was at though?
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Umb  +   846d ago
That's what people used to say about a 17"CRT monitor being overkill back in the
ATi_Elite  +   846d ago
Bubbles + Helpful (like you need anymore lol)

I just commented on wanting this picture enlarge and BAM you delivered.

ThatOneGuyThere  +   845d ago
and whats wrong with having a theater in your house? I love mine...
JackISbacK  +   845d ago
no buudy you may can be finding it good personaly ,i respact that but for me xbox controller is the most prefferable by me ,ds4 is a huge improvement over ds3 but is known that xbox controller is very comfortable and feels best for fps games ,and that controller which can play fps the best it can aslo give good feeling in 3rd party games,sorry to say and feels bad that i read 3 days back in a review of ds4 that it is an amzing cotroller but not like xbox 360 controler ,i've experience both next gen controller and again find xbox one controler the best because in such a way that conroller sits on my hand was amzing and ds4 was also quite amzing ,i liked both of them but xbox one controleer the best personaly and i'am getting both consoles and both consoles are having amzing games ,i hope we will se more games on ps4 in future because for now there is shortage of big titles but i have believe in sony and this time around in terms of good exclusive xbopx one is giving them neck to neck battle but for now xbox is having more big titles than sony which are all fun .i will have good gaming on my both consoles.
Xsilver  +   846d ago
That TV tho.
hulk_bash1987  +   846d ago
Haha, beat me to it. Wish I had the coin to have that kind of set up.
Xsilver  +   846d ago
i guess i gotta dodge a few bills to get this TV http://funny-pictures-blog....
GreenRanger  +   846d ago
110 inches?!


Related image(s)
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FamilyGuy  +   846d ago
lmao, perfect.
Snookies12  +   846d ago
Nice to know the prince of Saiyans will always be there to measure things for us. Whether its length or width, or even power levels...
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Mega24  +   845d ago
"Defeating a sandwich only makes it tastier"
Narutone66  +   845d ago
IMO, that TV in the picture doesn't look like 110". More like 84". A 110" TV almost looks like it's from floor to ceiling size. Something like this: http://www.bigpicturebigsou...
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tanookisuit  +   846d ago
I can't even begin to imagine the split-screen shenanigans on a TV that large! It would be glorious though.
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fOrlOnhOpe57  +   846d ago
Oh my goodness. It just made it to Number 1 in my must-buy with big lottery win :)
rockbottom3076  +   846d ago
Sony doesn't make a 110 inch 4k tv that's an 84
rockbottom3076  +   846d ago
Lol on disagree look it up
Snookies12  +   846d ago
Lol, people like to phantom disagree without saying why. Even if you state a fact.
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Destrania  +   846d ago
The PS4 looks so small compared to that beast of a television.
nevin1  +   846d ago
lol, that was my 1st thought too.
BKsecret  +   846d ago
That's an 84" XBR X900.

Sony doesn't make any 110".
Hicken  +   846d ago
Is it that they don't MAKE a 110", or that they don't SELL a 110"?
BeAGamer  +   846d ago
obviously you can't sell something you don't make
#9.1.1 (Edited 846d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report
Hicken  +   846d ago
Retailers do it all the time, and Sony does have their own stores....

That aside, just because they MAKE something doesn't mean they have to SELL it.
BKsecret  +   845d ago
This is a showcase store, they won't display an item that is custom made. Even if it is custom, they wouldn't design it as a product that they are currently selling to the public: the 84" X900 series.

For custom sake, they would either hide the bezel and just show the screen. This is what they would do in a comparison between their product and even to their "previous flagship" or other manufacturer.
PersonMan  +   845d ago
It could be custom. It is a Sony store after all.
theXtReMe1  +   846d ago
What is the price on that TV? If it is sub $10,000, I may consider it.

Of course, 4k projectors will probably be out next summer and cost a hell of a lot less.

If anyone is interested in a Optoma HD33 1080p 3D projector, that only has a few hours on the bulb... Let me know. I bought two for my studios and only need one. I will give you a great price on it, if you are in the USA. It is an awesome projector that will give you a bright, colorful and sharp 2D or 3D picture at up to 300"... I am doing 120" and it looks phenomenal, whether watching HD broadcasts, Blurays or gaming.
ZoyosJD  +   845d ago
The 84" is $25,000 and will require a manual upgrade to HDMI 2.0.

The 65" is $5000 - 5500 depending on speakers; the 55" is $3500 - 4000 depending on speakers. Both will automatically update to HDMI 2.0.

There are some 84" LG 4k tvs going for just under $10,000 in new condition on amazon. No idea on HDMI status there.
HappyWithOneBubble  +   846d ago
Playing KZSF on that TV would be crazy.
elhebbo16  +   846d ago
and a bit of an overkill as well since KZSF only goes up to 1080p.
ooquis  +   846d ago
Sure...but if you could y not!
JackISbacK  +   845d ago
not crazy but good.
ooquis  +   846d ago
Sony really going all out this gen....exciting times folks!
GentlemenRUs  +   846d ago
I know 4K is impressive but I think i'll stick to my 43" 3DTV for a few more years.

Who knows, The price might come down as well as 4K on smaller TV's.
Sevir  +   846d ago
While I'm thrilled they are demoing units the point of demoing 1080p games on an 84" 4k monitor that cost $7000-$15000 has me scratching head, HD games are what drove the sales of HD TV 7 years ago, and seeing as there are no UHD Games that support that TV, the point in having one when games and consoles are just starting to hit 1080p natively seems counter intuitive. The PS4 and XBO both support 4k movie playback and picture output,but there are No UHD movies available outside the movie theater and the UHD channels are laughable in content as is.

Just give me the PS4, they'd have a better chance selling a 60+ in 1080p tv with a PS4 surround sound system instead of glorious 4k moniter that's displaying a 1080p feed of media.
#14 (Edited 846d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
level 360  +   846d ago
I believe there aren't any 4K developed games as of present whether it be PS4 or XBox ONE and I'm quite certain Sony and Microsoft would agree this is as fact.

Mastered in 4K Blu Ray films there are a few of course.
#15 (Edited 846d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Thomaticus  +   845d ago
4K TV doesn't exist to me. If I can't afford it, I don't even acknowledge it.
Bolts  +   845d ago
I have a 4k TV myself and my number one disappointment is the inability of the PS4 and Xbox One to do all games in native 1080p. Having to play games in 720p on this TV is going to totally blow.
#17 (Edited 845d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
kingduqc  +   845d ago
people still think 4k tv are over 10000$... tehy are as low as 4K$, give it a year or two and it will be the price of high end 1080p from last year.
FlyingFoxy  +   845d ago
Wouldn't playing media in 1080p look pretty pixellated/grainy on such a large screen going down from native 4k? Because it will on PC monitors.

For TV i can see 4k being popular, but for games its currently not much good as even strong PC hardware only runs games at 30fps at that resolution..

1080p and 60+ fps for me.
cunnilumpkin  +   845d ago
yeah, dat ps4/xbox1 900p is gonna look sweet on a screen designed for 10x higher resolutions

4k is a waste for anything but pc
hellvaguy  +   845d ago
4k movies are suppose to be the next big thing I guess, but for games only a few high end pcs can pull that off.
slazer101  +   844d ago
I agree. Movies are what they are catering to with 4K. Sony also offers a new 4k movie streaming service with these new tv's.

OT 84" TV is sweet but way too expensive. I have a 60" Sony that I paid 4K for. Still pricey if you ask me. It is an awesome tv though. Also you do have to sit back from the TV to play games. Siting to close makes me nauseous. Lol
#20.1.1 (Edited 844d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
hellvaguy  +   845d ago
Playing on my 60" tv puts me at a disadvantage online. I dont have any lag issues but just looking around that much real state will slow you down. For single player games its fine, but not for serious online gaming, imo (and others who came to my house to play have said the same thing).
Haules  +   845d ago
Thats one big ass TV!
Caleb_H  +   845d ago
There are no words for the awesomeness of this set up.

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