10 Facts You May Or May Not Know About the PS4

Angie Santiago from SpawnFirst reports: "We’re back with some more news about the inner workings of the PS4. Again, from Computer Bild comes 10 facts that you probably didn’t know about the PlayStation 4 (translated and laid out for you in an easy to read format!) They ran some tests and answered questions via their YouTube and Facebook pages. Some are already known to everyone while some are more informative."

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GreenRanger1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

"The PS4 needs 21 seconds to fully boot up. However, this was tested on a developer kit so this could change by launch."

21 seconds?!!

I hope they can shorten that boot up time.

It would be embarrassing if a console boot up time was longer than my sex life.

M-M1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

"It would be embarrassing if a console boot up time was longer than my sex life."


I hope this isn't the case, it only takes my PS3 about 10 seconds to boot up.

lashes2ashes1492d ago

It has a save/sleep mode like pc that takes almost no electricity so I don't think it's really made to completely power down very much. Wake up time is the true test .

FamilyGuy1492d ago

Definitely gotta be shorter than that on the retail units, I already know the sleep mode boot time is instant though.

minimur121492d ago

"As you already know, the PS4 can play Blu-Ray movies as well as DVDs. However, the console doesn’t seem to play audio CDs. The feature may become available in the future, though."

If I'm not mistaken I'm pretty sure you can't 'emulate' compatibility for Audio CD.

AgentSmithPS41491d ago

21 seconds is ok for me, I'll need that much time to wipe the nervous sweat from my hands before I gently grasp the dualshock4's udders.

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black0o1492d ago

lol .. i think this is only the test kits

Xsilver1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

get your sex life in check mine shorter than this sentence
_\ \_

Ezz20131492d ago

that because it was tested on Dev kit

"It would be embarrassing if a console boot up time was longer than my sex life."

21 sec ?! WOOOW
dude how can you hold that long ? @[email protected]

showtimefolks1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )


Stop it man stop it lol lmao

Come on darling let me please you
Starts up ps4
16.5 seconds later
Comes back to ps4 and says you are my true love lol

Husband: did you know ps4 takes 21 seconds to start
Wife: really well at least something in this house can go over 20 seconds
Husband: isn't listening since he has pulse headset

Wife SMH lol

Sorry about extremely bad
Extremely tedious humor

Rageanitus1492d ago

Add an SSD in the machine.

nypifisel1492d ago

Does the next gen consoles support SSD? I'm honestly at a loss there.

BoriboyShoGUN1492d ago

Is that from the system being completely shutdown or in standby mode.Because I remember them saying that it would be ready to go immediately coming off of standby a while back.

Insomnia_841492d ago

I assume the standby mode will be immediate like the Vita.

Fil1011492d ago

Well at least you have somthing to do while your waiting for the ps4 to boot up

Kingthrash3601492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

dang it is 21 sec for boot up...all good tho just enough time to wipe the drool off my ds4

Bathyj1491d ago

I'm sure there's a harddrive, joystick, floppy disc joke in there somewhere.


Damn some viagra or somethin....shit!

xtremeimport1491d ago

Didn't know it doesn't play Cds.
That isn't a HUGE deal, but i usually use my Playstation to play christmas cds around the holidays.

A little nit pick for me.

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DialgaMarine1492d ago

It says it can't play audio CDs, but can it at least burn them like the PS3 can? I mean I know it's kindof a useless feature in this age, but I still would like to have some music stored on my system so I can listen to music while I play games. Hopefully Qriocity will do that, if anything.

Skate-AK1492d ago

Nope. Pretty sure I read they took the write cd to HDD feature out.

FamilyGuy1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

yeah you can copy files to the PS4 and play them as digital audio files but the PS4 isn't made to read audio CDs or play them.

So only data disc with audio files like mp3s will work. They mentioned this waaaaay back in February but I'm still lost on why. I never buy let alone used audio cds but I never expected them to not work :/

DarkBlood1492d ago

so your saying it cant read off the CD *i assume this has something do to with the laser drive?* but it can rip music off of it and put it on the system?

so im guessing i can use my ps4 for games and blu-ray movies which would be obvious i know that lol

FamilyGuy1492d ago

Dave Chappelle moment...

It's like koolaid, only it comes from fruit.

cell9891491d ago

you mean rip them? doesnt seem like thats possible, as I remember reading an article where Sony confirmed that the laser reader on the PS4 is not compatible for Compact Disks, so maybe not even a firmware update would fix this.

I recommend you rip them on your laptop, then transferred them to your PS4 via USB flash memory


Useless!? Sony tripped on that one....bigtime. always good to have that option.

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Godmars2901492d ago

"The console plays movies at 4K resolution. However, games retain their resolution of either 1080p or 720p. Implementing a 4K resolution to games would essentially cost game developers far too much money."

"Implementing a 4K resolution to games would essentially cost game developers far too much money."

And yet Sony and MS both have been touting 4K as if it were something easily done.

The gaming industry never learns.

Rageanitus1492d ago

The truth is 4k gaming uses sheer raw power.
Only top PC gaming rigs can run games at a reasonable FPS at that rez, and still that depends on intense the game is.

Godmars2901492d ago

One you're missing the part where 4k resolution would cost more. Two I've never head of 4k demo for PC, meaning no PC dev is worried about it.

neogeo1491d ago

games in 4k and even rigs that are cutting edge struggle with it.

ruefrak1491d ago

Well, I think they're touting 4k media such as movies. I'm not even sure why everyone is so concerned with 4k gaming when:
A: Very, very few people own 4k TVs. And I'd be willing to bet that J.J. Moneybags who does own one isn't wondering when he can play Call of Duty on it.
B: Most games today are still at 720p, so maybe we can get to 1080 before worrying about 4k.

Majin-vegeta1492d ago

Time to rip all my Bone thugs CD'S to my PS4 and jam while playing.

Deadpoolio1492d ago

Wow people still listen to them...Hmmmm who would thought

Majin-vegeta1492d ago

There pretty much the only relevant rappers nowadays.Everyone else just sings about Money,weed and punani

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