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What Excites You Most About The PS4?

With less than 30 days until the release of the PlayStation 4, there are many reasons to be excited for the new system. It's got games, it's got accessories and it's got a sexy look. (IGN, PS4, Tag Invalid)

Update post what excites you in the comments

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GreenRanger  +   319d ago
The games, of course.

And the same goes for the Xbox One.
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hulk_bash1987  +   318d ago
The games (launch and future), new PS Vita integrated functions, Gaikai and the potential of the machine itself. As well as all the new ways developers can take advantage of it.
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FamilyGuy  +   318d ago
That "Someone should break the news to Andrew" quote was f'd

I feel for the guy but there are a ton of games filling those gaps in the mean time.
hulk_bash1987  +   318d ago
Yup was really excited for both of those titles. Had them preordered but it looks like I'll use that money to buy Resogun and Contrast on the PSN launch day.
black0o  +   319d ago
the ps4 it's self
Gozer  +   319d ago
That sounds so cheesy. Im not interested in what you do ps4, I just want to look at you. :/ I think weve got a possible ps4 stalker here.
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Tooly  +   318d ago
why are you here f*** MS Fanboy SMH
BeAGamer  +   318d ago
that escalated quickly
FamilyGuy  +   318d ago
Same here, all the new features and social aspects of it are extremely enticing. Games are just another part of what the system is capable of.
PositiveEmotions  +   319d ago
Hmmmm theres allot but as for me its the games of course but im also excited about the social features.

And the DS4 the share/options buttons the 2k friends thingy and many more stuff.
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christrules0041  +   318d ago
I don't know about the 2k friends limit. I already get spammed enough with my list of 100 friends on PSN. Also every time they sign in or out when I'm playing a single player game bugs the crap out of me. Especially when it's a talking cutscene and saying this friend is online right ontop of one of the characters face that is talking. Just completely breaks the immersion.
TheBrownBandito  +   318d ago

I'm not positive, but can't you turn that off in settings?
Xsilver  +   319d ago
The PS devs is what excites me because when ND/SM/MM/QD/GG/SP show what they can do on the new hardware Me and the other Sony fans gonna be like this http://youtu.be/KQANba95z3A
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Tooly  +   318d ago
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thebudgetgamer  +   318d ago
Video games.
KHATL66  +   318d ago
it glitters like gold,
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stellarock420  +   318d ago
yes everything
JW1080  +   318d ago
Of course all the great games that will come along. One of the other things that excites me the most is the DualShock 4 controller.
stellarock420  +   318d ago
BitbyDeath  +   318d ago
'Live from Playstation'
ZBlacktt  +   318d ago
The power and potential. Which leads to ease of use which leads to big better looking games. At a far less production time of development.
Ezz2013  +   318d ago
ZBlacktt  +   318d ago
A console for developers, built by developers! Sony made the right moves this time around.
Ezz2013  +   318d ago
the price
The 1st/2nd part studios that no one can beat them
the free games on ps+
how much more powerful and easy ps4 for developers
which will allow best version of multiplats on consoles and the ps4 exclusives graphics will be on another level

and in VGA we will see alot of new ps4 exclusives
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AbortMission  +   318d ago
Games, power, innovation in game design and Playstation exclusives!

Uncharted, God of War, Killzone, Gran Turismo and Killzone are my top favorites. Playstation is practically the only brand that gives gamers new triple A IPs that are fun and innovative.
ps4lover21  +   318d ago
i cant wait for it to come out
ps4lover21  +   318d ago
the games
ps4lover21  +   318d ago
everthing really
Starbucks_Fan  +   318d ago
The price! Games too.
xxV0rschlaghammer  +   318d ago
Both full retail PS4 exclusive launch titles!
tubers  +   318d ago

Works with my VITA.

PS+ will be delicious when the heavy hitter freebies come around (probably late next year).
Tiqila  +   318d ago
the tv commercial is amazing.
spaceg0st  +   318d ago
Bf4 on ps4...
Share button
Playstation plus game library
And in the distant future... THE DIVISION
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solidboss07  +   318d ago
Its potential to trample the Big Bone into the dirt.
yanikins111  +   318d ago
The launch line up.

Oh wait.

AbortMission  +   318d ago
You made a mistake. You were suppose to post this on an X1 article Lol
yanikins111  +   317d ago
Why? It didn't just lose half its launch line up in the space of a week.
hazardman  +   318d ago
New consoles are always exciting. The PS4 has a great first party support and PS+. Killzone SF, BF4, Resogun and hopefully a next gen MLB the Show in March....less than a month to go gamers!!!
spaceg0st  +   318d ago
Seeing how good nba 2k14 looks, I can't WAIT to see what MLB the show will look like
hazardman  +   318d ago
Oh hell yeah hopefully my red sox make thw cover!!!
sigfredod  +   318d ago
That will be mine in less than a month :)
sprinterboy  +   318d ago
Overall ps4 itself gets me excited especially gt7, GG and naughty dogs future games oh and next gen rdr

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