UGO: We Ski Feet-on Preview

UGO writes: "The Wii Fit Balance Board is the latest coming addition to the long list of Wii peripherals. While most add-ons have merely modded the existing Wiimote, the Balance Board offers a whole new way of interacting with the console-one that both gamers and developers alike saw as a prime example of the innovation Nintendo continues to provide. Namco jumped at the opportunity to be a frontrunner designing for the new peripheral. So much so, in fact, that their game, We Ski, is launching 6 days prior to the Balance Board itself. Sure that's a little ridiculous, but as we're told, the game works without the board too.

We Ski was most certainly developed for the casual gaming market (in Japan it's being released as Family Ski, so the focus here is pretty obvious). The character creation touts over 200 body types and 180 kinds of gear to equip. The options provided range from the quirky to the mundane, so never fear if the only way you can imagine taking to the slopes involves being dressed as a giant penguin. Mii support is also available, though due to Nintendo's strict rules surrounding the use of Mii characters, they cannot be equipped with the bounty of offerings presented."

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