Metal Gear Solid4 Headset available for pre-order in the UK

While still no official announcement, it looks as though the Mk. II themed Metal Gear Solid Limited Edition PS3 Bluetooth Headset is now available for pre-order at the UK's biggest retailer, GAME.

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Fishy Fingers3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

I was thinking about getting one of these but I caved in and got a Jawbone. Wanted one for the beta.

The complete loop earpiece doesn't look to have good ergonomics.

Jason 36O3889d ago

That headset will compliment my copy of MGS4 very very nicely!

monkey6023889d ago

I'm in dire need of a new headset. I'd like to get this one, It might be too expensive for me though.

PirateThom3889d ago

Pre-ordered, a bit steep at £39.99, but I used the code quidco to get £3 off.

So, 36.99. Nice... I don't even need a new Bluetooth headset, I have a perfectly good one, but it doesn't say METAL GEAR SOLID on it.

Xlll3889d ago

I got 1 usb headset 2 blue tooth and i will get this one as well. If socom has one you you can bet i will also be getting that as well.

LevDog3889d ago

Sadly I prolly wont get it.. You have to pay a lil pretty penny for it.. I have my Jabra I got from warhawk.. That one will be replaced with the New Socom headset that will ship with the BluRay version of the Game.. Tough call tho.. Cuz the MGS headset looks super sharp

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