The Problem With That Line 'It's Just A Game' - Are Our Games Our Fantasies?

Newsweek reporter N'Gai Croal talked to MTV Multiplayer's writer Tracey John about racial imagery in the Resident Evil 5 trailer. He made a cogent if not airtight argument. The line that drew the most reaction was the one that suggested his gut reflex to first seeing the trailer: "Wow, clearly no one black worked on this game."

In response, some agreed. Some called him a racist. Some said he was ignoring the legitimate conventions of zombie horror. One person encouraged him to shut up, go to Africa and start overthrowing dictators. And some people produced an old chestnut: "It's just a video game."

"It's just a video game."


That's not a valid response in 2008.

Not if you care about video games.

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