PS4/Xbox One - Could Naruto Be Making Way to Next Gen?

Namco Bandai has registered a new domain hinting at the next Naruto game.

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tayz1676d ago

please yes!!! please yes!!! please yes!!! please yes!!! naruto would look damn sexy on ps4 and xbone!!!

nick3091676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

Might be a freemium game like tekken revolution,Dont get too excited. Revolution... Well see.

tayz1676d ago

that would suck real bad. that better not be it. i want a beats game and i'm willing to pay!!!

FamilyGuy1676d ago

Whether it's soon or later a Naruto game on PS4 and X1 is a given.

nick3091676d ago

I highly agree . Getting the dlc next week& its gonna be a blast, cant wait for the next naruto!

Drewminati1676d ago

totally agree.. So there

but they gotta make it.. 2v2.. come on

Magicite1676d ago

It has been on PS2/3 so ofc it will also be on PS4.

Lockon1676d ago

I give it till March 2015.

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PositiveEmotions1676d ago

Dont keep your hopes up to high.

I saw this coming a mile away. And im happy about it but at the same time i wont keep my hopes up to high.

ZHZ901676d ago

Ok I'll take it a grain of salt.

Anyways I'd like to see how will Naruto game will be on next gen.

DanielGearSolid1676d ago

The ninja storm was good... Hated the rest

Snookies121676d ago

Whaaa? Ultimate Ninja 3 was amazing on PS2. At least, until the Storm games came out lol.

BlueEye1676d ago

Hmmm, will one of the most popular long running manga/anime series in recent years that has had a rather successful video game series get a next gen iteration... you can bet your ass they're gonna milk that cow dry.

GTgamer1676d ago

The creators wanted to end Naruto a long time ago but shonen jump wouldn't let im ready for a new anime game i already petitions asking for Fairy Tail/ Attack on titan for PS4/Xone hope i see those in the future.

FullmetalAlchemist1676d ago

Obviously Naruto games are going to eventually make there way to next gen systems.

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The story is too old to be commented.