‘Final Fantasy XV’ and ‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ DualShock 4 support discussed

Square Enix's Tetsuya Nomura has provided a few comments in regards to potentially taking advantage of the unique DualShock 4 functions in the PS4 versions of “Final Fantasy XV” and “Kingdom Hearts 3.”

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ZHZ901373d ago

Yes use the touchpad function, that'll increase the fun.

HelpfulGamer1373d ago

"Final Fantasy XV, KH3 is being developed in DirectX 11". Square Enix clearly lacks the skill in API programming.

I demand Sony to program FFXV API for smooth gameplay on PS4. Even better if the ICE team could help finish the game.

XtraTrstrL1372d ago

Yeah, that annoyed me hearing that quote. It's time to get away from DX already.

FlameHawk1372d ago

Why would Sony help on a multi-platform game?

Irishguy951372d ago

Hope the touch pad can be used for teleporting in XV, if you have 4 jump points touch the pad in the direction of the point you want to jump too. Would be very nice for dodging and stuff.

1372d ago
MegaRay1372d ago

If that turn out to be fun then yes. If not then dont. Easy as that

EXVirtual1372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

I wouldn't mind a few touchpad controls. Nothing major. I think that Noctis is going to have a smartphone, so they could use it for that. What I really want to see is how all those complicate moves are pulled off. Can't wait to see how tight the controls are.

Smashbro291372d ago

Wait, it's being developed in DirectX 11 yet they won't put it out on PC?

LOL_WUT1372d ago

Maybe they got bribed to keep it as a console exclusive who knows

EXVirtual1372d ago

There isn't a point in doing it. There's no noticeable market for RPGs on the PC. Plus, SE isn't that good financially (if they made it on the PC, they'd have to make different levels of the game), so porting to the PC is just a waste of time and money.

Smashbro291371d ago

That's all hyperbole and speculation. The reality is that it is essentially a PC game first that they then port to the consoles.

Granted there'd be some work involved in making it a polished PC release but ignoring a big new market? Just stupid.

DanielGearSolid1372d ago

I need help understanding this, if anyone look like to jump in... But isnt DX exclusive to Xbox One?

prodg521372d ago

Yes and no. The PS4's GPU uses a customized feature set that includes elements of Open GL and DX.

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