PCH-2000 PlayStation Vita 2000 Review | Engadget

Mat Smith writes "How does that cheaper screen fare against its predecessor's sparkling OLED?"

"And can you play it for more than five hours?

"Keep reading, folks: we've got some good news and some bad news."

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MatrixxGT925d ago

Its great for people who haven't yet bought vita. But not so much for early adopters.

dedicatedtogamers925d ago

I think so, too. Does this mean Sony plans to discontinue the OLED version? If that's the case, people should buy one NOW. The OLED screen is really, really nice looking and the system will become a collector's item if they stop making Vitas with OLED screens.

jujubee88925d ago

Yes. OLED's will sooner or later be out of production fully.

Maybe not next year but, it will come to end now that new models are coming out.

gunboss201925d ago

sad but true.. Shops all around Japan seems to be doing a clearance sale for the OLED, I will definitely not sell mine. It's too beautiful!!!

MatrixxGT925d ago

There's no idea when this model will be released outside of japan. Sony also said they plan to produce both vitas side by side.

jujubee88925d ago

*In limited quantities*

Basically, starting sometime in the future (maybe even now) the people that run the shops in Japan can only order 3G/Wifi/Deluxe VITA packs. Which retail for around 300 USD.

So, OLED version is officially being widdled down until eventually Sony wont make them anymore.

Hicken925d ago

How would it not be great for early adopters? What does it do/not do for them that makes it a negative?

CadeB925d ago

I've got the original but I do still want one of these...

HighResHero925d ago

I'll probably get one but I'm definitely keeping at least one Vita PCH-1000.

CadeB925d ago

Yeah me too, I love my Vita!

Killa78925d ago

Massive improvement in battery life, plus cool colours make me want to wait for this vita.


miyamoto925d ago (Edited 925d ago )

psv 2000 is the clear choice.
better ergonomics
better battery life 8-12 hrs
1 gb of internal memory
less expensive
lighter weight
lcd tech is more mature than oled
lcd consume less power
lcd perform well under direct sunlight
the yellow tinge disappears at max brightness settings
smaller back touch pad
better back grips

btw this is how reviewers should analyse hardware-objective and precise. great job engadget!

Mikelarry925d ago

i think ill stick to my original nothing on the new model really jumps out at me to really get one

Slysi925d ago

Yeah the battery might be better but the screen can't hold a candle to the oled, well correct me if I'm wrong but I'd rather have a better screen then battery...


Sony has said multiple times that this Vita is for CASUAL consumers. The same people who dont understand or care about the type of screen on their devices as long as it looks good to THEM. The fact that the OLED screen means so much to you implies that this Vita was never intended for you in the first place.

Everlastingfate925d ago

Agreed. I'm betting the target audience or casual buyer doesn't even know the difference or that there's been a change.

gunboss201925d ago

At first I thought that no one knows what is a VITA though lol.. No offense, VITA owner here (Loving the OLED still)

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